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Can you keep a Panda Bear Hamster and a Snowy white together?

I have a Panda hamster but i’d prefer one of them winter whites, well atleast i’m sure thats theyre label.Could i keep them inside the same cage Panda bear hamsters will be syrians.The label is altered only with the fur shade, so it is not an genuine breed.Syrians can’t live with any other hamster, possibly a brother.The hamsters will eventually fight with the other person. Winter whitened dwarf hamsters are usually no match to some syrian and can be attacked the very first hour everyone put these together.Winter white wines can reside together provided that they will be raised with each other. It’s not recommended so that you can put people two kinds of hamsters together inside same competition. No, a “panda bear” is absolutely just a syrian.These hamsters really need to live on it’s own.It will certainly kill winter months white.You will need to buy an extra cage.

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I want to choose the right cage for my hamster and am not sure of my self?

which usually breeds tend to be good in which type involving cages Okay if you really want your foreseeable future hamster to acquire the minimum amount happiness to keep happy, your hamster should have these kinds of size. Syian will need at least a trust cage size of 60cm by simply 30 cm no matter how quite a few storeys these have. Dwarf hamsters like pudding, campbell, or winter weather white(those that look regarding the same yet different) Will need a base cage area of at least 45cm by means of 30cm in spite of the volume of storeys in the cage. Roborovski hamsters must at the very least have any 60cm by means of 30cm dimensions base cage while they are EXTREMELY ACTIVE.But they’re known to be the almost all social away from winter whites, campbell, pudding, saphire, pearl syrian or anything else…So possess 1 to a 60cm through 30cm isn’t that worthwhile.I recommend you have 2 exact sex types. Right cage To be honest and to express what i’m sure of, the very best cage is the house.But your hamster will be too small that you notice also , you might stage on the idea.The hamster might additionally … Continue reading

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Which is the best pet store to buy winter white dwarf hamsters or Syrian hamster?

We are either likely to buy through Petsmart, Petco, Family pet Supplies Additionally, Petland I’d say should you were to purchase.Winter whitened or a new syrain, get yourself a winter white wine dwarf lead to there small fun in addition to their quite social and love to play and also don’t bit in any way! And if you to getting a winter white I’d propose getting one from petsmart art cause they have got good body lines and several colors and I’m the winter whitened breeder thus yeah and also winter whites fur variations color during the winter!!! So when for syrains his or her bigger and are also alot much more aggressive and want to be still left alone.but in case you still need one I would recommend planning to different shops like petco or maybe other spectacular pet stores close to you.but I would say get yourself a winter whitened MALE dwarf hamster coming from petsmart.effectively hope them help:.If you still have questions in that case just contact me.hope WE helped also I am hoping I have the 10 details as best answer thanks if u wish to buy a new hamster, choose a syrian 1.buy you at … Continue reading

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Is My New Dwarf Hamster Really A Campbell’s?

Not long ago i got any dwarf hamster…only yesterday, from Petco.And before you decide to go in addition to tell my family that Petco sweets their wildlife poorly, that regarding.At least not normally the one I attended.All that cages were being clean, there were nutritional meals and fresh water, that animals were being all bright-eyed in addition to bushy-tailed, and also the employees were very useful and pleasant. At any rate, the retailer had several hamsters, so I attended take a look.I found that they had several Djungarian Hamsters, which they referred to as “Phodopus Campbelli”, which would be your Russian Campbell.I did plenty of research ahead of I acquired a hamster, and I used to be looking for any Russian Winter weather White (aka Phodopus Sungorus).We have read in lots of places (including textbooks, reliable web pages, and from breeders), that Winter Whites are a lot more tame, helpful, and they adore to interact together with humans.Alternatively, I get heard the fact that Campbell is not so tame, and continues to be known to bite a lot more and are more skittish.When i arrived in the store, a set of Dwarf hamsters were being cuddling in the cage.The information … Continue reading

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Should I get a mouse or a hamster?

I became thinking some sort of winter whitened hamster.Do rodents or hamsters help make better pets Which one smells more That’s more helpful Please say to from practical knowledge! Thanks a whole lot!!:) hamster! heres the reason, hamsters generate great pets for anyone ages! Mice smell! TERRIBLE! I MEAN REALLY HARMFUL! I obtained 2 mice and in addition they smelled up an entire house using in 24 hours! And that’s just this females! I cant imagn precisely what the males might have smelled such as!! EWW!!!! Anyhow, hamsters dont stench as 50 % as harmful as mice do! Winter light hamster are mean! I received one in addition to gave them back the next day because they bite us not JUST ONE, not TWO, not3, BUT FIVE TIMES in a single day! thats a whole lot! If a person’s going to obtain a hamster have a syarin.These are gentle, form, and dont chunk as nearly up to a dwarf or winter light! They solely bite when you scare them.I hope I helped you.Ive owned hamsters for Decade and I can honestly point out that Syrain hamsters are the way to go. here are a few websites that might help you … Continue reading

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What are good cages for my hamster?

