The gardener stole my dog from my backyard and No one will help me, what do i do now?

myself and the fiance changed to los angeles from pa in thinking about receiving 2011.we were only within oxnard ca for Seven days and our own dog journeyed missing from our backyard over a monday immediately after we possessed left the home.No you was in the house right through the day up till 2 pm.The gardener comes to the house around 14:30pm.Saturday January Tenth 2011 potential went not often known, Mr.Pham this gardener decided not to mow your lawn of which day (it was a simple fact that that this individual didn’t) without a solitary person in addition to mr.pham said they found our canine that evening.the other dog we have was continue to there inside yard whenever we returned, they are a little terrier style dog although our doggie max is really a young hole mix.we had asked mr.pham if he found our canine that evening he resolved to go missing most people showed your ex boyfriend a flyer regarding max, so the gardener viewed the flyer skimmed more than it for a little bit then requested dumb questions within the tail plus looked all-around at different houses next looked over for a random lot and claimed he appeared to be sitting about there by the tree along with said he went back to do the job that time.then many of us asked him why they didn’t mow that lawn the day max went missing as well as didn’t solution us they just attended his 18 wheeler and started to get his stuff to perform the outdoor and my fiance don’t even recognize her the mother had your gardener in the event we experienced known we’d have left him inside of that day time.when we all got max a an spca around pa most people had your ex boyfriend chipped ahead of we left that building pa say law everydog gets chipped appearing out of a protection.we release a reports paper ad which has a pic associated with max, we’ve gone to many animal shelters ad any nearby shelter a lot of times, we’ve referred to as the poker chips manufacturer 24petwatch nearly all night to check out if maximum was scanned or maybe found, we’ve attended the police (they don’t love these types of things general health can’t make hardly any money from thieved dog cases), we’ve put up fliers in many different places, we’ve places a huge selection of fliers within people’s gates, we’ve expected random men and women walking, we’ve knocked front door to front door asked in the event that anyone provides seen your dog, and we’ve gone released calling for him and searching for him several times in the day.we’ve named private researchers they said they can not help, you’ll find a pet amber notify out pertaining to max.we honestly have ran from ideas on ways to get our doggie back.the solely person when i suspect with stealing some of our dog inside gardener this individual was the only one around that will day plus he was the only person who seem to saw the pup that daytime he couldn’t do their job which day, and your dog still priced us for your day.somebody please help us i’m hurting along with losing the mind through this.

you Enjoy this dg a great deal of from what you might have said
if the item were me we’d find out the location where the gardener lives and several investigating yourself the doggie didn’t merely vanish into thin surroundings
follow your ex and view what shows up but my spouse and i bet you’ll find the dog at the house
also don’t purchase the evening he could not work

i want you all the luck in the world

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