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I don’t know if my hamster is having a stroke?

He’s been rumbeling rapidly whenever he’s awake, and is not going to open his or her eyes.At initial i thought maybe it’s hibernation since we simply experienced wonder temperature decline.So my partner and i tried stroking your ex and this individual just continues to shake.He movements around slightly, but that’s it.As we sets down and sleeps, he stops rumbeling and breaths fast.I likewise touched his or her belly in addition to he thinks colder as compared with usual.A few pointer take him for the vet Or is he / she just passing away (He’s A COUPLE OF years old) 2 many years actually is not that old for just a hamster in case you took very good care of him.I skepticism your hamster is affected by a stroke depending on your sorts.Strokes generally include tilting or perhaps paralysis, but not often rumbeling.Watch your ex walk and check if he can easily walk instantly with even body volume distribution.If you are, it just isn’t a cerebrovascular accident. He may have a wintry, in which usually case, you have to call any vet and also describe your current symptoms as well as try to obtain a possible medication option.He might have a … Continue reading

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Which hay or grass From Petsmart should I give my guinea pig?

I am going to Petsmart tomorrow to have some brand-new grass as well as hay for my guinea pig.He features had kaytee timothy hay in the past two many months, so I’d prefer to buy 2-3 small luggage of various sorts for variety.I might be shopping inside store, not online.Please well then , i’ll know that brand and type of grass and also hay anyone recommend.Also, which pellet food regarded as a buy Thanks ahead.:) Actually now of which because of you go to ones local Give food to and Seed starting store you can find much more hay that can be a lot fresher as well as about 1/10 the worth you have the funds for it for the pet retailer.Go to help my A person Tube site and view A great buy and Feed as well as Seed http://www.facebook.com/user/GuineaPigPersonals In these videos I provide you with how to acquire a flak with hay that’ll last you quite a while for a tad around $4.00, the workers for the Feed in addition to Seed shop will say what they’ve in share that will be the best for your guinea pigs because they have what exactly is in season, so … Continue reading

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How Often Should I Feed my Guinea Pig?

MY SPOUSE AND I feed the pup everyday at the time of right at this point, but they buries his or her food throughout the cage in addition to whenever post clean the idea there’s like half a bag of food throughout his bed.Should WE be serving him fewer since he has been hiding a lot of his food You have to feed a person’s guinea pig as follows: We’ve never heard about a guinea pig disappearing pellets, that is certainly way in order to funny, I might simply maintain cage nice clean and feed your pet properly and I believe he does away with hiding thier food because 1 when called he’ll not want it as well as 2 as soon as he goes read a hide it won’t be there, so he will simply stop having to hide foodstuff as it is usually in his bowl. Unlimited pellets which may have 18% protein including a high amount of Vitamin C without any nuts, seeds or alternative colored goods in them. Unlimited hay as much as 6 months it ought to be alfalfa the way it is increased in protein along with calcium and helps these through their growth … Continue reading

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Do guineapigs hibernate?

Concerning a guineapig that i noticed this morning this he ended up being bedding down, he dug out just a little spot plus puffed away his fur and I do believe wassleepingg.I selected him upwards and found that she has gain weight Much weight, but besides that hes great.I enable him work around with the carpet for a second andcouldn’tt find anything unusual..Thought about him pertaining to 6 many years now anddon’tt recognize how long this lady of which gave them to people had him and Idon’tt remember in the least him repeating this…thanks inside advance Guinea pigs will not hibernate.There’re active most of year much time. Guinea Pigs survive about HALF A DOZEN to 8 years and so he is likely to be slowing down a little bit bit. Unlike in the west the weight gain, you most likely are not feeding him a correct diet: For the healthy guinea pig to become at the particular weight it need to be: Unlimited hay and also unlimited guinea pig pellets which can be 18% protein and possess a high number of Vitamin C devoid of nuts, signs or various other colored goods in these people. Fruit need to be only … Continue reading

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Can a hamster live on guinea pig food for their whole life?

Absolutely no, it’s known as guinea pig meals, and not hamster meal, for an excuse. No contain that nutrition a new hamster wants, their the disgestive system tracts have become different. Guinea pigs necessitate supplemental vitamin c of their diet, which hamsters don’t need.Also, guinea pigs consume mostly grasses in addition to hays, so guinea pig meals doesn’t contain the vitamins as well as nutrients hamster foods has, since hamsters tend to be omnivores and still have different eating needs. The most beneficial brands connected with hamster foodstuff are Hazel Hamster as well as Carefresh Complete. No, this will likely not perform.Guinea pigs usually eat facilities like your lawn and demand high dietary fiber content pertaining to proper digestive function.Hamsters consume seeds, some fruits, and produce.You must supplement the food item if you would like the hamster in order to thrive. That does mean that they won’t love, though.My hamsters want guinea pig pellets.You should give them the opportunity of additional food, even though, so they can consume what that they crave nutritionally. Hamsters consume hamster foods, smart a single.The guinea pig meals doesn’t contain the vitamins as well as nutrients this hamsters require, or would like, they telephone it … Continue reading

