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Can you keep a Panda Bear Hamster and a Snowy white together?

I have a Panda hamster but i’d prefer one of them winter whites, well atleast i’m sure thats theyre label.Could i keep them inside the same cage Panda bear hamsters will be syrians.The label is altered only with the fur shade, so it is not an genuine breed.Syrians can’t live with any other hamster, possibly a brother.The hamsters will eventually fight with the other person. Winter whitened dwarf hamsters are usually no match to some syrian and can be attacked the very first hour everyone put these together.Winter white wines can reside together provided that they will be raised with each other. It’s not recommended so that you can put people two kinds of hamsters together inside same competition. No, a “panda bear” is absolutely just a syrian.These hamsters really need to live on it’s own.It will certainly kill winter months white.You will need to buy an extra cage.

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What breed is my hamster?I have absolutely NO idea!?

My own hamster is grayscale, It’s form of slow, It nibbles a small amount, Her tresses is smooth and it is medium. How big is he You will find Syrian and there are actually Dwarf hamsters.Of those, there fluctuate varieties determined by color, overcoat and behaviour. If he’s a Syrian, he may just be what pet stores contact a Dark Bear.These kind of hamsters are generally black having some whitened markings.Typically that they show some sort of white stripe less than the chin as well as white paws though some have got a white spot about the chest as well as belly, far too.The remaining portion of the body is definitely black.Scroll down along at the following for particularly the Dark Bear although the photo shows a short Haired Charcoal Dominant Identify Syrian: http://www.petwebsite.com/hamsters/black_syrian_hamster.htm The Midland Hamster Club features a link displaying different varieties.Keep planned patterns is usually different colors than the ones found.I should certainly include yet another hamster link, too, along with photos when follows: http://www.midlandhamsterclub.co.uk/hamster/syrian.html http://www.aaahamsters.org/Syrians.html YOUR Panda Tolerate Syrian, however, is some sort of Black Banded Syrian.This particular link clarifies: http://www.hammysworld.com/index.phpp=aboutsyrianhamsters With the Dwarf, the Campbells has a number of different varieties.The actual Black Banded, as … Continue reading

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Tips on syrian hamster pregnancy?

my syrian hamster will be pregnant, any tips okay 1st baby syrian hamsters will be only in the mom for 16-18 a short time 10 days after the mating she will start to get decidedly with child her abdominal will get bigger and the girl nipples will become to become more conspicuous.female hamsters will require extra food through pregnancy.higher protein food items like tofu, boiled ovum, wheat germ(to ad towards birthing) could be added on the diet.usually do not bother the woman for 3 weeks when she has her new borns so not any cleaning your ex cage toughing your ex or your girlfriend babies you’ll be able to only fit her food and waters in.separate the infant hamsters from the mom a 25 days so place the boys while using dad along with the girls considering the mom because at 15 days old they are able to mate.when you will discover about 4-5-6 weeks they will go to help there innovative home everyone:) listed here is a website you might check released:http://www.hamster-zone.com/hamster-reproduction/hamster-pregnancy.html your welcome! today my personal hamster acquired 2 children! or much more but my partner and i only discovered 2 however she was dew to get them … Continue reading

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Should I get a Syrian hamster or gerbil?

What one is a more rewarding pet I have owned both and its an amazing tough selection because we have loved acquiring both. Gerbils will be friendly and not that hard to take care of.They opt to live around same sex groups (i have got 2 girls for the moment) and probably do occasionally ‘argue’ which they have never had the full on combat.My gerbils have a fish tank that’s filled up with sawdust and enough wooden gadgets to eat, they additionally quite for instance cardboard tubes.I discover with gerbils that they may be quite skittish and also harder to produce friends with early on but after they’re utilized to you there’re very irreverent.In return if you have a chaotic day and don’t have as much time to invest with them they are quite able to amuse yourself digging along with chewing, provided that they have food along with water. Hamsters usually are equally when friendly, in many ways you are able to do more together.Our hamsters ended up tame plenty of to allow loose around the floor in the living space (although they will did chew the draperies!! ) Syrian hamsters tend not to live together but will fight … Continue reading

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Would i like a hamster?

i’m 15 and i have a puppy and manage her and also i would love to have some sort of hamster but im unclear if my business is a hamster kind of person.i desire one these people look adorable and i’d personally manage it and i might even purchase everything for this once i get the money instead of my mother and father buying that stuff as it.ok i really like the looks of your hamster and i think i would like holding the item and goods.should post go maintain one in a pet retail store first for getting like primary impressions thanks you should understand that hamsters undoubtedly are a pain.you should clean the cages a lot, which means you need to buy shavings hard. Also, you have to understand which no madder how cute they’re just, it is most likely that they’re going to bite you, you are huge in comparison with them and will have them scared associated with you. my last little bit of advice, if you undertake get a hamster, whenever you are to this pet retail store, and observe the hamster, try to find one that is definitely being undetectable under additional hamsters, that’s … Continue reading

