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My guinea pig isnt as fun as he used to be?

Ok so when i first became my guinea pig they was many alone.At this time he still wasnt while active because most guinea pigs.So after that my family thought we would surprise myself with one more.They both equally have seperate cages concidering they are both men.My brand new one Basco is actually active as well as runs close to and explores a ton.Koda my personal older one grew to become a wide range of active to however , not even nearly Basco. Down the road Koda touch my mother straight through her little finger.Well my spouse and i assumed they didnt much like the way your lady was holding him. Now they wont eat from my hands, and he or she doesnt acquire excited intended for feeding time frame like he / she usually can. POST and extreamly troubled.I aim to get your pet and Basco just as much together time as possible and he’s still unhappy.What can one do I have to admit enjoy time together is likely to be 2 times obtain. So what on earth is erroneous Thanks Maybe they misses other guinea pig.Ensure that they see the other person enough!

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Recomend c&c cage with pet cats and dogs?

there so hip! i imagine my guinea ahould find spoiled to get one! nonetheless it is safe and sound around young dogs and kittens and cats also previous dog, so what on earth u think we need answer by way of 1 pm tommorow EIGHTEEN sep 2011 Yes, you require a C&C cage to your piggie.A store bought wire dog crate is excessively small for just one.Even the best ones you will discover.And yes it really is safe all-around puppies and also cats.You just need to get added grids to raise it off the floor (it also gives you storage place underneath).And on the safe side you can make a best of grids hard so the particular kitties can’t uncover them. here’s where i obtained my competition: http://www.guineapigcages.com/ A C&C cage is not safe about dogs plus cats, unless receive one which has a top.The Midwest Guinea Pig Environment Plus is suitable though, because doing so has some sort of roof And it also has extra level area.The competition is EIGHT square ft, but it is possible to combine 2 and allow it to be 16 sq .feet.Here is the url: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspxmaincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=142 I have a very dog plus a guinea … Continue reading

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Why are women scared of mice if they are 500 times bigger than a mouse?

To begin with, don’t generalize.Not just about all women that terrifies them mice. Next, answer this.Why are generally men scared of having a smaller penis, should they are 400 times bigger than the usual penis This is usually pretty sexist, just so you know.I understand plenty of grown guys who would not go in close proximity to a crazy mouse, due to the fact that crazy animals could carry health conditions and possibly be unpredictable.Hamsters and gerbils usually are domesticated and therefore safe to deal with and often be around. I am a adult females, and I love domestic mice.I’m not really scared of wild rodents, but MY PARTNER AND I value my own safety along with wouldn’t need to get bit by you. POST own THREE OR MORE fancy rodents, and I’ve had plenty of people, both women and men, afraid that will even effect them and also go close to them.A lot of people are scared of which, some folks aren’t. I’m not really scared of mice as well as i’m female so what on earth.If it is just a wild mice it may carry desaeses but i might go and caught the mouse not try to escape … Continue reading

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What to name my guineapig?

Other ideas tend to be welcomed! but what on earth do you guys imagine Timmy Pigs schnuggles name the idea niig-nogs.Pretty no: I aren’t keen on Timmy pigs but Timmy is actually cool! Base them off his / her fur colour.

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alright so i found this particular young squirrel possibly not baby simply just young, my girlftriend cat bombarded it plus it has ONE PARTICULAR broken leg (if we’d have eventually left it there it’d have died) a few pointer let the nurse fixed its lower calf and the amount of would the item cost My best mate (animal professional:p) said to give food to it hamster foods, i set some acorns throughout there in case.How do i know if it’s got rabies It’s active but i do think that’s simply because its hurt.No foam in mouth.Will i give the item water or maybe something altogether different what on earth do you think bless you all replies appreciated:D plz solution!!!!!! PLEASE!!!:D wish me personally luck You noise young.When you are have your parents have you along with the squirrel into a 24 hours emeg vet.There you may surrender animal, they will nurture it along with contact a wild your life re-hab facility which is better equipted.Good luck. Hi! I would likely suggest getting in touch with a vet who is willing to maintain wild animals and ask them what to do, and when it will have to go throughout, how much … Continue reading

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Okay so im getting concerned? Any help.?