yes……..my cage is smaller so would you send us a url showing myself a proper cage regarding him thanx!! You will need to get individuals 3 storey types.Those form of wire kinds without tubes and colorful bases.Why WHEN I shall inform you why… It includes 45cm by 35cm really worth of space or maybe more if you find larger ones. It truly is cheap $41 only It has 3 storeys.Though the second and third storeys are not only a complete storey precisely as it is just half the type and model… It truly is wire form, so there exists great aeration(Air quality) It is really really easy to scrub. It has no tubes, thus easier to wash and stains will not likely get stuck. You may also try the particular Fish tanks/Tanks The reason here’s why It can come in all sizes.MY PARTNER AND I use 60cm by means of 30cm through 30 cm and 45cm through 30 cm through 30cm types for my personal winter whites. Hamsters is definately not able in order to escape a tank if it is at the very least 30cm extra tall. You can invest numerous toys by using different sorts of heights must … Continue reading

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Question about my Winter White Russian Hamster?

Not long ago i got a new winter white-colored Russian hamster, and nancy black in addition to brown.I seen up on the net and the idea said that they turn white within the winter Is the fact that true Additionally… Can a new Winter White-colored Russian Hamster stay with yet another hamster similar type and sex Many thanks:) Hey! Yes they certainly turn white inside the winter.They will tell the particular changes in climate and how much time and short the times are.They get lighter in weight and lighter in weight everyday.No.You cant area two winter whites together that arent brothers and sisters.They can fight.Which often really stinks.Relating to Two Winter weather Whites and also they’re sisters, sweetest little stuff.They occasionally bicker nonetheless dont attack because they are together since day you.I Expectation I answered your query!!! -Christine-(: Winter White wines do switch white inside the winter whenever they are nearly a window in order to tell how far the daytime is and when it receives colder or even not! Really it is fascinating actually. Winter Whites like to be jointly but they need to have already been kept in the same cage with the pet store prior to get … Continue reading

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Will My Winter White Hamsters Fight?

Hi there, I’m Christine.I just now brought dwelling 2 womans WW Hamsters, on the pet shop.They was about 16 females a single cage on the shop.They really are pretty even tempered, the first is smaller compared to other.They really are siblings, so i’m not sure if they will fight and also not At the moment they’re within the cage.That they play fight sometimes, that they squeak.I’m not sure how to express to if they’re real fighting or have fun with fighting.Neither analysts have just about any cuts or nips on them, they’ve gotten in to a little tussel yet i’m unclear if it was play or even real From then on neither advisors were harm, they just returned to minding their particular business.And so please aid me. Winter Whites are one of the few styles of hamsters which might be together.If many people play battle then it really is fighting just never to serious.They want to see who’s going to be more dominating and since they are in a new home a few might fight through who gets the observing area or similar to that. Here is a hamster forum i always think might help because you can observe what … Continue reading

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What kind of hamster should I get?

Good day! I am thinking of getting either a new Syrian hamster or maybe a winter weather white! I am going to be getting one Syrian basically do get out there and get just one.If not Let me be receiving 2 winter whites.Which ones tend to be more friendly and choose to be used Thanks! Hamsters produce great domestic pets.If you will be a rookie hamster operator I’d recommend getting a Syrian.Syrians are easier to tame and therefore are a tiny bit less jumpy in comparison with their smaller sized cousins.It’s good you know about Syrian hamsters and you aren’t labelling them Teddy Bear hamsters as well as Golden hamsters.You’ve need to have done quite a few research:) Dwarfs produce great domestic pets as well- in particular Winter Whites (a.nited kingdom.a Campbell’s) Really the only thing is usually, though, that dwarfs are usually a extra nippy in addition to harder to deal with than Syrians.Once you tame any Syrian their tame for a lifetime but dwarfs ought to be handled regularly as a way to stay acquire.I’ve likewise noticed that Patient bitten by far and away more dwarfs than Concerning Syrians. All the best .and finest wishes, First of their … Continue reading

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Winter white dwarf hamsters?

MY SPOUSE AND I wanna find winter whites! I have some queries. may more and then 1 stay together if yes, the amount of can are now living a 20 gallon aquarium perform they for instance being held more info please! (: Well you can receive two, although hammies will be really commonly solitary house animals.Sometimes some people kill one other one.We’d say TWO could are now living a TWENTY gallon aquarium, though you need to get a proper cage, because tanks may cause respiratory situation.Most hamsters are certainly not all which cuddly and lots of don’t such as being presented.Though hardly any hamsters really don’t mind.Everything depends at their personas. We’d suggest planning to get JUST ONE hamster, then finding a plastic along with wire hamster parrot cage.Don’t put aside chew toys, because quite a few will munch outta its cage if they aren’t entertained and so they have extended periods of your teeth. Don’t forget never apply wood shavings as well as cedar.Have a shot at using Carefresh.Don’t handle them while they have got food in their mouth or is there’re eating.Keep them in a safe comfy non stressful place.Keep modest loud kids along with other pets faraway … Continue reading

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