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Did i kill my hamster?

Thus my little sister reaches dance and I took her hamster for any swim while in the toilet…and WE went to acquire a sandwich when i came backside I scooped the pup up in addition to put your ex boyfriend in the cage he or she made any weird sound and after this he won’t move then when I poke him they does next to nothing if he has dead what should i tell the sister As well as why managed he die You usually are not serious.USE OF in their right mind would try this…unless you’re a 5 year aged child whom doesn’t know Not to play inside the nasty commode. However, how will be those TWO guinea pigs doing You are aware of, the versions you asked questions in relation to around every thirty days or so ago Maybe they’d also like to aquire a swim inside the toilet…. Why on earth do you let your hamster swim in the toilet And why could you leave your ex there unsupervised Never play with your sister’s dogs without your girlfriend permission.If this really is real without a joke, here’s the direction to go.Check plus see will be hamster is … Continue reading

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Help gerbils had a fight?!?

My own gerbils (both females) broke right into a random fight, I have seperated these individuals although that they both get blood on them:( they have got been together since the RSPCA rescued all of them which could well be about 2 rice (not sure should they are related) but they have been great.I did have got a 3rd gerbil nonetheless ufortuantly she died thirty days ago:( and so these not one but two are off to the vets this specific morning (Saturday) I became wondering do gerbils normally break in to random quarrels Can my gerbil likewise drink away from a previous food pan as Concerning no extra water bottles left Thankyou! I recommend getting an additional water bottle, and women do tend to be aggressive than males.It looks like your gerbils weren’t raised along, it has been a combat for dominance, so your best matter is to maintain them divided, and try to reintroduce them while using the split crate method, in any other case, keep a close eye on them rather than let them be together on their own without anyone.Google symptoms of gerbil aggression, it can help you identify signals that we will have another fight, … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Nail Help?

relating to a guinea pig containing white nails inside the back in addition to black nails inside the front, so just how do i see that quick inside the black nails any flight ticket do them:) I utilised a flashlight.My very own never bled, yet if that did, MY SPOUSE AND I always have styptic natural powder available. My piggy Dani is usually all dark-colored so I had this problem lots. If you clip your piggies ebony nails, be sure you take teeny bits off at any given time (I clip with regards to a millimeter off at a time).I use this a couple times plainly haven’t trimmed his claws in about thirty days.If ones piggies claws are curling, then have them to the vet for the reason that your guinea WILL struggle to you. Try shimmering a torch beneath the nail bed, and see if this indicates the effective.If fat loss see the item, you might take to cut the very end off, and get some light weight aluminum sulfate power readily available for those who do lower the fast.You may possibly also take him/her for the vet in addition to he/she will perform it.See this kind of website … Continue reading

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HELP! Dwarf hamster balding…?

I merely got your dwarf hamster about a month ago, along with she’s also been doing truly well.Your woman never got wet butt, and didn’t have almost any problems altering.Well I got watching her in her cage, along with noticed anything odd.When your woman stood on her returning legs, you can view she features a spot exactly where her fur is not well-known under the woman’s chin, as well as little bit of fur there exists wet seeking.It had not been there this morning, and if it was there prior today POST didn’t discover it.What exactly is it Regarded as a get her looked at Is she sick YOU SHOULD HELP! I’ve just had her thirty days so she’s not outdated or whatever… You can take him towards hospital, look over, and could possibly have a difficulty. o head of the family,,,,, change just about all her bed quick and wash her adequately with several baby shampoo. she has a mite plenty of her to scratch the woman’s selff until eventually the locks comes down….sorry for almost any typo im over a phne…..along with wash the actual tank out and utilize differant bed from these days on….

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What’s up with syrian hamster?

i had 2 syrian hamsters, both equally male along with female.but needless to say i experienced researched with regards to them.i purchased them after they are nonetheless pups.now they’re just 1 thirty days old.i planned to breed them in addition.Whycuz i’d like to enhance there volume.well as relating to researched, the women comes in to season every 3-5 nights but my very own doesnt enter heat.while i put them together a mans smells her insurance policy coverage female ignores the pup because she’s so interested in learning the adult males cage.pls support me tips on how to breed them.thanks a large amount! It most effective to delay until that female is actually 3 months-ish.You’ll ought to keep these separate because Syrians tend to be solitary in addition to very aggressive to one another as adults.Once nancy in high temperature, allow the male into that cage.After they have mated, distinct them all over again. put your ex into her cage each and every evening untill nancy in months, if it’s just not working that leave her from the males wire dog crate over nights and put the male inside the females wire dog crate over nights, she must be in season … Continue reading

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Guinea pig is fitting and losing weight.. help!?

