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Should I take my dog to the vets?

My personal dog is at her phantom carrying a child, she includes had these people before but she is acting masses different! Nancy very very low and seems depressed, nancy not very alert as well as refuses to travel outside unless for any walk, even then she would not run around as often, and nancy a spaniel who’s going to be 4 yoa.She does on the typical characteristic with pretending the woman toy duck can be a puppy but less than usual, all she wants to do is take a nap, she doesnt sometimes wag your ex tail as often when WHEN I stroke the girl!! Should WHEN I take her to the vets and also not Assist me make sure you, I’m really worried!!!! I’m guessing phantom carrying a child means ‘false pregnancy’ in any event she has to be seen by just a vet EXTREMELY soon.it sounds like she is known for a pyometra, roughly translated to ‘pus loaded uterus’ which can be a serious infection regarding her uterus.this is one of the many arguments that animals ought to be spayed.during heat cycles the particular anatomy on the uterus alterations, especially into the end.during heating cycles the particular … Continue reading

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