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If i get another guinea pig will the fight.?

we go a couple of guinea pigs.there both equally males in addition to im thinkin regarding geting someone else this weekend.will they will fight or possibly there is stuff allow me to try to not make these folks fight. Don’t tune in to the stupidity with which has answered your own question. Initial, the only mammals this Americans may legally have got as pets to be kept by themselves are Syrian hamsters because of their territorial character.All alternative animals must have a companion. On the other hand, that does not necessarily follow you can certainly just toss a brand new animal in to an witout a doubt established territory.MANY men and women make that mistake and that is why either the ignorant stipulation that you cannot find new people.You should research on easy methods to properly submit guinea pigs, which will probably include a period of isolation to ensure the animal is not sick all of which not obtain the others tired (this is especially true if you have them at a pet keep, as pet store animals happen to be sick caused by poor treatment and breeding), then a time period of rewards while always keeping the guinea in … Continue reading

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How big are new born syrian hamsters?

my hamster is usually 14 days and nights pregnant along with i care how large baby syrian hamsters are after they are born about 3-5cm lengthy:) heres yet another tip:when you can see that will there little brown eyes are dark through generally there closed covers there eyes shall be black, but if you cant observe there little brown eyes dont worry as they quite simply will come to be red! wish i made it simpler for:) small.

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What breed of hamster should I get?? PLEASE HELP!?

Hi. It is my brand new getting your hamster plus I’m leaning toward some sort of Syrian, a new Panda Keep, a Teddy Bear, or a Baby Bear. Which breed ‘s best for any “beginner” I need a hamster it doesn’t bite, (I know all of them bite to start with..) is simple to tame, (and Tips on how to tame them) as well as being friendly! Thanks beforehand:D -Quinn:D The primary hamster my partner and i ever received was your beige plus white syrian, these are cute, easy to appear after and friendly along with playful, mine has exclusively ever little bit me when, and thats cuz the idea thought i got food XD lol so syrian hamsters are the best ways to get.Syrians would be the best! Also easy to train. Panda Tolerate hamsters, Teddy bear hamsters, and also Honey tolerate hamsters are usually all Syrian Hamsters.Identical breed.Diverse “varieties”, you could call this, I speculate.Syrians would be the more laid-back, pleasant, easy-to-tame breed of Hamster.They don’t bite just as much and are definitely cool, relax, and amassed.(Lol.) I would recommend Syrian Hamsters for the beginner.These are the friendlier form of hamster. People tame a new hamster by feeding … Continue reading

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Hi. It is my brand new getting your hamster plus I’m leaning toward some sort of Syrian, a new Panda Keep, a Teddy Bear, or a Baby Bear. Which breed ‘s best for any “beginner” I need a hamster it doesn’t bite, (I know all of them bite to start with..) is simple to tame, (and Tips on how to tame them) as well as being friendly! Thanks beforehand:D -Quinn:D Darling, all of those hamsters are kinds of a Syrian.Syrian hamsters are perfect.I’m getting my 1 / 3 one next week.I’ve had a long haired as well as Panda keep before and in addition they were together wonderful.Don’t get a dwarf, they could be mean bit of buggers.For you to tame your hamster, just discuss with them with the first couple of days softly.In that case try petting these people.Hand providing is a good way to bond.Enjoy. The best hamster for getting at 1st will be russian dwarf hamster, these are very uncomplicated to tame, they have grown cute along with easy to appear after.They don’t cause just as much odour as the others.The simply thing is so that you can get these individuals in frames and maintain them within … Continue reading

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What type of Hamster do you have?

& what is considered his/her name When you have a Rat as well as Guinea Pig, answer as well:) We possess 2 women Syrian hamsters termed Chloe in addition to Zoey.The two are wonderful and white banded longhaired hamsters. We now have also have Jasmine who seem to was a new black carry, Justin whom was your black eyed pale yellow and Jester who was any basic glowing hammie.Them all were Syrian along with all have passed away.Justin was exceptionally nice! chewbacha its a lady though i include 2 syrians (aneka along with hayley) so to campbell dwarfs (ella in addition to kate) i hate “pet names” for instance Bubbles:P that is an easy 2 points I possess three girlfriend guinea pigs: Frances Celia and also Mable:) I employed to have your male Syrian hamster known as Nibbles:) I have got a Syrian hamster labeled April 2 Offshore Dwarfs- Snapple & Snoopy, and also a Syrian- Chester:) I possess 3 Russian Campbell dwarf hamsters —- Pip, Squeak and also Rosie robo hammy labeled tim along with tom.

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