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I need a hamster!! D: omgomg?

ok.i own asked LOT OF queations of the but we dont proper care please say to me things to do love it if more want a hamster but my pops says simply no.everytime.im simply just gunna number things also , you tell me learning to make him have me you (lmao post sound therefore controlling in addition to mean through saying (make him) lol JUST ONE I obtain good qualities (As and also sometimes Bs) TWO I never do something bad, unless its accidentally ( such things as accidently wiping my own makeup with towels along with forgetting concerning this till it stains:P ) 3 post dont require him for things ( exclusively little things like gum, nail plate polish remover, etc) 5 i always do our my house work, for no pay, and post do them regardless if they dont request me in order to (wash pots and pans, feed puppies, water vegetation etc) and many are things i realize about owning a hamster 1 i need to clean wire dog crate 1- Two times a week 2 i need to play by using it so this wont be so lonely 3 NOT wash it in water, otherwise they … Continue reading

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Safe soil to use for rodents?

We are planning in growing plants and seeds in a very terrarium in which I are going to be keeping rodents. I am aware which vegetation are safe to the animals that will ingest plus be close to, however Im having issues finding safe and sound soil. MY SPOUSE AND I simply cannot trust “chemical free” land from horticulture stores, last period I employed that for a terrarium the animal ended upwards with arsenic poisoning (he seemed to be saved, yet barely). So just about any ideas involving 100% SAFE AND SOUND soil to become used close to rodents and where I can easily germ seed and mature plants could be loved. Thanks ahead of time – Wont your rats feed on the factories, or his or her seeds prior to the plant is usually fully developed and prepared to be had.

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Plant poisonous to pet rats?

Can anyone know a directory of common houseplants which have been poisonous for you to pet rats We have two rats and one keeps having onto this windowsill as well as digging by my crops.I’m apprehensive he could eat a lot of them and obtain sick. Beware of any plants that are poisonous in order to rats The ASPCA offers an dog poison control center.They have got a link list toxic vegetation to creatures although it not specify rodents.It truly is as uses: http://www.aspca.org/pet-care/poison-control/plants/ Another highlight is a gerbil site that includes a list connected with safe/unsafe woods.It can be found below: http://egerbil.com/safe_woods_for_gerbils I located a url specifying vegetation toxic in order to rats this also may possibly prove employed to you.It truly is as uses: http://www.fancypetrats.com/pet-rats-food-plants-to-avoid.php.

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What can I get for my "wild frog" so that I can take care of him for the winter.?

Theres a frog thats been inside same identify all summer and today that it has the starting to be able to cool away, Im curious about of what I could get to look after him over the winter, then allow him move when it warms save.Please supply me internet websites and strategies.And thanks a lot very much for every help for “Mr Bojangles”! It will certainly know where going when the item gets cool.It will start a lake and freeze.When the item becomes comfy again, it will get back to life. Frogs and toads ‘winter over’.They know how to handle it.He is likely to start eating more and find fat in that case hibernate.They will need the alter in season to share with when it’s high time to special someone and perform other frog-things.They manage their lives across the full celestial satellite, rain, and seasons.In case you capture him or her and continue him for your winter, you might change him on the life inside wild to at least one of captivity.If you really want to have got him for a pet, I familiar with breed frogs and toads so that you can email my family and we are able … Continue reading

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I have a Mississippi map turtle, very young. You can still see its egg tooth. I cannot get him to eat pellets.?

I had been instructed in order to feed him pellets because which will provide an balanced diet program.But WE cannot have him in order to eat the particular pellets.Any idea I bought some dark-colored worms on the pet retail store, they proposed them.He ingested those right away.But now I’m concerned your dog won’t have a balanced adequate diet. map turtles are for the most part carnivorous but they are doing eat A FEW vegetation seeing that juveniles.you can test offering your ex romaine lettuce as well as anacharis (aquatic plant).for finish guide upon diet and also other care info look into the website, good luck M.B. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/caresheet-northern_map.htm Hi! Pellets have to only be 25% of his diet anyway.Try smashing them up so they are compact enough for him. The sleep of his / her diet should be made up of such things as blood worms and dried out shrimp.Once he or she gets rather bigger you can also give him feeder seafood. Wish that allows!

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Chinese water dragon questions?

