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Can you get 2 russian hamsters?

Hi i would like to have 2 russian dwarf hamsters.Concerning read all the books and also done the research but it doesn’t claim what sex to acquire.I would prefer to get man, but will not mind plainly get girl.I’m seeing get these folks this quick so love it if more need assist! I do not know if this can help or even ot, but i aquired a massive 3-story wire dog crate for these! Thanks!:-) As prolonged as their with the same kitten.The cage make a big big difference also and also a three account cage appears to be nice.I’m sure that they are going to get coupled well.Possess a good time. With this kind of hamster some people typically do not get along if they hit adolescence.I have seen what a couple hamsters exactly who were siblings are able to do together.One day these are getting along as well as next you then have a severely suffering a loss hamster as well as worse.As a result of it is not really worth the danger in caging all of them together.Hamsters are generally solitary pets and prefer their territory in order to be cages on your own.They will probably be … Continue reading

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Why did my guinea pig explode?

One day, i appeared to be just throughout my room, reading some sort of book, after i looked onto check about my Guinea pig.The guinea pig proceeded the wheel and out of the blue my guinea pig simply…burst! I swear which im certainly not kidding, my guinea pig was quite a valuable thing to my opinion, and We would never joke about it.I appeared stuff up on the internet, but absolutely nothing showed way up, and now There’s no doubt that my guinea pig was the only rodent to have ever executed that.Anyone please aid! If you making the effort to upset people today you would not do the house work perfectly, you see there is certainly not any guinea pig this side on the moon that would get over a wheel, so almost nothing else people say may be the truth often. well 1.they aren’t meant to go on wheels and also 2.now u need to clean it up ( the gross plenty of touching any dead guinea pig in addition to u need to touch a exploded 1) that seems really abnormal, was your dog like EXCELLENT bloated what exactly do oughout mean exploded such as did this … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Questions on Weight, Molting, Chewing and moreee…?

Hi We have some doubts…. ONE PARTICULAR.Why does among my pigs steal the others ones food from her oral cavity Yet once she’s it the lady doesn’t wish to eat that herself, she is just interested in wht another one offers. A COUPLE OF.Why never guinea pigs have got tails SEVERAL.Will my own pigs ever learn the names 4.Why carry out they continually chew paper 5.Are limited haired pigs purported to molt When i hold these folks and I’m wearing any black best it seems like i have a very cat as well as dog as much loose fur on me. 6TH.How considerably should a new female simple haired 12 month outdated pig weigh SEVERAL.Why carry out my pigs always lick our lips in addition to nose once i put these folks near the face 1 That would have been a dominance issue you’ll want to watch closely to make sure the some other guinea pig is in fact allowed for you to eat sufficient food.That is the common problem with ladies, males will fight and also really obtain nasty with the other, where the dominant female are going to be a tad sneakier about how she requirements control involving … Continue reading

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Rat carrier question. Please help?

Exactly what rat service provider is best option for taking two compact to low to medium size rats I need to deliver them around the train with me.The trip will administer around 7 hours. There are numerous carriers to choose from.I have got one like that:http://www.pettravelcenter.com/products/detail/417/41 I bought it at a bird store, oddly sufficient (though I do think they own similar ones in many pet suppliers, probably considering the ferret stuff), and I ENJOY it.It’s great because you can fit bedding inside the bottom along with attach some sort of water package.Also, there may be little to be able to no possibility of them chewing out of it, unlike a Critter Keeper or perhaps other all-plastic carrier. Whatever one does, a h2o bottle is important because they can dehydrate very quickly.Food, very.You may want to bring some sort of towel as well as small blanket that you could drape loosely within the carrier, to present them some privacy as well as protect these folks from drafts along with noise. (A take note on dehydration:indeed, they may be able to go several years without h2o, but these are still dehydrating rather more serious and worse your entire time.They aren’t required … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with my two red-eared sliders?

