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What are some healthy treats i can give my hamster?

this hamster enjoys it once i give her veggies.Im trying to find something healthy and balanced but different as a nice treat i will give or make your ex.Please give me a few suggestions while all responses help.Gives thanks:) Don’t over-do it considering the veggies.JUST AROUND A TEASPOON TOTAL DAILY.My old hamster past away of wet-tail simply because I gifted her a lot of…I look really bad about this now, although… My recent hamster can be a happy youngster.Here’s a few the things I give him: Nutriphase Berries Yougurt Declines (Hamsters love them, although only in relation to twice the week). http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753471 He also enjoys Brown’s GREAT (yes, it is extreme) Piste Mix.There’s lots of stuff inside there that’s wonderful for these individuals.It includes Goji berries which supplies an excellent supply of vitamin D, which will be hard for the hamster to acquire sometimes considering that citrus is usually poisonous that will them. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753550 He as well likes very difficult corn for the cob.It’s a healthy take care of for them and also you can fit it within the microwave plus make small popcorn regarding him! He is in love with it manner in which and you are able to … Continue reading

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How common are mammary tumours in female rats?

Fine so I’m looking to get some test subjects and feel weighing up your options of males and female and have a few questions related to mammary tumours while in the girls…. How common is he I’ve been everything from 90% in order to 50% to be able to 10% connected with female subjects get these individuals!! and as well if anyone has virtually any experience using having the rats addressed or spayed ( or maybe whatever it’s in rats) or just leaving these people then that can be helpful too Thank you:) in addition quickly, perform the adult males have every associated wellness problems I could get men rats.They’re just more cuddly as compared with females.Females are very active and have into trouble a lot.Girls will be affectionate, but they’ll not remain still as well as hang on you.Boys operate around for a bit, then in general settle down inside your lap. You simply can’t exactly pinpoint the likelyhood of the female acquiring tumors.Genetics play a large part because, so should you get the rat at a reputable breeder, malignancy risks could lessen.Even so, females find tumors fairly often, especially if they get more mature. We’d not advocate spaying … Continue reading

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What should you do with your hamsters when you are faced with a situation like this?

2 hamsters many will bite instead of tamed About 10 many months to 12 months old ONE sapphire winter months white along with 1 usual winter white Going to move property and mom and dad say they should not agree to hamsters in their new house but at the moment its even now okay as we’re staying in your grandmother house After every 2 weeks or even so, parents as well as grandparents say they want to market the hamster at a distance But some people say they’d pay us $30 for many my hard work Therefore yeah, i need another hamster if my ONLY TWO other hamsters passing away as we now have no space.And my organization is afraid they’d not reside with me youngster should be lead the full life, also we are afraid my spouse and i cannot have got another hamster once they were to die. More info about our parents plus grandmother on an change later.thank you.Oh and in case you answer them, please revisit and check out my edits to be aware of this issue better.thank you.:D my hamsters died and ?t had been difficulty but acquiring another hamster isn’t to hard given that … Continue reading

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Is it childish to own a hamster?

Since I’m NINETEEN and folks that I’ve known who may have owned these were TWELVE or yoounger Funnily enough I was talking with this subject together with my son seven days or so back. He is 18 plus had hamsters since he seemed to be 10, he’s so amazing with these, I will surely imagine him continuing to keep hamsters all through his your life.On this hamster forums web site of people in their 20′s plus older who will be hamster owners. I you should not remember hamsters appearing that popular after i was a youngster and think they’ve gained within popularity during the last 10 several years or hence.I feel they help to make such superb pets, that often people who had them during a driving trip have continued to hold them while they’ve grown up.Personally, I imagine Hamsters are more suited that will adults or adolescent children than babies and toddlers anyway. Fear not, enjoy your hamster! Absolutely possibly not! I’m 32 plus I take pleasure in our hamsters just like much (if not really more) when my children.I realize that it’s incredibly relaxing for getting them outside of their cages as well as just take a seat … Continue reading

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Can you keep a hamster in a fish tank?

absolutely no water inside it of training course.but with the many bedding and also toys in addition to stuff, would you like a very good place you could.its certainly not reccomended because of the fact that it does not allow air flow to circulate just how it ought to.but we have seen this often times as a youngster, just make sure you have that Screen top hard and not the inclosed fish tank light thing for it. Yes you can keep hamsters within fish tanks.(With a new lid that is made for such.) Dog stores carry screened truck tops for tanks which house rodents.You can definitely want the one that locks lower.They love to climb upon there waters bottles and also push that lid open.I acquired that happen often times growing way up.Its not easy catching these little boogers! Take into account that with little or no air lymphatic circulation, the bedding will likely need to be improved more frequently.The urine smell can get quite formidable.You should think regarding a insert cage that is definitely meant with regard to rodents.And remember that hamsters have to have exercise so you might want to include any wheel in there parrot cage.They are … Continue reading

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Can I only have one guinea pig?

