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Is my guinea pig having trouble eating her hay?

I acquired to underneath of your hay case, and the hay is usually all from a little pieces end of it.Is this guinea pig obtaining trouble feeding on the hay..Cause usually next time i give her hay the lady would virtually eat all of it..But your woman didn’t these days..The bowl was continue to full.So a few pointer just open an innovative bag involving hay or maybe leave your ex alone Btw, how do people make certain the hay includes no mites And also why carry out people pick Kaytee’s Timothy Hay alot She sometimes have overgrown the teeth or that portion of the hay aren’t as good.You can wait and determine if it proceeds.If it will bring her to some vet to own her enamel checked. The entire parasites throughout hay/bedding will not make sense in my experience.Parasites will need a coordinator to survive.Im certainly not saying it does not happen.It may.It just doesn’t help to make sense.WHEN I don’t carry out anything.You may freeze it if you would like kill anything which may be at this time there. I do not know why folks chose kaytee.WHEN I guess the just offered everywhere.Its a common brand.Its as well not … Continue reading

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What are some healthy treats i can give my hamster?

this hamster enjoys it once i give her veggies.Im trying to find something healthy and balanced but different as a nice treat i will give or make your ex.Please give me a few suggestions while all responses help.Gives thanks:) Don’t over-do it considering the veggies.JUST AROUND A TEASPOON TOTAL DAILY.My old hamster past away of wet-tail simply because I gifted her a lot of…I look really bad about this now, although… My recent hamster can be a happy youngster.Here’s a few the things I give him: Nutriphase Berries Yougurt Declines (Hamsters love them, although only in relation to twice the week). http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753471 He also enjoys Brown’s GREAT (yes, it is extreme) Piste Mix.There’s lots of stuff inside there that’s wonderful for these individuals.It includes Goji berries which supplies an excellent supply of vitamin D, which will be hard for the hamster to acquire sometimes considering that citrus is usually poisonous that will them. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753550 He as well likes very difficult corn for the cob.It’s a healthy take care of for them and also you can fit it within the microwave plus make small popcorn regarding him! He is in love with it manner in which and you are able to … Continue reading

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My teddy bear (longhair) hamster has poop matted in its fur how do i get it out?

It truly is gross! First look at giving the pup a baths.Don’t merely plop him inside the water, but bathe him off inside a few long of water, perhaps inside a sink or perhaps a dish.If that does not work attempt puppy baby wipes.They do the job great all of which will help to decontaminate him upwards.You also can try brushing him that has a soft bristled the teeth brush. You ought to cut them! I realize it wont look good but in case u keep it COUPLE OF long it can get an infection!

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Is it ok to feed my hamster Rachel Ray chicken dog food naturals as a treat?

Like one piece 1 week about the size of some sort of dime (to guide ware affordable her teeth) Yes, that’s fine.Rodents like hamsters and rats can easily eat the majority of foods provided that they are certainly not processed and/or contains sugar and such.I supply my subjects and hamsters meat and puppy treats everyday and many people love the item. yes, my partner and i feed our hamster anything including chocolates doesn’t harmed her. no give the hamster bird.they will be vegetarian.allow it some sort of baby carrot. Why don’t you use some sort of wood stop or a type of things and purchase them at the pet store instead _.

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What do i do when hamster isn’t chewing?

I’m unclear what direction to go…I’ve had Daisy given that December, and also am definitely worried.I make an effort to give her everything.Vitamin chews, wood chews, salt licks, peas, apples, various other crunchy veggies, and your lady won’t nip at on just about any of it! I make certain she may be a happy hammy, but whichever I must i can’t receive her to chew upon anything! The sole thing your woman chews on is the plastic concentrations of your girlfriend cage.Jane is drinking, having, and working out in her wheel, and MY PARTNER AND I always carry her every single day.If everyone guys get any suggestions, please answer WHICH HAVE NO SARCASM.I’m hoping to get an reply from somebody who has experience having small creatures.Really, I can thank all people who answers from your bottom connected with my heart. As longer as ones hamster is usually eating often, there is no need to worry:) The sole reason why a hamster has to chew at various objects happens because their the girl grow rapidly and can injure her as long as they get too much time.To keep this, you don’t have to buy her chew twigs, but only clip your … Continue reading

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What is wrong with my guinea pig? And what can I do to help?

