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What are these silvery creatures/insects?

Relating to been getting these compact leech looking ‘things’ within my bathroom with a rug..They’re small, silvery, at times black…and move for a worm.Its beginning to help freak me out, what is he or she and how does someone get rid of them well whenever they look like that, their silverfish. http://www.antbeepestcontrol.com/img/silverfish.jpg dont be troubled, their 100 % harmless along with dont bite or anything that way, their merely anoying little guys Silver fish.They reproduce in dim damp locations so lavatories are great for them.Google lookup on how to eliminate them. sounds just like silverfish, search silverfish on the internet to understand more. those are silverfish these people wont harm you sweetie.

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Is this a good way to get my bearded dragon to eat veg?

the item wont touch any only hold that bit infront connected with it, but merely mash a certain amount of a pea as well as some lead capture pages up as well as smear it for a locust or maybe cricket it’ll eat this. Your means might work but it really will limit the type of veggies they ought to get.Jointly be having dark leafy greens inside mix way too.How old is your beardie It really is difficult to get young beardies to be able to eat vegetables but here is a way for getting beardies to be able to eat the veggies:http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php196-How-to-get-your-Dragon-to-Love-veggies-and-drink-water I in addition have tried the particular worm key – positioning juicy hornworms and also silkworms in addition to the vegetable plants. Actually, I know a way.Cut ” up ” his salad including things like dark, leafy veggies and drop several meal worms from it.As he would go to eat the actual meal earthworms, he may learn in which salad is usually food yes, the resolution above may be beneficial but my partner and i suppose yours would function.although my spouse and i bet the actual crickets wont that it:

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How can you tell if a mealworm is a male or female?

i need ideas of what else we can say intended for details, but how can you tell in case mealworms are male or female I really doubt it is possible to tell on the “worm” phase.I’m sure there’s a simple way to tell with the beatles which they turn towards. i imagine they dont use a sex right up until they r changed d grown, idk lol.

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My beardie doesn’t eat on his own?

he will only eat when i hold the food, example he sees the worm and leave it alive, but when i hold the worm he will eat it gladly, the temp in basking place is 102f water,bath,food everyday….. additional i’ve started to leave food for him when i go to work , when i comeback the food is every were he’s walking in the dish…sorry for my bad english.:) I think you should feed your beard milky cornflakes, pieces of chips.beards really like that kinda of thing.My beard eats anything that falls out of my out and he keeps my chin clean.I am wondering why you leave your bear at home tho.my usually stays attached to my face, but the decision is yours

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What do garden worms eat?

Hey guys i picked up a garden worm the other day and my blue tongued skinks loved them and i would really like to know what garden worms eat so i can contain them for when my blueys get hungry, (dont worry i feed my lizards other things too) Don’t waste your time collecting garden earthworms.They don’t do well in captivity, and will just perish on you. Contact a worm farmer, and buy some composting worms.Get either Red wrigglers if your skinks are still tiny, or some European Nightcralwers.Both can be kept a room temperature, both will breed for you, and they eat cardboard, paper, and table scraps like veggies, fruits, breads, and crushed egg shells, etc. No salt, sauce, fat, animal products (meat, dairy, fish, cheese, yogurt, etc..) You can order them online and they will be shipped to your door in no time. That’s what I did, and they are awesome feeders! Also, as a bonus, the worms will create some of the best natural fertilizer around Soil

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Why do you or do you not like snakes. Explain?

Here is my “main” reason onto why i’m into Snakes it is mainly because of their beauty and their desire to hunt, capture, and eat their prey those are the main things that get me crazy about snakes, and it’s just interesting to on how a large legless creature that has scales, moves and stuff and is more better looking than a “worm” at least imo lol, but I really just don’t understand why people hate them or fear them so much.:p and this is for those who hate or fear snakes:read, research, watch youtube videos and do as much as you can and go to pet shops that have snakes and just watch the beauty of them and you’d be amaze how interesting, beautiful, and not-so-much deadly a creature can be and then you’ll understand the true beauty of snakes. I love snakes.There fun to watch them eat and to hold them.SNAKES ARE SO AWESOME! i like small ones because theyre cute but the big ones r scary