My father is moving to a flat and I am staying house with my personal mom in I reside wit him on Tuesdays d he works a good deal so POST culdnt have fun with wit your guinea pig thay much Perhaps you could possibly not prefer to get the actual guinea pig whatsoever.They usually are really social and will be truly unhappy if you do not either play together a good deal or once they are by yourself.Seeing as how i aren’t going to be there an excessive amount of, getting two will mean more do the job keeping that cage thoroughly clean, and you will want a larger cage.Additionally, two youngster guinea pigs are likely to fight, a youngster and girl is likely to make babies.So who’ll being looking after this pet if you aren’t generally there Guinea Pigs are form of big in addition to their cages can get stinky until you clean it at the least twice 1 week.Perhaps the hamster is better.They may be happy alone, and really don’t need someone to try out with them a great deal plus the particular cage might be cleaned slightly less generally. No, you can have 2, regarding … Continue reading

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Boy rats?????????????????

I want rats to be able to snuggle with but persons tell me personally they stink.On a new scale with 1 to be able to 10 the way bad will be the stench Also would certainly aspen be your best option for bedding I just wanna be the best owner If a person mean their particular cage and also 1 being minimal and 10 being the particular worst I’d personally give test subjects (including males) some sort of 1.I own 2 guys rats and they don’t smell at all.If you retain the competition clean they’ll not fragrance.If people mean the rat itself I’d personally say 2-3.Its only a slight stench. While males tend to be cuddly its not all are.Every rat differs. Aspen is a great choice intended for bedding.Just avoid pine or cedar. Here are some great rat websites http://www.fancyratsforum.company.uk/ http://www.ratfanclub.org/ http://www.dapper.com.au/ Please adopt.You can look on petfinder.com in addition to at pet shelters and rescues. for my family its a Several! The most effective bedding is the ones created from the report like stuff it does not give these individuals allergies or maybe mites!:) also if you get 2 be sure to get the pretty large cage.You will … Continue reading

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Where can i find a hamster breeder?

who has baby theodore bear hamsters young man and girl um inquire around the school ask your friends or just look at the oet shop and purchase a youngster and lady teddy produce hamster plus put these together to help breed.note:its possibly not hard but if they start fight ensure you wear lether gloves and receive one out there.wait regarding days then u can certainly try this again Pet Buy.

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8 week old rat baby and a four month old rat?

Concerning a three month outdated hairless rat.I’ve acquired her for the month, and Concerning finally had the opportunity to have her your companion.A common problem can be, her associate is EIGHT weeks good old, and very small for that same competition.Whenever my own older rat goes at the smaller, she will step with her, along with hurt your ex.The tendencies week outdated can fit right away from my authentic cage, thus we bought her your girlfriend own ring. But the way am I supposed to get these people used together if they can’t be caged together They could hardly move near 1 another without this older rat stepping on the woman’s (and it truly is definitely not an motion intended on hurting this smaller rat). This baby rat can be acting homesick.She was not away through her Mom for long amounts of time yet.There has to be anything I really should be sensitive to help with a real youngster Likewise, the smaller cage Managed to get her cannot use a wall connection water package, so WHEN I gave your girlfriend a satellite dish of water- is ok Above all, how will i safely have them familiar with each other Thank … Continue reading

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Trouble cleaning rat cage?

I got myself two infant rats about 5 days and nights ago and also whilst We’ve been position cleaning this cage since I bought them property, the ring is starting to smell a little bit and clearly needs a great clean. The issue is, I can’t obtain the rats out to decontaminate the crate.I have formerly managed for taking one associated with my boys out, given him or her cuddles plus he seemed to enjoy the item, but your dog won’t okay pick him up while in the cage with out running absent so to get him I must be affected individual till he equates and after that scoop your ex up doing this.The true issue may be the other youngster, who could venture from the cage somewhat, but could run immediately back whenever I switch my side.Unfortunately, also , they are the simply rats on this planet who prefer Not to ever sleep in their little mattress, instead lying without using it as well as running to certainly the back with the cage once they are worried, the just time they go in the vicinity of their bed is once they are actively playing, so I can’t even spend … Continue reading

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