There’re both from the water using their mouths start, their sight shut, but not moving.You will find still nerve answers, but they won’t open the eyes.You will find water bubbles around their bodies.We just simply had a new cold bite down in SC, could that whether it is I possess them in place under any lamp right now, trying to be able to warm these people up. Well, I got going to convey they may have went within hibernation function (some marine turtles carry out so when the water obtains too cold) but the truth is said their mouths usually are open…So I do not know.Are their eyes even now closed plus their teeth still open now, since you have these people under a new heat lamp Plainly were you I’d get them to the vet.I’ve possess my Purple Eared Slider intended for 13 ages now just in case I seen him like that I’d rush him to the vet. You needs a waters heater for you to regulate the particular temperature. While you say bubbles all-around them, do people mean by means of their smell and mouth Which can be a warning of respiratory illness.Get a new water heat … Continue reading

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How to convince my mon to get a rough green snake?

The lady already has learned I’m the best carer intended for my dogs and got frogs toads and fish but i am moving with a bigger apartment with by myself room and to spunk upwards my frog reservoir I wanna have a rough natural or brown leafy ( please don’t say say to ur mom how good of an carer u r.She has learned thT) well you could try bribing or maybe black mailbox, and if it does not work that you can do what i did with our first reptile, buy it, set it up and also hope the lady doesn’t notice, worked to me for round half every day till my own mother observed it yet by and then there wasn’t a lot she could possibly do with regard to she were going to break our heart along with make me eradicate it.when the lady notices just actually tell them all the interesting truth and data you’ve searched as i think you have even so the more you bug your sooner they may give just so that they aren’t required to hear this anymore, just like the old declaring goes, the particular squeaky steering wheel gets the particular … Continue reading

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Royal Python vs Ball Python?

The reason do Americans insist upon calling royal pythons shot pythons Why require a nice title and switch it in order to something of which sounds thus common, for instance ‘ball’.Obviously I’m sure where your ‘ball’ part emanates from but them sounds junk. Python regius will be scientific name and it also translates in order to python royal. There are no less than a 100 times extra snake owners here than there are in Britain, not to say the entire morphs anyone guys own were first bred inside U.ERSUS., so I’m sure we’ve earned the proper to phone them anything we wish, you bloody wanker (just being sarcastic).In truth, you’re almost certainly right regarding royal python as a fancier brand.Some belonging to the morphs in existence have ridiculous names at the same time. Cause the us is awesome and you can easlily do that.any other brain busters.

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My irish jaya jaguar carpet python is making weird noises when he breathes.?

This individual eats properly and just became available of the shed.I’m thinking it might be a an infection.His temps are 80 in the hide and also 90 basking.His humidity is around 65 in order to 70 % any help can be greatly prized. It would be best to own him examined by just a qualified vet. Hi, your own temperatures in addition to humidity are usually correct.Nonetheless, weird makes noise when this individual breathes can be indicative of an respiratory virus and your dog should head to a vet regarding treatment.Oftentimes, however, my jungle carpet python, breathes out in the weird approach when jane is grasping to something and moving, for example my equip.This may possibly also be the truth.

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I have had my leopard gecko in a 10 gallon tank its whole life, would it hurt it if i put it in a 40 gallon?

I have an extra 40 gallon container so i became wondering if i could place it in the 40 gallon tank not having it becoming stressed out No, it would not hurt in the least, in truth he want a 40 gallon! I have my geckos in the 40 they usually love operating around overnight! a gecko’s enviroment within the wild would be much larger over a 40 gallon so no, it wouldnt be stressed.if whatever, it are going to be glad of the more space.you could give it a whole room size tank plus im positive it’d be merry. nope.this wouldn’t.it will enjoy and also probably adore it a larger tank.Much more space = joyful.

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Dear pet cockateil having seizure or stroke, please help!?

My own sweet TEN year good old cocketeil experienced what seemed to be a seizure around 11:00am this specific morning.Many experts have 8 hours since then and he has still not appear of them!:( We have done worlds of analysis online and difficult to find any regarding what I’m looking regarding. He has the many symptoms of an seizure nonetheless, he hasn’t come beyond it.By right these days, he will be sitting close to me in the small basket wrapped lightly within a towel.His / her body are not able to move, the truth is, the only reckon that will transfer is his or her head which is only twitching.It really is as idea his entire body is trying to live, but I am afraid of which his neural is most of gone. Please give my your feedback.Do you think he will die Do you find it common with the process of an seizure to help last with this long Or perhaps should he have already come outside of it maintain I am so apprehensive about him.:’( We have been holding him non-stop crying and in search of anything by any means to accomplish that could guide him nevertheless I’m … Continue reading

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