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Why do my chickens keep dying?

we’ve found lost a pair of chooks out of four until now, a finally basically expended.All his or her symptoms match, choking, slipping over, sitting hunched from a quiet corner, runny poo, miscoloured and also wilted combs reddening regarding eyes along with unnaturally lengthy sleeps.PLEASE really don’t tell me in store the vets mum wont.I need to know the right way to save this last 2 chooks or at the very least find out what’s wrong with these.Help you need to HELP!! T_T……I don’t wish to lose them if you could have not.you need to worm these..give piperzine within their water to get 2 days after which wash out and about bowls along with continue with freshwater..keep drinking water bowls way up and outside the dirt…….repeat every Week.good fortune.. whenever they have your resspitory issue.==give sulmet in drinking water for TWO days…. This may just be from a # connected with reasons throughout birds here are a few you could look up for your birds,,, Pullorum Typhoid Alage poisoning Arizonosis Blackhead Chalmydiosis Roup Bacterial infections Laryngotrochelitis Lymphoid Ergotisim Iam Not a vet but looking at these may say the answer you seek and will save your birds. Sounds just like … Continue reading

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Why is my horses belly so round?!?

12 y/o TB mare. She’s not pregnant, had this vet end up 2 or 3 weeks ago to evaluate. Your lover was wormed in February. And she don’t gets hay (so not only a hay abdomen.), she merely free grazes upon grass non-stop. What other suggestions could induce her belly to be so round Can i worm once again (even although vets says every The regular few months.) Can having consumed sand some while feeding on grass or even dropped feed off the ground cause it to be round I concur w/ all these answers, maybe the lady just has a barrel ab.My deer has you, and My business is slowly working it away from her, that, if you retain riding the woman (or trotting or whatever) it must be something altogether different if it’s not slimming lower… Did people ride the woman all cold months If an individual didn’t vehicle her many winter along with she was eating hay then maybe it’s winter fat, I vehicle my farm pets all winter season, but some people still have an amount of a hay abdomen from winter because of the fact that MY SPOUSE AND I didn’t cruise them daily cause … Continue reading

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Dwarf puffer in community tank, other fish stealing its food?

PLEASEE HELPP relating to a complete growth dwarf puffer with my area tank, and she has been throughout there for a long time, so i am aware shes certainly not aggressive.i keep a lot of plants throughout ther to help.anyways, i cant manage to feed this puffer with no my alternative fish eating the boodworms before he is able to evern be able to them.and i am aware its damaging platies plus guppies for being eating much bloodworms day to day.i tried using catching him which includes a net, and ptting some bloodworms from the net, but then she gets to scared for you to eat, i really wish to have a dwarf puffer specices reservoir, but instant messaging broke right now, and when i barely have any money for our self.idk where to start! i tried returning that dwarf puffer, yet i missing my recete, and wont allow me to return this.i cant just kill that poor point, what must do how in relation to trying a new tank divider while in meal moments…and if your puff continues to be in there for a long time it appears is having food…you will need only the worm or perhaps two … Continue reading

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How can i train my betta to go through a hoop?

ive noticed videos associated with it.plus this betta went in the hoop AS SOON AS but hes not doing it anymore. any tips WITH THANKS!! — ——-2 Issue Truck——”””\__ ______________________)< ! ()’()””””**! ()()****! () Those Bettas had been probably persuaded by treats in the other end with the hoop, so..They’re prepared, I speculate. He/she probably thinks a person’s trollin’ xD;..It’s only a joke:) Absolutely no harm, absolutely no foul.(Unless you take serving the tank out upon a baskeball hoop personal..I’onno, Name be most, “I WOULD, but, then Id have got to start aaaall about again..”) Additional:Tapping irratates sea food, and how on earth do you get a new bloodworm to go through a ring You’d ought to train THIS too! Haha, by using whatever this bloodworm feeds Oh, jeez, it’s a bike. why could u would like to train ur betta to undertake that it is silly its similar to training your dog.work with food everytime the item goes put the baskeball hoop treat it into a blood earthworms.ONLY allow it maintain worm any time it will go threw the actual hoop, in addition to feed the item plain flakes in any other case. idno a lot of try lightly … Continue reading

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