The other day my guinea pig had been eating hay after which you can suddenly the girl stopped consuming and started out making these kinds of movements for instance she was throwing upwards, and she can’t have anything simply because she are unable to chew the item.She desires to eat nevertheless she aren’t able to.I tried to test if she’s something caught in the woman’s tooth or perhaps something however I aren’t able to really since she won’t allow me to look throughout her lips.It doesn’t could be seen as she is any agony and your girlfriend breathing is actually normal.She retains scratching inside her mouth with your girlfriend front paw in addition to sometimes along with her back paw like she’s trying to help scrape something away from her tooth.She efforts to consume carrot nevertheless takes only really little bites after which you can spits the item out yet again.Sometimes your woman chatters her teeth along with makes a decreased moaning good. What may just be wrong I am worried related to her:( Please help Sounds for instance something is actually stuck or perhaps has cut the within of your girlfriend mouth.Is she drinking I recommend a vet visit … Continue reading

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How do i know my guinea pig is sick?

That is definitely an exceptional question then one that sadly , more people should think of.When there may be any behaviour change with your guinea pig you are able to almost be sure it can be sick.I will give you an instance of what I just now went by way of with our Miya, and I also will inform you I won’t have regarded what this particular meant for quite a while of having guinea pigs.My own Miya started off to play to her self, jane is 3 years of age and have never executed this ahead of, after numerous days associated with singing softly to help herself in addition to having my own granddaughter commenting in it I took her to the woman’s exotic vet.While the actual vet seemed to be doing her exam the lady touched the woman bladder and also Miya permit out with a squeak you may hear all over the office.We procured a urine new acquisition and sure enough Miya had a very bad bladder infection and the singing seemed to be her technique of dealing when using the pain. Guinea pigs tend to be prey animals all of which hide simple fact they will … Continue reading

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Guinea pig over grown teeth need help asap?

We would like help shortly.I experienced a guinea pig ( Penny ) who seem to had a couple over grown front base teeth.She also lost loads of weight.The girl hid this specific from us as guinea pigs commonly do.It had not been until i cleaned the woman cage we realized precisely what had occurred to the woman teeth and just how much fat she possessed lost.Pdsa wherever very unhelpful whenever it got to making when you need it appointment.So most of us took her to a private vet along the road.Her the teeth where attached and remedy given nevertheless she had more teeth inside back and a possible contamination.She would need to go returning when your lover was sturdy enough to go under sedation.Sadly Dime died that night at couple of years old.She appeared to be always a beautiful guinea pig, this was her very first time that in problems. Now i’ve her child Snuggles.She’s nearly not one but two.I have got realized this also problem in her jaws except them her entrance top tooth, one provides broken andf the other has overgrown.Nancy under excess weight as she is still recuperating from her last trip towards pdsa vet.I tend not … Continue reading

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Is a cage ok for my bunny?

I’m enjoying a bunny, and formerly suffering with tinnitus preparing to get weeks.but I recently found out and about that bunnies are generally better out of roaming a new bunny-proofed bedroom.My mom cannot tolerate of which.we do not own the living space.we do not own enough capital for bunny-proofing cables.and our house is containing places the particular bunny can easily hide inside! So could it be okay in order to just decide to put him inside a cage BTW, I already set that date considering the breeder to pick him upwards, and currently payed pertaining to him. A cage is merely ok for the bunny for you to sleep in not spend on a daily basis in! although goodluck u can always get a cage like that http://alwaysdirect.com.au/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/r/a/rabbit-shack-chicken-house-and-run-small-RS-709S1.jpg in addition to bring the pup inside in the evening if oughout live where it is cold through the night and consuming grass could be very very good for his or her teeth.

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Can guinea pigs have a stroke?

previous night WE heard my guinea pig Chilli start off coughing unusual so I left for check with her.After i reached inside grab the woman’s she didn’t run all around like your lover normally did and were feeling a lil also cool and kinda cool.(it just isn’t cold regarding her in your house this is certainly our Minute guinea pig) properly I sat around the floor in addition to put her within the ground when she spasmed and her back feet didn’t move in any way only your girlfriend front models so sh simply fell proper over.I identified her way up and set her in my lap and began petting your ex to ease and comfort her given that none regarding my perents have been home WHEN I didn’t kknow what to do.I observed she don’t blink the woman eyes in any way and couldn’t move your ex mouth.The lady stayed still only jerking and POST tried feeds her a new orange ((vet informed us the item helps as soon as guinea pigs usually are sick)) the girl wouldn’t wide open her jaws…Well before long her teeth would open and closed open and shut in addition to soon your lover … Continue reading

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