The craziest thing you have ever heard a vet say?

Is there a craziest thing you’ve ever heard a vet say
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I got telling the Nana(grandma) that while i am older and also have my house I need to own the Chow Chow.Then the girl replies ” by no means own a type of vicious most dogs.Pete and Chessie’s vet reported that his or her chow merely attacked his or her wife for that seccond time both instances putting her from the hospital.He furthermore said ‘I do not know why any one would private a dog that can turn you at almost any moment'” I personally think this vet offers no clue how to train his dogs and that chows could be very fairly sweet if trained properly.Likewise Pete as well as chessie are usually her a pair of cats.

So is there a craziest thing they have got ever informed you

A vet only once proceeded to receive on the actual ground, grab this leash associated with our worry aggressive pup who had been cowering inside the corner, and drag him surrounding the tile floor towards the woman, leaning somewhat forward in addition to over your ex.When they came within reaching way away of your ex, he snapped during her face.

Your woman then proceeded in order to yell from us to get having an aggressive doggie, as if it absolutely was our selection.

My niece is Vet School going to graduate, Ok We were talking in relation to dog breeds & I told her that whenever my major dogs include passed we wanted to acquire a Papillion.She looked at me & shrugged.

A Vet that does not know canine breeds Occur, now.The number of other Vets know not much about puppy breeds Or is that this an singled out case

One Vet planned to charge $1, 300 for pulling a pet cats teeth.That is really a hell of some huge cash just to get a cats pearly white’s pulled.

As well as, all a person hear with regards to on the following.

last summertime my dog got hit with a car.we procured him COUPLE OF the vet cuz there seems to be something wrong with his hip.and so the vet said we were just jumped COUPLE OF months later he weren’t any better so they really did with xray it was before broken so bad inside surgery many people had ONLY TWO remove her hip bone completely.most people had COUPLE OF spend FOUR.000$ for that surgery.along with my A language like german shepherd appeared to be only 6mothns now he’s goin COUPLE OF have fashionable problems 4 the remaining of her life.just cuz the vet mentioned his trendy was sprang out.

A vet we once saw told me it’s a fact your pet cant open up his correct eye as well as i explained yes i understand you taken off it one or two months backside.
His reaction was and so sorry inappropriate clients precisely the screen.That was the last time we saw him.

Oh appearance, your doggie has orange spots upon his language…he’s portion Chow…

sigh…thus Love it if more dont believe that most vets could qualify when experts upon breeds / reproduction / training

there’re there to solve boo boos

My aged vet said we should nourish my doggie science diet, iams, eukanuba, and many others.which WE thought has been crazy.Lol this current vet has not said everything retarded but:)

My siblings vet informed him and also his significant other to roll-up a newspapers and smack their puppy on the nose by using it when it was naughty.WTF :I then filed a complaint around the vet.Appalling “advice”

Your canine has many of the prettiest tooth iv’e viewed lmao

That’s the best penis on the dog We’ve ever witnessed!

that my personal boerboel wasn’t a purebreed

its so sshhhh shhhhh *wine*
wat a powerful doggiieee o.o

my vet told me today of which kibble clears teeth…

I’m really sure that the first man or women who answered will get best vote.I don’t obviously have a outrageous thing a vet stated except while i worked for starterst way back in the time I heard one doctor claim she wanted break that mans lower calf and gouge his / her eye out there and deny your body food him.i learned a tiny later the girl was mentioning the gentleman who had earned his puppy inside same condition as exactly what she needed to do towards the man.It absolutely was very depressing.He publicly stated to performing all this and they brought this puppy into be spread around.:( anticipate they obtained him in order to sign the particular puppy over instead and one of several workers used the doggie and known as him Alf.The vet mended his or her leg along with injuries but her missing his attention.:(

That your dog isn’t staying fed properly understanding that his sperm smells poor and doesn’t taste want it should!!

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