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I think that my hamster is dying but not sure?

this hamster seemed to be fine previous night after that today soon after school while i got him outside of his crate he has been curled right ball and barely inhalation.his spine .was sunk throughout as well how good old was it if ?t had been 2 1/2 many years it more than likely died or even your hamster could be pregnant (if it really is female) go on it to the vet I could try consuming it on the vet, it would be incredibly sad in case it passed on.I recognize when my personal hamster became sick using who has learned what my personal mom would take her towards the vet or perhaps do everything.I was required to watch the idea die plus it still bothers me contemplating it A FEW years later on.Thankfully although my the mother took my second hamster to the vet if it grew to be sick plus it was qualified to die around peacefully.

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I can see my guinea pigs pelvic bones…..?

nancy 65 times pregnant and i will see your girlfriend pelvic bone fragments sticking ” up ” when the lady sits straight down.Its been that way for A COUPLE OF days right now, is this kind of normal I have a with child guinea pig in addition to in all those two months, I under no circumstances saw almost any bones.Does not sound perfect, I doubt you need to be seeing bone fragments. It seems like it is advisable to call your vet rapidly, her pelvis could possibly become unattached from your girlfriend spine if her to come back muscles are a little fragile or there’s so many piglets with her tummy. i have no idea buy possibly call a vet and have.

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Why hasn’t my female rat gone into heat?

I’ve had some rats for about 3-4 months, and I realize potentially they are supposed to come into heating every FIVE days and also so.In any case, one associated with my rodents, Lady, has not been in temperature yet, no signs associated with ear flapping or the purple area all over her genitals, nothing at all.I appeared to be wondering if there may be something incorrect She can’t be pregnant may she Or else she would have had the particular babies chances are right I’ve truly had your ex 25 days. Thanks in advance. She’s definitely not pregnant, no problem.Rats have a gestation time of 28 days, and so if the girl was expecting a baby, she might have been a new tennis ball can’t; -) She likely does start heat, but either you keep missing this, or the girl does that very inconspicuous.They start heat each 5 days to weeks, true, but that only lasts for two hours.So in case you are at institution, at do the job, sleeping…an individual miss the item. And many rats simply don’t produce a huge fuss to sort it out.I have got 4, and something refuses to try and do the completely ear … Continue reading

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Questions about pet rats?

Hi i would consider finding a few test subjects but quite a few things we are very confuzed about -do they require wheels as long as they have numerous time outside their cage and a lot of things to experience with d the cage -I may see videos of people with rats plus they just utilize newspaper for that substrate for their rats, and a few you real wood shavings.Will i need to apply aspen shavings (or carefresh), can some people just go with newspaper or maybe paper towels or similar to that. -What is also the symptoms the a top respiratory infection Bless you! – Rats are finished with wheels as long as they have enough play periods of the cage.Most test subjects won’t really even use a wheel, since they get bored with all the idea quite quickly.If you do decide to getting a wheel, it is required to be a 12-inch just one.Any smaller can damage the spine of your respective rats. – Newspaper will be fine, given that it is usually soy-based printer ink.If not necessarily, the rats will more than likely chew at it as well as the ink could be dangerous for their health.I … Continue reading

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How do I make my guinea pigs happy?

Concerning 2 woman guinea pigs (Darla & Bambam) that have a wire dog crate about 5×3 feet a substantial sized igloo, h2o, pellets, your salt riff, and a littler container……..I hand them over vegetables, Timothy hay, along with vitamin c drops, but not everyday I’m not really great to sort it out. I never usually maintain them everyday or allow them go around this room because Darla literally pees about me every time I receive her available bamboo will too at times Is generally there anything I could do to create them more happy When will i get them to stop peeing on me many of the time Thanks for many your aid:) Spend all the time and often with these! And if you have them out for floor time, put bath towels down so they really don’t come up with a mess.Also they require timothy hay for their cage continually.And they have to be feed twofold daily, and what about a little snack from the afternoon.Hand them over toys like, toilet report rolls with the paper off them.Along with stuff in order to chew upon.Don’t acquire hamster balls for these though, as it will harm their spine badly! Best … Continue reading

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Guinea Pig Questions on Weight, Molting, Chewing and moreee…?