Within the past thirty days, one involving my guinea pigs has no less than halved in size.I’ve witnessed her consume, but your woman seems a little bit off her food, the girl does write about a hutch with 3 additional very weight, greedy guinea pigs! As yet, it appeared to be just her weight that’s worrying me; but now she’s started accomplishing this odd motion with her head.She’ll rub it alongside her back after which you can have some kind of fit.I’ve removed her with the hutch in addition to put her inside a cage at her own inside your home.I’m wanting someone sometimes have an idea what exactly is causing this kind of behavior, pretty worried related to my small piggy! Many thanks u should go to a vet, somewhere i read a guinea pig would have a fit-ish matter if there seems to be loud industrial noise, ur gp probably have something like that but nevertheless take her into a vet Suggest people contact a new vet mighty quick, particularly if she is losing weight for just a month! It could be that she has getting some sort of infection.

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Okay so im getting concerned? Any help.?

I recently got a new guinea pig, they’re now officially thirty days old.I have had him for the little through 2 months now.I travelled out plus bought him a considerable variety involving different fruits and vegetables, so that will away he would have something different every day.But a common thing they’re eating is cucumber.He snubbed the baby tomatoes, he snubbed the actual seedless fruit, the broccoli, the particular green peppers, the particular bananas.and the oranges and also everything though the cucumbers.What on earth is wrong Im endeavoring to do every thing right nonetheless HE EXCLUSIVELY EATS cucumbers.and i’m sure cucumbers usually are bad because its lots of water plus should only receive once within a great while., but WHEN I don’t wish to starve the actual poor minor guy.=((.You need to help.But WE also make certain he has pellets in addition to hay.YOU NEED TO HELP. you need to be feeding your ex lots and a lot of GREENS, including kale, carrot surfaces, red along with green leaf lettuce, turnip green vegitables, etc (pretty considerably any thing but iceberg lettuce-that is merely water) the particular pellets will be ok at the moment since they’re young but they dont offer you … Continue reading

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MY SPOUSE AND I have/had some sort of 6 thirty days old men syrian hamster.Days gone by week MY PARTNER AND I noticed he or she wasn’t actor himself – seemed decrease, wouldn’t operate around.Then last night MY PARTNER AND I noticed this he had not poo’ed all instead of been consuming.I bought him quite a few cucumber to obtain some water into her system along with he appeared fine.In addition when he or she walked related to his back was often hunched.Then this kind of morning MY PARTNER AND I checked up on him this individual appeared lifeless – nonetheless still breathing.I suspected he have started hibernating since it is give up cold and also nearing winter.I fit him for a hot normal water bottle (it have a thicker fluffy protect on) and also stroked your ex.He commenced breathing far more and his / her legs started out twitching along with he started off moving his head and slowly opening his face.Then her feet going trembling we read was an indicator that this individual was rising.But and then he just stopped breathing and grew to be stiff along with cold.I continued trying to warm your ex boyfriend up however … Continue reading

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Scared my hamster will die?! Help!?

The 4 year or so old nephew, Will certainly, has provided my hamster Rainbow Declines (sugar painted sweets constructed from maize in addition to rice) along with bread.My nephew still left it a time to explain to me exactly what he’d performed.Rolo, my hamster is really a long haired hamster as well as being 9 thirty days old.He has eaten a lot of the Rainbow Drops as well as bread.I’ve identified nothing within the effects of Rainbow Falls, but identified good plus bad reasons for bread.I’m concerned (and scared) exactly what might transpire to Rolo.Any guide or advice could be brilliant.Thanks Yeah, I might watch him or her.If it had been a bunch, I would be a little bit worried.Whenever he works weird, I might call your vet with regard to advice. He should be just good.Just look at him, sometimes they have reactions to bread; but sometimes some people dont.If he seems to be fairly active and consuming & consuming regularly, he’s likely to be okay.Don’t tension yourself disturbing about him or her.Just hold a moderate eye at him.

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Guinea Pig Introduction?

So ‘ve followed all the introduction policies but they carry on grinding the teeth along with circling around both.Sometimes a single lunges to the other.After that a seperate these people.How lengthy will this carry on going These are one yr old and also a 4 thirty days old Put each guinea pigs inside the bathtub SOME inches faraway from each some other and allow them find themselves.The bathtub can be a neutral environment and there’s no scent of each one so as to not put in to any way of dominance.Observe them for 25 mins, then as long as they do nicely:Clean away every portion of the ring and clean it out and about (includes:competition, water bottle of wine, food satellite dish, igloo, etc).Change with brand-new food, bed linens, and h2o.Also, be sure you have an enormous enough cage for two hideaways or perhaps two igloos so they cannot fight related to who’s hideaway it truly is.Then put them from the cage, place the particular old guinea pig first as well as the new 1 second.Appreciate.Good Chance.! Never placed them straight together..get 3 hutches and place the new one in the cage this old a single use for being in, … Continue reading

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