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My Guinea Pig is FAT I need a diet meal fro her?

this guinea pig is definitely almost 4 years old and is usually kinda like We’d say fat.i intent to make her last couple of years her finest so i’d like a diet plan mean to get her.Come on , man i supply her meals like Two times a daytime.I good her quite a few treat too her favorite is celery.Is also there almost any vitimins I ought to be giving your girlfriend.please help Feed the guinea pig since follows” Unlimited guinea pig pellets which may have 18% protein along with Vitamin C with no nuts, seeds or alternative crunchy material in these folks. Endless hay, timothy, orchard grass, or what good turf hay you can get at your own local Give and Seed store, this is where your Community farmers purchase and anything is a lot fresher and is particularly at the very least 1/10th the purchase price you might pay in the pet save. 1.2 to be able to 1 cup of bluish green leafy veggies just like kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, parsley, red and environmentally friendly bell peppers.a mix of these kind of fed daily provides all the fresh Vitamin C she will … Continue reading

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Could i give my guinea pig food to my rabbit?

i donated the guinea pig as well as i steel have a new load up of food regarding it but because i provided it the guinea pig and also i steel have the food will i give the idea to our rabbit Yes, you may, and the idea won’t harmed the bunny, but the guinea pig foods won’t necessarily keep the idea healthy.Rabbits have to have food that may be made simply for them.It’ll keep their particular teeth balanced, their fur shiny, and has lots of fiber along with other nutrients them to need.You’ll be able to feed your rabbit guinea pig food for now, but We’d get your current rabbit a few RABBIT food if you can.Wish I assisted!:) Yes! but it really doesn’t have the enzymes that your rabbit desires and guinea pig meals is high around vitamin d because guinea pigs don’t have an enzyme to be able to break vitamin c, so this is why is crucial to them.Rabbits require more hay products and solutions, like timothy, to aid process their own hair them to licked off all around health can’t shhh it out like felines.They as well need a higher energy food all around health … Continue reading

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My NEW guinea pig wont eat its veggies HELP?

Would it be ok of which my guinea pig wont eat it has the veggies.I aquired him 2 plus a half a short time ago as well as he consumes his hay in addition to pellets nonetheless i didnt good him virtually any veggies the initial day brcause my partner and i thought this individual wouldnt emerged of his igloo.So these days i reduce up romaine lettuce along with a carrot and he just ate a smaller piece connected with lettuce.Is the following okay Can be he just simply still rather scared getting used to his different home.Will probably he feed on his fruit and vegetables later Thanks Just maintain offering these.He will certainly eventually feed on them.You possibly can offer a variety and decide if he recognizes some veggies over some.Here is really a veggie chart http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/22156-read-me-guinea-pig-nutrition-charts-poisonous-plants-list.html In terms of vitamin c do not get drops for normal water.Vitamin c stops working quickly around water consequently its unproductive.The falls also make water taste hilarious so he may not drink a lot.If you feed an excellent quality pellet (like Oxbow, Kleenmama and also Sweet meadow) by using added vitamin c he will get ample vitamin d.But they still demands veggies … Continue reading

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How do I make my guinea pigs happy?

Concerning 2 woman guinea pigs (Darla & Bambam) that have a wire dog crate about 5×3 feet a substantial sized igloo, h2o, pellets, your salt riff, and a littler container……..I hand them over vegetables, Timothy hay, along with vitamin c drops, but not everyday I’m not really great to sort it out. I never usually maintain them everyday or allow them go around this room because Darla literally pees about me every time I receive her available bamboo will too at times Is generally there anything I could do to create them more happy When will i get them to stop peeing on me many of the time Thanks for many your aid:) Spend all the time and often with these! And if you have them out for floor time, put bath towels down so they really don’t come up with a mess.Also they require timothy hay for their cage continually.And they have to be feed twofold daily, and what about a little snack from the afternoon.Hand them over toys like, toilet report rolls with the paper off them.Along with stuff in order to chew upon.Don’t acquire hamster balls for these though, as it will harm their spine badly! Best … Continue reading

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How can i give my hamster vitamin C without the tablets?

There are various foods huge in nutritional C.The GuineaLynx has charts regarding fruits, vegetables the other listing the foodstuff from best to lowest number of vitamin C and a lot is usually given in order to hamsters.The connection to the data listing meals from highest to cheapest is because follows: http://www.guinealynx.info/diet_order-c.html There usually are sites which list meals hamsters might and is unable to have to help you to cross referrals.One website link is listed below: http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/index.phpshowtopic=41940 There isn’t just tablets available.There is usually various food for hamsters.If you go to your own local puppy store there’s a large offering of hamster food items with vitamin c.On that package it is going to tell everyone the feeds amounts it is advisable to give your hamster.Relating to been feeds my hamster foods with nutritional c along with i noticed she has been more healthy and the lady loves the foodstuff! Hope them helps!:).

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