Hi We have some doubts…. ONE PARTICULAR.Why does among my pigs steal the others ones food from her oral cavity Yet once she’s it the lady doesn’t wish to eat that herself, she is just interested in wht another one offers. A COUPLE OF.Why never guinea pigs have got tails SEVERAL.Will my own pigs ever learn the names 4.Why carry out they continually chew paper 5.Are limited haired pigs purported to molt When i hold these folks and I’m wearing any black best it seems like i have a very cat as well as dog as much loose fur on me. 6TH.How considerably should a new female simple haired 12 month outdated pig weigh SEVERAL.Why carry out my pigs always lick our lips in addition to nose once i put these folks near the face 1 That would have been a dominance issue you’ll want to watch closely to make sure the some other guinea pig is in fact allowed for you to eat sufficient food.That is the common problem with ladies, males will fight and also really obtain nasty with the other, where the dominant female are going to be a tad sneakier about how she requirements control involving … Continue reading

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What breed is my guinea pig babies?

Digger & this female Ointment Puff got together in some way & I’m blessed by using 4 healthy guinea piggies these days! Digger may be a Abyssinian by using rosettes.He originated from a curly hair crossed using a silkie. Cream Puff may be a mix of rosette & ridgeback.Managed to get her coming from a pet retailer.She just has not one but two rosettes & your backward ridge associated with fur along side spine. The cutest baby looks like a little sheep or maybe Teddy produce with dark brown & white silky constructed from wool fur.His brothers seem like Abyssinian sturdy rosettes. Thus does in which make “wooly” any Rex, or your Teddy He has social & wants attention just like Digger, the actual Dad. They usually are all mixed-breeds.You possibly can only obtain purebred as well as pedigree guinea pigs by having generations with the same canine on each sides.Nevertheless, you might cross longhairs to create shelties/silkies, Peruvians, coronets, and many others.But regular breeders look down on upon which. They’re combine breeds; very little specific certain breed.

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Baby kingsnakesuggestions?

throughout about 7 days im taking home the snake.i care for them where by i do the job but ive for no reason had one as being a pet.im getting a baby sonoran african american kingsnake.im confused of this gender in the event that its your boy i am naming your ex boyfriend hades but a bit of good name tips if its a girl preferable unique/ not necessarily common bands. also any kind of care advice personally would end up being greatly loved, ive searched alot undoubtedly but i plan to be totally prepared My california king is 5 years of age now.When he was the hatching WE fed your ex boyfriend a pinkie each week.I bought the most compact pinkies I really could at 1st and bit by bit moved up bigger. I supply him 3 times a month now.Normal size mice.I feel slightly overfeeding your ex because I’m keen him slightly chunky,, for lack of a much better word.(I almost never see the spine during all). First of most do you know how to share with if it’s a boy or maybe girl I realize a approach, but that is certainly not encouraged for first timers as … Continue reading

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MY IGUANA HAS A LUMP ON HIM! help please..?

WE looked ” up ” what the section of his body is called…the ‘caudal spine’..the the pokey spikey items that keep to off his / her back.One too, at that tip includes a large baseball forming upon it bathroom it lower…while the other spikes acquire really truly narrow..I packed it to discover his effect, and just what exactly happened was once i squeezed it, his complete body below of.But if i squeeze the other spikes, he stays identical.No impulse.Im concerned….I are unable to find anything on the web telling my family what’s taking place..I have a picture connected with it but im undecided learn to get it at here……hence… It feels like layers with stuck shedding that is certainly preventing circulation.This is really a common problem in iguanas and needs small care all the time they garage.Here you’ll be able to have a look at shedding difficulties and what can be done to assistance him.http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php110-Iguana-Shedding-Problems Best bet can be a veterinarian.Uncertain if Iguanas could possibly get Cancer, but it very well could possibly be.

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Do tortoises left their shell?

No.It is considered their “EXO-SKELETON”..they will die if it gets cracked. Tortoises are vertebrates.Their spine is attached onto the bottom of their carapace (shell) making it impossible for them to leave their shell. Some do, but only once.And not by choice. i have a tortoise and he has never left his shell so NO No, they’re attached no

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