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What are some healthy treats i can give my hamster?

this hamster enjoys it once i give her veggies.Im trying to find something healthy and balanced but different as a nice treat i will give or make your ex.Please give me a few suggestions while all responses help.Gives thanks:) Don’t over-do it considering the veggies.JUST AROUND A TEASPOON TOTAL DAILY.My old hamster past away of wet-tail simply because I gifted her a lot of…I look really bad about this now, although… My recent hamster can be a happy youngster.Here’s a few the things I give him: Nutriphase Berries Yougurt Declines (Hamsters love them, although only in relation to twice the week). http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753471 He also enjoys Brown’s GREAT (yes, it is extreme) Piste Mix.There’s lots of stuff inside there that’s wonderful for these individuals.It includes Goji berries which supplies an excellent supply of vitamin D, which will be hard for the hamster to acquire sometimes considering that citrus is usually poisonous that will them. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753550 He as well likes very difficult corn for the cob.It’s a healthy take care of for them and also you can fit it within the microwave plus make small popcorn regarding him! He is in love with it manner in which and you are able to … Continue reading

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My hamsters pregnant can she be out?

she acts perfectly with this male they will dont deal with all they does is endeavor to mate as well as she retains walking i understand shes expectant shes nesting in addition to hording considerably.she why don’t we me dog her as well as hold her too.would the idea be ok seems she still enables me store if i’m careful to help let her emerge in in to my playpen my spouse and i dont assume its sensible that only a mans can emerged.can the girl still run on the girl wheel likewise, im proceeding camping this specific weekend just for one evening.if through chance she’s the babies while i’m gone may everything often be ok or regarded as a have someone up here in case i retain mom plus dad seperated with regard to there in the playpen where i’ll easily notice them, once they fight i’ve a divider i set up to seperate these people. Your are usually doing excellent being a hamster lord mother becoming so thorough and most:3.If she’s in the girl own ring then in case you left her whilst you went hiking, she’d end up being fine cause when your lover does have got … Continue reading

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How much rat poison will it take to kill a 2.5 pound rat? If I double the dose, how long will it take to die?

This rat is driving us nuts! I would really like to twice the dose of rat poison to produce for some sort of shorter wait period with death.Them looks with regards to 2.FIVE pounds. Less than the usual teaspoon.As much as an hour. that’s lousy why could u need to kill you will be poor rat!!!:P give it absent if oughout dont are interested!! that human being under me personally thinks the a family dog rat.

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My hamster cut her ear and it bled a little?

The female wintertime white hamster minimize her ear somewhat with your sharp advantage of her hay hut (i taken out the hay hut suitable away) regardless, i dabbed slightly rubbing alcohol about the wound in addition to tried the best that will gently clean it in place.Then post took your q-tip with a lil bit of bacitracin about it and dabbed the item onto the actual wounded spot.She looks fine, although she maintains scratching as well as grooming your girlfriend wounded edge.I’m wondering if she will be okay What happens if she licks journey bacitracin, is always that dangerous to get her if its ingested OH, EM, GEE! Noooooo each of those things that you used for her injuries are SO bad for her! Massaging Alcohol EATS AWAY AT! Here’s your safer side: Fill YOU cup with water in something similar to a cup.:P Make certain it is actually lukewarm water Mix YOU teaspoon connected with salt within the water until eventually dissolved. Get a Q-tip subsequently dip the q-tip while in the water. Rub this q-tip for the wound. Repeat this a several times per day until the particular wound rehabs.:) Expectation I help! GOOD FORTUNE!!:D Bring her into … Continue reading

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Bearded dragon wont eat veggies!? help!?

ever since ive bought my bearded dragon ( i got myself him just as one adult 2 years of age ) i bought him just like a month as well as a half back and hes for no reason eaten any kind of veggies ive tried shedded pumpkin, romain lettuce, some other greens, strawberry, a few other colorful quality full fruit flesh and they only eats live meal ohh really i furthermore tried smushing a number of banana along with spreading the item over lettuce for a lot of more preference and absolutely nothing! please assist.will the item be ok if this individual only eats live food Have an individual tried blending some reside feeder insects to the veggies prior to deciding to offered these folks Mixing many slower shifting feeder insects into your veggies can create interest, and a couple of accidental oral cavity fulls associated with veggie which can result in a beardie epiphany (“hey, it isn’t really so bad after all.”) Silk viruses, phoenix viruses, horn viruses, and debilitated (most on the legs pinched off of; PINCH, tend not to pull the legs off) feeder pests like crickets or perhaps feeder roaches. Maybe you have tried quite … Continue reading

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Ok so this is a sort of weird question about fish…?

