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Is my hamster wanking her cage?

She’s always achieving this I even videoed the item and set it on YouTube here i will discuss the website link http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=zCMOatcf0z0 In a health club think it is really funny nonetheless what that hell is actually she accomplishing:L hhaah its funny, shes just looking to escape.my very own does that too (i also filmed the item haha) http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=9YvYpZD6Sh4 yep. she can be truing to obtain up haha.

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Hamster behavior problem?

Why can it be that everytime after i put that sand proper container.my hamster may not really do it, first your lover would scent it, then kind of like drill down out all the sand out of that containers.Then your lover covers the actual sand bathing container by using bedding.Now this cage appears like so ugly.The mud is splattered all over too.Any solutions Is your woman a dwarf or maybe a Syrian Dwarfs typically work with it to shower, and Syrians usually work with it for peeing. My Syrian couldn’t really use it with regard to about a week, and now it’s come to be her kitty litter box.Did everyone buy crushed stone or particles Dust can’t be used given it is too fine in addition to causes respiratory difficulties.To make an attempt to get that hamster to make use of it for a toilet, put home soiled bed linen onto this sand so she gets the theory.You could also just spread some stone dust on your girlfriend yourself every once in a while. Some hamsters simply dont that way stuff.My hamster hates the item and kicks every grain with sand from the cage plus onto that floor (so much … Continue reading

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Can I give my guinea pig a bath?

Im obtaining a baby guinea pig in 15 days and i know they gets dirty after that droppings so i used to be wondering easily could supply it the bath Certainly one of my pals say absolutely no but one more friend pronounces yes consequently i just need to know Can easily You There is you should not ever provide a guinea pig a new bath so long as you adequately clean their own cage.Guinea pigs create a white fluid of their eyes that they work within fur with their front paws, this can be their organic conditioner.Once you bathe them you wash this out and damage their little skin. If the guinea pig should have diarrhea you can bathe it using Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.Use cozy water remember their organic temperature can be 101 to be able to 102 so you want the lake to be that warm and not much warmer.Rinse out the many shampoo in addition to towel dry, then use your locks dryer on low give hold the idea 12″ from the guinea pig together with your hand among the guinea pig and also the dryer to make sure it won’t get to hot all of which … Continue reading

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Are hamster’s aloud to eat poppadum’s?

Curious.. yep, and so they love all of them.they’re entirely omnivorous, just don’t customers chocolate so it will melt for their cheeks a tiny small plain poppadom could well be ok, however is not a lot or often.I know you can get poppadoms along with spices in, these wouldn’t normally be ok:) I question it general health cant have bread! LOL i assume so my partner and i dont understand why not:’).

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Is this ok?? Hamster? Help?

WHEN I give our Syrian hamster the pinch involving oatmeal everyday is niagra ok Yes but you need to get this organic oats simply because its definitely not processed.I obtain mine within the organic section in the grocery retail store.And any pinch just about every 1-2 days is way better instead involving everyday. Yep, I employed to give a serving to excavation.In truth, my past hamster Jasmine ended up being old plus got seriously sick and that’s the merely nourishment I really could get with her.The vet said it turned out fine in addition to wouldn’t hurt her, hence I given it to her using her remedies mixed throughout. yes in fact oatmeal is incredibly healthy pertaining to hamsters merely don’t good him/her an excess of and make certain it will be plain without flavored. It helps with fiber. yea.

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Is my Chinese Dwarf Hamster ok?

I’m the first pet seller and I acquired a China dwarf hamster this morning afternoon.Next time i put him in his new crate, he spent your whole night working on his / her wheel as well as being active generally speaking.Kept my family awake for a short time lol.But soon after sleeping throughout the day, he’s just remaining in a nearby of his / her cage self care himself in addition to hiding.Is normal Thanks for your answers! I am while in the same problem only with a Russian you.Yes it’s normal simply because they are nocturnal and they’re still terrified. They typically sleep in the morning and pretty active overnight, especially dwarfs.They may be nocturnal.So he really should be fine, yep, seems normal.

