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How common are mammary tumours in female rats?

Fine so I’m looking to get some test subjects and feel weighing up your options of males and female and have a few questions related to mammary tumours while in the girls…. How common is he I’ve been everything from 90% in order to 50% to be able to 10% connected with female subjects get these individuals!! and as well if anyone has virtually any experience using having the rats addressed or spayed ( or maybe whatever it’s in rats) or just leaving these people then that can be helpful too Thank you:) in addition quickly, perform the adult males have every associated wellness problems I could get men rats.They’re just more cuddly as compared with females.Females are very active and have into trouble a lot.Girls will be affectionate, but they’ll not remain still as well as hang on you.Boys operate around for a bit, then in general settle down inside your lap. You simply can’t exactly pinpoint the likelyhood of the female acquiring tumors.Genetics play a large part because, so should you get the rat at a reputable breeder, malignancy risks could lessen.Even so, females find tumors fairly often, especially if they get more mature. We’d not advocate spaying … Continue reading

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Is my pet rat dying, at 2 months old?

POST own 6 rats, my two older people and the girl 5 children.My mature rat who is a 1- 1/2 old features a respiratory condition i do believe.always sneezing, release from nose, anorexia (but your woman still efforts to consume ALOT) as well as runting in addition to heavier plus faster breathing.She features had this for a few weeks now, i thought it was stress therefore i eliminated the home bedding and replaced it together with paper along with clothing, changed her diet in addition to put her in the cool area at the window.POST cannot manage the vet during this period.One from the baby test subjects this day started demonstrating similar clues of my own older rat.She is not feeding on or sipping though, that is the difference.I happen to be cuddling her all night time as your woman doesn’t strive to be in the actual cage and nancy not moving much merely walking around into a comfier area after 50 % hour.She is breathing thicker and doing a cough just like choke..almost just like puking but they can not puke.I managed the fling to make sure she did not have one thing lodged inside her tonsils and your … Continue reading

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Do rats sometimes run with their hind legs going at the same time ?

Similar to a kangaroo.My women rat this is a little over a year aged is running with the girl two front paws however hopping together with her again two paws from time to time not at all times.Shes lacking difficulty the lady runs in the decent rate but would certainly this be a beginning sign regarding leg paralysis and also do rats just at some time run including this Does she look like she is usually making little bounces whilst at them, too My rats achieve that.It’s simply a ‘happy run’ POST suppose.They often make it happen while holding something of their mouths or looking for somewhere rapidly.I don’t believe you should be too concerned! Its natural, its such as when human beings skip.They merely see it because most efficient strategy to travel around certain ground.They are probably just having a great time. Its also possible that nancy favouring her back limbs, my son did this for quite a while and avoided walking upon them, but with many different rest he or she is all superior now.if it had been anything negative you’ll probably find other signs. Normal.Im merely guessing in this article but I think its just easier/quicker pertaining … Continue reading

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Help with litter training my rats?

For a start, il prefer to state that it is fairly easy to litter box train test subjects.I’ve accomplished it in advance of but all these rats tend to be just getting difficult.Therefore no “uhh you will be a dumbass, you simply can’t train rats” comments.I’ll review answers that way. Therefore, after significantly troubleshooting along with plastic griddles (chewing, turning, spilling with litter), Manged to get a significant ceramic dish that’s intended with regard to food.It’s actually a good sizing, and one is utilizing it.But while i got home, one connected with my females had changed the CareFresh from the bowl plus was sleeping inside! That’s possibly not normal rat conduct, is it They need plenty connected with toys in addition to two several sleeping/hiding sites.How should i get her to avoid I retain putting your litter plus poo back in there, but should anyone get any tips I suggest investing in a corner litter box pan with regard to rabbits/ferrets, they hook on the side of the cage so they really can’t become tipped more than.I might also obtain unscented Yesterday’s Reports cat litter box.(it’s produced from paper and so it’s safe) Which litter is within pellets so they … Continue reading

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If you had 6 female pet rats what would you name them?

Just simply curious as we’ve 6 feminine rats along with was curious about what some would brand them. 2 of which are just about all white, with black eye balls. 1 is certainly caused by white along with beige about face, with black eye balls. 1 is certainly caused by white along with gray close to face, with black eye balls. 2 are mostly white having black around face, with black eye balls. BTW I already referred to as my subjects, i’m just simply bored along with thought i would ask this kind of question lol. I it is fair to meet them to understand! i title on character:D my spouse and i bet they may be AWESOME! i like my test subjects! Though their particular boys along with their artists are Ralph and Calvin.Ralph’s incredibly sick therefore its depressing:( though basically had women id label them: Holly Willow Gwen Zoe Stephanie Jade I include two at this time named Mazy and Darcy.:) Let me be getting just one more soon called Cheese. I approached someone who’s (possibly, it’s an existing ad) selling rats.Once they have two males Now i am getting Waffle along with Whiskey there, but only if … Continue reading

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What is a good name for my Girl albino Rat?