Properly, I happen to be reading on the net about offering fish “baths” before you decide to add them in your tank following buying these individuals.So in the event anyone is familiar with this subject matter, can people tell myself how We can do that will to my own new guppies I’ve ich as well as fungus remedy, and sodium.Can WHEN I bath them in such a And the amount of would MY SPOUSE AND I use Gives thanks! Yes, a “bath” means you bury the seafood in medicated normal water.What you’re pondering is a new “short-term bath, ” which can lasts no some minutes.A “long-term bath” takes for a number of days. For newly-aquired fish the principle benefit with a medicated bath is always to eliminate just about any external parasites a few might be carrying (a bath tub won’t have a great deal of effect upon internal attacks or central parasites). Confirm if your ich and also fungus medications are available together.The dose to get a short-term bath will be much beyond for some sort of long-term remedy, because the particular fish shall be i the particular medicated waters for only a while.As any hypothetical example, let’s declare … Continue reading

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I just got a betta today?

I recently got some sort of veiltail betta fish today, as I don the backdrop, it starts off flaring similar to crazy.I thought it absolutely was cute in addition to i considered he would likely stop after a few years, so I left the item there and not power on the lighting.Now the actual tail is definitely split. I became wondering plainly could cure it with no medication Thanks ahead. P.VERTS.If you no longer know the result, leave powering a lovable betta history:p.heheh Most likely it is going to heal untreated.I possess a beta while in the same gas tank as FIVE other tiny fish (NOT betas) plus the beta sometimes get nibbled at his fins, but the item just heals untreated.=) In case it starts getting more painful though (like your edges with where it is ripped turn some other (darker) colour) then you certainly should probably purchase medicine…this isnt almost certainly going to happen however.Also creating them irritated often prefer that is really damaging of them, so whenever it didnt get used to the background it is best to take this off =P I also employed to have some sort of beta before that one i have recently, … Continue reading

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When will my fish stop scraping his body against the rocks?

WE asked any question had been about why he was doing this and MY PARTNER AND I recieved some good answers using a solution for the problem. Today I did a 30% drinking water change and he or she is doing it more now! And this individual only began repeating this AFTER the first water change Concerning done because the tank was create. Could the matter potentially often be in this water supply MY PARTNER AND I use “Tetra Aqua AquaSafe” h2o treatment “neutralizes chlorines, along with heavy alloys.Enhances organic, protective slime layer of fish.” Also next time i did the primary water adjust about 1 week ago WE replaced this filter.Was this excessive change all at a time You will find a total of SIX fish inside the tank and just one of this fish was performing it yesterday but considering that water switch earlier nowadays, one of my different fish began performing it also. Will it simply take continued standard water improvements for him to halt or have to he own stopped following I washed the water Love it if more want him to halt doing the following soon he has my favored fishy WE don’t desire him … Continue reading

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URGENT! My dog at about 10 oreos. Should I be concerned?

My personal shih-tzu dined on about EIGHT oreo cookies and he or she is quite big for your shih-tzu.with regards to 10-15 lbs.He is shivering allthough they was just simply outside and it is wet on the underbelly, nonetheless am still very concerned.do i need to receive him into the vet He’ll more than likely get ill, so you might be cleaning ” up ” after your ex boyfriend for a little while. I’d recommend calling the vet in addition to asking several questions after which maybe time setting for a scheduled appointment later with. Never to worry although.I’ve possessed a doggie eat a whole box regarding chocolate nick cookies that my youthful siblings missed and after a great deal of worrying, everything was just fine. When does he take in them If less than an hours ago, good him the teaspoon regarding hydrogen peroxide, if he doesn’t vomit undertake it a following time.In the event he includes them upwards, take upward all foodstuff and water with the rest regarding today.In the event he does not throw upwards, take him towards vet. Watch your dog.If they stops standard water and feeding on or would seem lethargic, i’d head over to … Continue reading

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