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Question about my hamster?

Relating to a hamster plus iv possessed her intended for about A FEW months today, i gone into my personal room nowadays looked throughout her competition and post seen very little white baseballs all from the corner of her cage i was just question what these were some just one please support, im worried somethings wrong with her Could them be uric acid from your urine Hamsters are generally desert animals and get very centered urine.And in addition they like to always pee within the same next corner.Some people today put any container inside the peed throughout corner and also rinse it every single day to maintain odor down. Hmm…just like the other poster indicated, if jane is a long-haired hamster she is likely to be shedding.Usually, she may be doing a little something to the woman bedding inside a certain way.It might join in on her food or maybe she’s creating a digestion dilemma.Could everyone describe that balls just a little better I’m going to check to see when it’s edited later… ETA:That is certainly really unusual.I’ve never discovered anything like that.Maybe it’s virus of the actual kidneys.Perhaps there is certainly something within the urine that will solidifies…. OKAY, … Continue reading

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Help with litter training my rats?

For a start, il prefer to state that it is fairly easy to litter box train test subjects.I’ve accomplished it in advance of but all these rats tend to be just getting difficult.Therefore no “uhh you will be a dumbass, you simply can’t train rats” comments.I’ll review answers that way. Therefore, after significantly troubleshooting along with plastic griddles (chewing, turning, spilling with litter), Manged to get a significant ceramic dish that’s intended with regard to food.It’s actually a good sizing, and one is utilizing it.But while i got home, one connected with my females had changed the CareFresh from the bowl plus was sleeping inside! That’s possibly not normal rat conduct, is it They need plenty connected with toys in addition to two several sleeping/hiding sites.How should i get her to avoid I retain putting your litter plus poo back in there, but should anyone get any tips I suggest investing in a corner litter box pan with regard to rabbits/ferrets, they hook on the side of the cage so they really can’t become tipped more than.I might also obtain unscented Yesterday’s Reports cat litter box.(it’s produced from paper and so it’s safe) Which litter is within pellets so they … Continue reading

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Past or Present Owners of Dwarf rabbit / Rabbit Question?

Dwarf bunny or Typical bunny Is it nice, dirty, clean, noisy Also just how much would all the stuff you may need cost Dwarf Bunnie or Normal Rabbit: It really depends on what you need.Dwarf rabbits are usually just scaled-down than normal rabbits hence it’s the choice.They the two need exactly the same amount associated with space along with attention. Is it messy, clear, noisy: Rabbits are usually pretty untidy, they’ll stools and pee anywhere.They’re in addition very noiseless and fitness.You ought to let your ex outside (in your rabbit-proof area) for a minimum of 2 hours each day everyday. What you’ll need: Food as well as Hay (Oxbow and also Kay-tee are the best) 7$ each Drinking water bottle 10$ Fleece (which should be changed and cleansed 2-3 occasions a week) 20$ during your cloth store Chew toys and games (preferably the approaches that will certainly hang from the cage) 10$ Cage (solid ground and at the very least width:3ft top:3ft period:4ft)100$-300$.

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Best pet?????????????????

What’s the best pet to do I desire something nice which i can carry.Not too much maintenance as well as doesn’t require a cage large than with regards to 5′ through 2.5′.Relating to $450 dollars for animal and items, but we’d prefer for it to cost less.I could play by using it daily( 1-4 hours).We are willing to consider mammals, birds, reptiles, more or less anything other than bugs as well as fish. You have to try a new chipoodle (dog) they small and for that reason cute! My mother has one and maybe they are so lovable! The cutest one could be white-colored, so really! A set of rats (they can not live alone).Please be sure to do wide-ranging research about any animal you choose to get to guarantee you should be able their long-term care.Any pet will demand a vet pay for so be sure you have some hundred dollars reserved for this.Great places to find information regarding any long run pets is animal particular forums. i understand your problem we were thinking that adheres to that too i lowered it down through saying the fav rodent compared to fav mammel, etc to do: rodent:hamster (there and so … Continue reading

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My hamster had babies?

My hamster acquired 7 bit of babies.How a few pointer manage them, I understand not for you to touch them for 3 weeks on minimum.Also, should POST move the mom and babies into a MUCH greater cage I have in backup, at least 3 times bigger, plus it really is only you level and also has THREE places for food along with 3 regarding water.in addition to keep men in some other cage. Yes, you can’t touch them or this mother can eat all of them.I don’t know why, but she’ll.Keep a mans seperated or I believe he may make an effort to get your ex pregnant again unless you want far more, and because I believe the males eat the particular babies way too Yes, you do need to advance them with a very significantly large cage because doing so makes the actual mother’s stress lessen somewhat.Hope this particular helps, all the best! don’t touching them or perhaps the mother might not exactly manage them as well as leave this to stop functioning.you must take a mans out not having disturbing another hamsters unless you want 14 little green things operating around.and once the children receive as good old … Continue reading

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Sleeping all day and not eating/drinking? :(?

