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What type of rat cage should i get?

i’m looking to find some sort of rat cage that could fit COUPLE OF rats and plenty of toys.Any suggestions there is many types of cages rats may have, there is definitely good ones on ebay but should you be willing paying a increased price for the definite very good cage, we’d buy one with the pet go shopping, that way you are aware of which someone to get, it is possible to ask that pet go shopping owner too, they can know what one is very best for subjects:) It really is dependent upon how much you’re looking to spend.If you’re willing to go around $100.00 then this is certainly an great cage. http://www.amazon.com/Prevue-Hendryx-485-Products-Hammertone/dp/B000QFMYWQ/ref=sr_1_14ie=UTF8&qid=1316463325&sr=8-14 http://www.amazon.company.uk/Sky-Storey-Ferret-Chinchilla-Mammal/dp/B002K84K2Y/ref=sr_1_10ie=UTF8&qid=1316461698&sr=8-10 get for a 30 gal horizontal glass reservoir lol however dont place water inside.That would be a perfect parrot cage for these individuals! = 30x30ft.

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Is this cage okay for a Syrian hamster?

http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000CQG7OA/ref=mp_s_a_41qid=1316572724&sr=8-41 No, it is really too smaller. The minimum cage size for almost any species regarding hamster is definitely 360 block inches.This kind of cage can be under MORE THAN TWO HUNDRED (I measured it). The best options are generally: no less than a TWENTY gallon *long* possibly not tall tank a huge bin ring (at smallest 80 quarts and also bigger in important living area than top.Look in place bin cages articles online.) Likewise, you gets a Zoozone 2 if you need to buy the commercial hamster ring. Other sorts of tips are- avoid Pine or even Cedar home bedding.It’s damaging to the respitory process.Use sometimes unscented aspen or carefresh (not carefresh primary, which includes pine plus cedar). Hazel Hamster as well as Carefresh Complete is the best hamster ingredients. Smallest 8 ” wheel pertaining to Syrians. A maximum of 3 sunflower seeds each day. OK, to start with, ABSOLUTELY NOT NECESSARILY. Secondly, Syrian hamsters find be gigantic, so they usually get ensnared in tunnels, as well as wheel can be too small.Any cages along with stuff like that are really designed for dwarf hamsters.Best to stay with a 10 gallon aquarium which includes a screen leading.I individual a … Continue reading

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Would rat harnesses fit on panda hamsters?

dont appraise just tell i skepticism it, but the truth is can invest in hamster harnesses — http://www.amazon.corp.uk/Ferplast-Hamster-Harness-Collar-Walking/dp/B001N03RBA/ref=sr_1_1ie=UTF8&qid=1317136755&sr=8-1 and i make use of a harness on my hammy and it also doesn’t harm him simply because i dont move on him, its just a method to have floor time together with him correctly:) you will see the above harness upon my hammy throughout my myspace vids (youtube.com/tashaturnbull) this picture upon amazon is just not very obvious. Take it easy:).

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Do you like this pen/coop?

http://www.amazon.company.uk/Wentworth-Large-Chicken-Poultry-Rabbit/dp/B00538JYYM/ref=sr_1_3ie=UTF8&qid=1317502643&sr=8-3 Yup! Its fantastic for rabbits or maybe chicks. for simply 114 us dollars yes! if it has the for hen chickens then when you sell the particular eggs you may make twice the maximum amount (seved also) You will one for your lot cheaper.But without a doubt.

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Would this cage be okay for a Syrian hamster?

http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0024EACXU/ref=mp_s_a_2qid=1317679138&sr=8-2 In the event no, what in relation to 2 winter season whites yes it might be good pertaining to either nut I’ve had a good experience using a cage that adheres to that and my hamster bought out plus ran aside like 2 times and many of us still haven’t so much found him or her.Also be cautious with the actual tubes for the reason that your hamsters could easily get stuck along with suffocate ( that happened for you to my friend). Yes regarding both We have seen the following cage is definitely great.Also take into account that adding cages to the current brand is definitely great along with easy so inside futur let that happen might assist.:3 yes of which cage would be ok for the Syrian hamster and/or TWO winter whites.

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How can I control the temp of my snake’s heating pad?

I have been previously struggling with the heating challenge in this corn snake’s container.I started having a heat light fixture with had been emitting an excessive amount of heat.I attempted a heating system pad which was worse.So post resorted to somewhat of a, what There’s no doubt that is labeled, a rheostat.I plowed the lamp in to it along with barely switched the dial on to ensure the temp has been low adequate.My snake has to be too scorching cause he is never in that edge unless your dog just dined on or during the night time he explores the full tank. I listened to heat pads were improved for snakes a result of belly warm.I ordered one as well as hooked this up, even so the lowest placing is 75 degrees F.Currently i’m caught.How should i dial affordable the high temperature The rheostat isn’t going to seem to cooperate with the heating pad. Rheostats will be light dimmers, these people dim equipment and lighting.You have a thermostat to control your below tank heater I use ranco, http://www.reptilebasics.com/thermostats If you ever order from reptile principals, also have a infra reddish colored temp marker to adequately measure your current temps http://www.reptilebasics.com/thermometers … Continue reading

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Is this OK for a green tree frog?

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exo-Terra-Nano-Terrarium-20x20x30cm/dp/B0041P5PBE/ref=sr_1_5ie=UTF8&qid=1316852449&sr=8-5 Hello, i’m hoping to have one in addition to was thinking if this specific enclosure is ok Bless you:) Nano Terrariums will be marketed with regard to small reptiles, but really can not be feasibly used for just about any animals besides invertebrates, just like small tarantulas as well as other insects.We would say at least use this town which is definitely one measurement higher:http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hagen-Terra-Glass-Terrarium-30x30x45cm/dp/B000OQW98Q/ref=sr_1_10s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1316874580&sr=1-10.Larger frogs will definitely go a single size higher that is certainly a 45 x FORTY FIVE x 45…http://www.exo-terra.com/en/products/terrariums.php It can be utilized, but a bigger sized housing is advised.

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