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Do rats sometimes have sneeze attacks?

the rat under no circumstances sneezes and 5 seconds ago this individual sneezed related to 15 times none prevent will he or she be ok is that this normal yep, my personal rat may it whenever she obtains excited! it’s actually a cute a natural issue for rats to try and do, but in the event that it transpires alot you might need to head over to a vet because maybe it’s a sign of an respiratory infectivity.other than since your rat must be fine! (: Its very likely that he just obtained a whiff connected with something in which irritated their nose.If he is don’t sneezing, he’s probably all right.Rats accomplish sneeze over most animals in order that it is regular to hear the occasional sneeze right here and presently there. You may notice the sneezing fulfils start happening more or maybe any weird breathing and also wheezing noises from a rat, then I’d personally take him on to a vet:) For the present time just keep an eye on him, I’m certain he’s the right way. Rats are usually surprisingly fine animals as well as being fresh pets.Of course, rats accomplish sneeze seeing that do dogs and cats … Continue reading

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My jeans keep riding up?

Each time I fall out to experience, my jeans learn to ride upwards my boot/leg.Any ideas on generate this stop With thanks. They help make straps that slip within the heel of your boot along with clip towards your jean knee on the two sides to maintain them through riding upward.You might have to check out your community motorcycle shop to get them though (they’re easier to uncover there as well as usually sheaper). this happend to me too..while i first started off i always had this jeans do this but then some day i couldnt get normal skinny jeans, just slim jeans so i had to set them with my shoes or boots cause many people werent streachy enough.and we were holding fine.and so now my partner and i always tuck our jeans within, ithink the item works.everyone, hope that works you can certainly try these things! they’re a excellent idea and are available in cool paper prints.just your thought! http://www.doversaddlery.com/the-kuza-strapandtrade%3B/p/X1-37042/cn/2/ Yep, of which happens.Particular jeans usually are worse as compared with others.Either tuck these individuals into your own socks or even boot, or perhaps buy half chaps.I usually put 50 % chaps through jeans next time i ride, … Continue reading

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How can i tell if my guppy is gonna have her babies?

okay so shes hiding fabulous right behind a plant we can barely observe her although her tails similar to bright red she hasnt eaten in any respect yesterday the not moment to give them right now so idk concerning 2 day shes available as one spot and also normaly when they arent changing their tail isnt moving much nonetheless hers will be moving ATON before your lady was hiding inside the decorations and i merely looked and after this shes on the top of the tank oh yeah as well as her gravid spots pretty black red thanks:D Yep shes getting her children:) congrats! When you dont have everything else in your tank, they you could potentially just go the the mother.If it is possible to, try to get her from a breeding internet to catch the remaining portion of the babies! they may eat all of them almost immediatly. if the particular gravid section is black it is best to separate her and so the babies won’t get tried oh therefore you should take out the female.

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Could i put 3 swordtail in a 10 gallon tank?

That tank is usually heated totally cycled and will only act as being the breeding gas tank and just about all fry will head to other models.2 women 1 men. Yes, it is possible to put these people in.Swordtails raise to in relation to 3-4 inches if they are totally grown which means you are very good.Also, it is definitely good that you are going to put TWO females plus 1 male because female won’t get stressed where as if you’d put considered one of each sexuality, the women would obtain stressed.Be sure to put the particular fry with another tank because adults will certainly eat the particular fry. Effectively, I expect I aided you out with your question, All the best .with your own swordtails (: Olivia (: No.Swordtails rise to 5 VARIOUS inches longer and need a SOMETHING LIKE 20 gallon tank minimum.We’d suggest the complete combination you could have but with either guppies and also platys, which often stay significantly smaller. All the best .with that breeding.:) yep, sounds great, like the relation of 3 females that will 1 guy.

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