Sleeping throughout the day and not eating/drinking:( Misty has become sleeping right through the day today in addition to she has not eaten or drank everything.I ‘m getting apprehensive, along along with seeing her in the corner last night squeaking and then i checked the bed linen and there seemed to be numerous solid stools. Is she ill Nervous POST dunno:( If nancy still not eating or maybe drinking I would call any vet ASAP Not eating or drinking serves as a sign connected with illness.Even so the solid poo feels like she’s good.But no longer eating in addition to drinking is really a sign of sickness.Call any vet and have what to do. she could possibly be sick considering that she were eating in addition to hamsters are usually nocturnal in order that they are supposed to sleep all day long.

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How often do you change a hamsters cage?

My business is getting any hamster regarding my wedding and I used to be wondering how often you need to change your hamsters ring.Any advice Any rodent (I have got a guinea pig in addition to 2 rats) stools and pee a whole lot! I have a tendency to clean both advisors out twice a week; but only because rats are smelly, and the guinea pig has a habit regarding soiling her bed after which just lying down on wet hay.Hamsters probably just needs cleaning out stick to week.I undoubtedly wouldnt fresh them out below that when soiled cages can lead to all types of problems if not cleaned frequently.Get the best book from your pet shop about how exactly to manage hamsters:how many food they need, what dimensions cage, how many bedding (which many people sleep in) which sort of substrate (the things you invest the crate; for example, sawdust, recycled cardboard)to get the feces and pee! ) they need. You are very lucky enjoying a hamster for your birthday! Enjoy and hope you like it! I find out I’m going to obtain a thumbs down with this but I undertake it about monthly.I preserve my hamsters within really … Continue reading

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Does a hamster’s cage smell a lot?

I am thinking of getting a hamster in addition to keeping your cage throughout my bedroom.My friend who have a robo hamster states that hamsters stink up your own room even if you clean the particular cage every week.Is that true In case it does smell, can anyone open the particular windows for making the smell escape Thanks I should know.:) No!!! Through my expertise, they dont fragrance…they will probably smell a little if a person dig top of your head into that cage and also smell the idea.but should you open that window, additional aeration (air quality) signifies better fragrance.So yes, open that window.But should you clean it every week, they’ll not smell considerably.Like excellent little.Still, there appeared to be once used to do not thoroughly clean my hamster crate for TWO and 4 days…Why all around health did definitely not smell definitely bad till 2 many days 4 nights.Still I simply have 1 hamster in the cage, thus not smelly.maybe your own friend has 3 hamsters and up in a cage, thus smell a good deal.But from my practical knowledge, the odor never occuppies the whole room prior to.Even in case you go close to the cage, no … Continue reading

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My Iguana ate two puzzle pieces?!?!?!?

I highly recommend you help.My environment friendly iguana observed 2 marvel pieces on the floor in addition to ATE THEM Is he likely to be okay! Please HELP!!! What you need to be worried about isn’t being competent to finish that puzzle right now! He ought to be fine if he starts showing damaging signs, You might want to take him on the vet shortly.Try to help keep small items that you just don’t would like your iguana to eat there are various floor through now with. If a person notice something different and also mysterious regarding his desire for foods, behavior, etc, then I’d personally take him on the vet just to be sure he’s okay Worst instance scenario: You’ve an enigma as part of your iguana.Sheesh! He’ll possibly be OK if he can still excrete them.Check their stools for a day or perhaps two, and phone your vet should you be a be concerned wart.

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Squeaking chameleon…………..?

hi we’ve a 5-6 few days old male chameleon we’ve recently found that she has been squeaking at times, and she has started building hissing noises next time i come close to or opt for him up. he is required to be picked up currently because he / she got a close watch infection and the vet set it up eye falls, which this individual needs 2-3 times on a daily basis, every morning, i was not also worried by means of this squeaking difficulty, but now it’s slightly noteworthy.the additional day he ate any cricket that was too big for your ex boyfriend, the antena acquired stuck around his mouth, i applied tweezers to pull this out and there’s no doubt that he offers digested that stuck cricket and he or she is eating for a second time.i not so long back cleaned him or her out.i use bottled water to decontaminate the bottom level of their flex – eliminate the plant for the floor, take out the magazine, get rid of the stools, let this floor dry after which it put unique paper along and squeeze plant back again.(any one particular know a healthier way of accomplishing this) … Continue reading

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