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Any snacks for a hammy?

What snacks can one give my personal hammy He has a charcoal teddy endure called Oscar:D i understand you can grant them corn flakes :but what exactly else Thankss:D My hamsters possess always Dearly loved piece involving shredded cheese.You will be able to present them a couple but test out out how they are doing with 1 piece primary! Good chance experimenting having new hammy ingredients! (: Like the primary answer mentioned yogurt drops are a favorite regarding hamsters.They are like 5$ a new bag.But unless you feel for instance spending money locations cheap snacks you’ll be able to give it you most likely already have in your house:Cheese, lettuce, apple, banana, mango(my hamster, Theodore loves mango! ), mineral water melon, carrot, tomato, peas, frequent bread, broccoli, cantaloupe, for example.A hamster can pretty much eat anything at all besides java, chocolate and various foods that contains caffeine plus theorobromine.Just remember these are generally snacks thus don’t give it in your hammy extra then Two times a full week, especially your fruit that could cause diarrhea(wet-tail) that may be deadly with a hamster or properly plus quickly curable.Hope that helped! here is often a HUGE record: http://www.hamsterific.com/hamsteruniversity/foodlist.html POST also yes my … Continue reading

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What should I feed my hamster?

I just got a hamster now, and I used to be wondering when anyone suspected what I can feed the woman.(Besides thier food pellets) Thanks Fruits apple(seedless) banana blackberries blueberries cantaloupe cherries cranberries grapes(seedless) lychee mango melon peaches(no stone) plums(no stone) raspberries raspberries leaves(helpful with regard to diarrhea) strawberries Veggies asparagus bean sprouts cabbage(limited amounts) carrots cauliflower celery chard chestnuts chickweed chicory clover corn cucumbers dandelion leaves endive efficient beans kale parsnips peas radicchio romaine lettuce spinach squash sweet potatoes sweet bell peppers switzerland chard tomato turnip mineral water chestnuts mineral water cress zucchini Lean meats and Proteins foods cooked soil beef(rinse nicely in difficulties to clear away any grease) cooked properly chicken or perhaps turkey(steamed as well as baked) sea food cod(cooked extracting bones along with skin) grasshoppers(pet shop) mealworms(pet shop) Crickets(pet shop) bread(whole feed no whitened bread)soaked with milk(low excess fat, skim, soy) eggs(boiled or maybe scrambled) ordinary tofu ordinary low fat yogurt dog biscuits(no garlic, onion) monkey chow research laboratory blocks Additional food buckwheat babyfood(low sugar no garlic or perhaps onion) cheese(mild or maybe low fat) pasta(wheat would be better) dry out toast(helpful pertaining to diarrhea) flax seed starting cereals pupkin seeds nuts(no almond) sesame seeds soybean(roasted … Continue reading

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