I recently got a new guinea pig, they’re now officially thirty days old.I have had him for the little through 2 months now.I travelled out plus bought him a considerable variety involving different fruits and vegetables, so that will away he would have something different every day.But a common thing they’re eating is cucumber.He snubbed the baby tomatoes, he snubbed the actual seedless fruit, the broccoli, the particular green peppers, the particular bananas.and the oranges and also everything though the cucumbers.What on earth is wrong Im endeavoring to do every thing right nonetheless HE EXCLUSIVELY EATS cucumbers.and i’m sure cucumbers usually are bad because its lots of water plus should only receive once within a great while., but WHEN I don’t wish to starve the actual poor minor guy.=((.You need to help.But WE also make certain he has pellets in addition to hay.YOU NEED TO HELP. you need to be feeding your ex lots and a lot of GREENS, including kale, carrot surfaces, red along with green leaf lettuce, turnip green vegitables, etc (pretty considerably any thing but iceberg lettuce-that is merely water) the particular pellets will be ok at the moment since they’re young but they dont offer you … Continue reading

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How can I help my guinea pig to die peacefully?

; ( jane is dying…I really believe she can be I’ll…Shes very weak…Your lover can even now breathe, take water, and stroll ( not very well though) will she include any hope of making it through Be genuine please…I’m rather than sure if she is I’ll your lady just SEEMS ill… You enjoy a sick pig and it might be too late to save her.You need to get guinea pigs with a guinea pig intelligent vet once they look the lowest amount of little tiny bit off or it’s often far too late.Make sure you get her towards vet SHORTLY.He or even she is able to tell you if there is hope and also humanly euthanize her if there is not Did that ever dawn on you to create a sick pet, yes actually a guinea pig with a vet This can be just what individuals do.You provide what on earth is necessary for any health in addition to welfare for your pets, you only don’t play along when these are well plus say “Oh Darn it really is sick now” and turn ones back upon it.You rise to a great exotic vet asap as they way you are talking … Continue reading

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Good Guinea Pig Cage Brand???????

What on earth is an reasonably priced guinea pig cage for around guinea pig I’d like the cage to become fairly beneficial sized, in excess of 30×36 can be nice. C&C cages are usually great.You possibly can make them as well as buy them from a package: http://www.guineapigzone.com/c-and-c-cages-guinea-pigs Midwest homes guinea pig environment is wonderful.It is actually 8 block feet associated with space, however , you can combine two and produce larger ring.If you might have other animals in the home, you can also get one using a top.Here they’re: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspxmaincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=143 Having top: http://www.midwesthomes4pets.com/category/default.aspxmaincatid=27&subcat=4&submenu=0&catid=142 Pet store guinea pig cages are generally too modest, and very costly.A great way is a Cubes along with Choroplast wire dog crate (C&C wire dog crate.) They’re generally concerning $35 to generate and are no less than 2 times the dimensions of a petstore crate, at half the purchase price.They present good presence, very easy to scrub, you might customize most jobs, inexpensive, will not take long to generate, durable, and maximizes your space.Your guinea pig will be happier, more healthy, and more pleasurable if you’d make some sort of C&C wire dog crate. get a C&C cage.that is a only crate a guinea pig … Continue reading

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Please help my family a have got a female wintertime white dwarf hamster that had 8-10 baby’s TWENTY-FIVE days before…she.Acquired 3 children and 5 girls….I by now separated the boys and I have all the particular girls considering the mom around her ring…also in relation to 15 nights after birth and labor she possessed escaped although we observed her identical day.she bought out while I became in classes…..so the other day I discovered her itching her still left arm…but WHEN I thought the lady was only cleaning the woman self nonetheless today once i was offering her your dust bathtub I noticed an enormous bump about her supply!!! and it really is bigger in comparison with her eyes! also WHEN I noticed the lady got skinner but I do think that’s solely after influences of giving birth….HELP!!!! PLEASE ANSEWER A FEW POINTER SEPERATE HER IN THE THE GIRLSALSO MY PERSONAL PARENTS CANNOT TAKE HER INTO THE VET!! WHAT ON EARTH IS IT BUT WILL IT GO AWAY COMPLETELY HELP I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU!!!!! Go To the vet in addition to Demand of which he takes an improved look of course , if they will not and something goes wrong towards … Continue reading

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How old you do you think one should be to start breeding guinea pigs?

What on earth do you say your responsible age to begin a caviary would have been a responsible, dependable, loving, age Thanks, and also just thinking here! (: There are way too many undesired pets around and this also includes guinea pigs.Why we know would you would like to add to the problem It is best to research this particular more.Head to animal animal shelters and you are not selected. You will need to wait till their a minimum of one year older, rodents don’t live long to allow them to breed at a young time.If you have the occasion to handle, clean upward after, dozens of baby guinea pigs, then you definitely should, usually i would not recommend reproduction.It’s also very hard to maintain baby guinea pigs, they need special attention, you cant simply just let the mom do every one of the work.But if your guinea pigs usually are really aged, like next to elderly never breed these individuals but in case their 1 through about 4 or 5 then you’ll be able to breed.Expectation this assists! You don’t sound like you will be ready along with responsible enough to begin breeding animals child Guinea Pigs. You need … Continue reading

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