Concerning a bright albino young lady rat, and my partner and i dont really know what to appoint her, Almost any suggestions REMEMBER TO HELP!:D snow snowie snowy snow flake ruby (because with the red eyes) snowy snowball p.ersus if your woman hasn’t obtained a cousin please obtain her ONE PARTICULAR, they can loads superior in pairs and it is less be good enough:) aren’t albino test subjects white along with red eyes if you have, maybe bakewell/icing/cherry, etc i had her albino guiene pig my partner and i named your girlfriend bellatrix as well as u may name the woman’s rose-eyes, beauty! Alba is likely to be a good name for ones rat.

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Introducing another female rat to my female rat,?

im thinking of buying the female rat from a person not not even close to me, but its just one and i am aware rats plan to have corporation, so could it possibly be ok basically introduce a different female rat to help her as well as would they fight 13.I usually have rats at your house, are right now there any particular precautions MY SPOUSE AND I should take when bringing new subjects home When delivering your subjects home for you to other test subjects PLEASE make sure quarantine for a minimum of two days – some weeks is best.If possible this would be in a totally different area than your own other subjects, but probably have be absolute to do this in several rooms.Cope with your unique rats primary, and then the fresh ones…then make sure to wash hands and allow a couple of hours before knowledge ? to a person’s old rats. To prevent bringing almost any diseases or even parasites home to your rats, there are numerous precautions it is possible to take.Avoid planning to pet retailers that sell off rats — mites along with lice are very common, but in addition very risky viruses just … Continue reading

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Rat Owners: How long has your pet rats lived?

Thought about 2 female pet rats which were a minor over Three years old after they died, and thought about 2 male rats which were 2.5 years old when many people died. I recognize have HALF A DOZEN female rats who are 4.5 many months old (I consequently hope they make it to 3 years old or maybe beyond) That is just outside curiosity:) my earliest 2 subjects kenai along with koda have been around ONLY TWO.5 years once they died.my rat hikaru was about the same age when they died.i even now have her brother who will be THREE OR MORE in decemeber plus 4 some other rats who are 1 year old In the usa I feel pretty sure the relationship expectancy is definitely more.The average in britain is TWENTY TWO months, plus my at best lived for 23. I bought my primary two from the responsible breeder whom knows plenty about test subjects, but has been very hazy about the place that the ones your lover was supplying me ended up from.Coming from what the girl said, I think one of them was the pet look rat and something was selectively bred by the woman’s.It’s hard to … Continue reading

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Keep my hairless rat healthy?

I have a attractive, female hairless rat.When doing the particular research previous to getting the woman, I discovered that hairless rats are prone that will sickness (even man sickness) and now have weak immune system systems because they have no hair.This became my merely concern next time i got the woman, because jane is staying inside my living room, and WHEN I too feel VERY at risk from getting ill, especially within the winter.Seeing that I forecast, I now take over an ear infection, runny noes and also a sore throat.She is very much fine to date, but I became wondering if there was any foods that will assist her to remain healthy (like exactly how citrus will last a unwell human, but (of course) test subjects don’t interact well to help citrus) Or almost every other things Allow me to do to keep her safe Thanks very a lot. The exclusively human sickness a rat may contract is strep tonsils.She must not contract a ear infection from you.To continue her healthy make sure to keep your girlfriend cage very clean.Change the litter typically and give the cage a superb clean with soap along with water as a minimum monthly.Make … Continue reading

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How to tell the gender of a rat?

Hence, I desire to buy not one but two pet test subjects.I’ve have two preceding ones that are fitted with passed about.(Love people Misha as well as Anya).Sorry….had to accomplish that, these were good women.Anyways, I need to have two, but a lot of the pet shops (or I) would not want to tell what the rats’ genders were being.I had been at in relation to five dog shops from the area.I was attempting to find a rattery close to me.I figure they can tell what exactly gender we were looking at without hesitating, but MY PARTNER AND I haven’t found any within the area.WHEN I lucked out there last time and bought two females.I’d prefer to get not one but two females once again because my past practical knowledge with this previous rodents, Misha and also Anya.As well, I want to buy them young so that I’m able to go out with them.I know they really don’t live longer. You lift them above and check if it features a peni** or maybe a vagi**. It is really easy to discover gender about rats.The gentlemen testicles fall at around 25 days and tend to be fairly visible.If everyone look within … Continue reading

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