Im receiving a chinese normal water dragon tomorrow from a friend hes offering mr everything its some sort of baby btw and can you simply tell myself some things which i must realize please.Do they eat salads fruit How manu crickets really does juvenile in addition to adult consume how may possibly times per day do we feed the number of times a week do my partner and i dust crickets its i believe 5 inch from a 30gallon higj gas tank when must i upgrade Which kind of uv bulb will i get internet marketing confused within the 5.0and TEN.0 To type out every little thing you’d need to know about CWDs would likely take summer time long, so here’s two or three reliable guides that you look by means of: http://www.triciaswaterdragon.com/dragoncr.htm http://herp-info.webs.com/chinesewaterdragon.htm To answer your certain posted inquiries: 1) Yes, they feed on veggies; CWDs are usually omnivores (they feed on veggie along with feeder pests.) It depends on the age of the CWD as to the specific diet formula.For model, a toddler (like yours) would just have to have about 20% veggie content seven days; getting the child to eat a number of pieces connected with veggie … Continue reading

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What soil is safe to use for rodents?

I will be planning with growing factories and seeds in the terrarium in which I are going to be keeping rodents. I’m sure which vegetation are safe for your animals for you to ingest along with be about, however I’m having issues finding safe and sound soil. MY PARTNER AND I simply are unable to trust “chemical free” soil from you are able to stores, last time period I applied that for the terrarium nature ended in place with arsenic poisoning (he has been saved, nevertheless barely). So just about any ideas regarding 100% PROTECTED soil being used about rodents and in which I may germ vegetables and expand plants could be loved. I will be asking this inside reptile segment as I’m guessing lizard lovers will present more practical knowledge with utilizing soil regarding terrariums compared to rodent enthusiasts generally. Thanks before hand – I propose Green Cycle’s Pure topsoil.it truly is carefully formulated to never clump plus contains healthful composting microbes.Terra Prima’s Cocopeat Coconut Coir is usually very very good and includes no additives.

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What kind plants could i put in my snakes tank?

We have a ball python and she has alot regarding room in her tank, and i want to to know merely could decide to put plants in her tank, and merely can will it end up being certain kinds of plants you can be better implementing artificial facilities as several real plants could be toxic that will them (unfortunately we cant remember what one are ) so sorry but i use artificial kinds for years I realize lech, live plants can be harmful if you ever choose an unacceptable ones.Also live vegetation require protection and sprinkling.More water within your snakes housing means bigger humidity meaning increased possibility of mold and disease for instance scale rot.Stick in order to artificial, looks in the same way good, easy to clean etc… Using man made plants usually are better on the whole, but owning live factories are awesome, but I would use unnatural plants. Maybe try out Pothos It is just a great stay plant that is non-toxic along with safe, in addition it’s pretty sturdy hence your snake aren’t able to knock this over.

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How to fatten up my bearded dragon?

ok so our bearded dragon is really a 1 along with a half calendar year old masculine, he great eater, pooper, and he could be super helpful.his eyes are shiny and he’s very dynamic but for reasons uknown he includes always seemed thin.So possibly there is anyways allow me to fatten him or her up just a little, right now i will be giving him or her crickets daily (as several as he or she wants) my partner and i also are giving the pup collard vegetation and lead capture pages daily More crickets, having more gutload along with try finding some lawn hoppers they will made this beardy weight. Power feast him/her they may get extra fat faster but it is not the nearly all safe action to take.U will need to just feast him/her 14 crickets seven days.But it truly is ok in the event that u want to power give him/her, power supply.

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How many crickets should i feed my two 4-5 month old bearded dragons a day?

undecided if im giving our two bearded dragons plenty of i feed them 10 every day and i make an effort to make it so they really have SOME each then feed these people about 6 at dusk so they have 3 each is the fact enough because i have heard range things plus i also dust that crickets with a multivitamin health supplement 3 days 1 week is in which ok desire any assistance as concerning only experienced them A COUPLE OF days right now lol thanks a lot. Yes you will hear a great deal of different stuff, the thing with pride of bearded dragons is merely that; a great deal of conflicting facts.However, mostly it comes with an agreement (if you like) regarding feeding these folks. During 4-5 many months old, they’ve still quite a distance to go in terms of growing they usually will need even more live food intake than they are doing vegetation.At your stage these are at they want over 8 crickets from a day.An adult should often be eating above 8 crickets in the day. What to look out for, as an additional note, is that there are generally two and through … Continue reading

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