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Good Hamster Chew Treats…?

Hi there, My hamster biscuit just about refuses to be able to chew at any if your chew treats he has.He has a great wide variety, thin branches, thickish apple company stick elements, colorful hindrances, and this specific puzzle piece crisps kinds.I am a seasoned hamster proprietor so I am not some sort of beginner.Your dog only chews about his competition bars….I just wonder in case you have any store bought tips for my own lil infant.( also, and he’s a salt lick way too…) P.utes, What do you are affected by these…http://www.petco.com/product/108636/8-in-1-Ecotrition-Hamster-Gerbil-Rat-And-Mouse-Cheese-Chews.aspxCoreCat=OnSiteSearch Thanks Much! No bad comments remember to! i give my hamster lots of chews far too and mess up her decaying, they chew up on cafes in a act to try and ‘escape’.i might move him suitable good measured tank as they’ll likely will pay attention to there chews! i’m buying your 10 gallon fish tank for this hammie:) everyone!:) I imagine the chew up toy during http://www.petco.com/product/108636/8-in-1-Ecotrition-Hamster-Gerbil-Rat-And-Mouse-Cheese-Chews.aspxCoreCat=OnSiteSearch could be perfect i have a hamster your lady wouldnt use chew toys so many of us just offer her child sweetcorn, kiwi and chuncks of apples which that they love hope i’ve made it easier for.:) try presenting … Continue reading

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Why did my hamster bite me?

i bought him 3 days previously.he felt very wonderful.yesterday i needed to have fun with with your ex so my spouse and i took your ex out.he started for you to sniff this hand and crawl upon it.so when i gently needed him towards my family area.rite once i was on the verge of sit down he little my hand.it was as being a little nip.luckly when i didnt decline him.i took him back up his crate.im thinking why he / she bit us when he let me pick your ex up. it was probably a new love nibble Sometimes each of our rodent pals think most of us smell just like food, so they take your nibble.Additionally they may riff us to show affection and/or due to the fact we defer a sodium taste and in addition they like this.I couldn’t worry or perhaps feel threatened providing it had not been an extreme bite and yes it wasn’t actor mean.Just no problem it some days to adapt to its innovative environment then you definitely can begin by talking to it a bit or feeding it a goody and it’s going to learn that you wont harmed it, then you … Continue reading

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Why won’t my dwarf hamsters breed?

Concerning three dwarf hamsters.Concerning 1 man and TWO females.I also have them for a time and they may not canine.Do they should be a particular age or maybe does right now there only need to be 1 males and ONE PARTICULAR female.Do I need to have unique food We’ve a sodium block inside their cage as well as I hand them over treats routinely and I ensure that they have plenty of food in addition to water.There’re very balanced dwarf hamsters.Love it if more want these individuals to certain breed but they will not.Remember to help my home. Maybe your own male is not really a masculine.You definitely shouldn’t certain breed animals which might be related.That’s called inbreeding.That causes lots of problems, for example health problems and they are often stupid.Please really don’t breed them with the other person.Have a good day. It will depend, if the actual females tend to be over A few months then there exists a risk regarding birth difficulties.Usually dwarf hamsters which can be kept together start breeding at 2-3 many weeks. maybe these people just at ease with each different.

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Can you feed a hamster goldfish?

Whenever they are crackers, simply no. You are able to give the pup small bits of fruit flesh, veggies as well as plain cereal like Special NITED KINGDOM or Cheerios. i hope you necessarily mean the cracker just in case so no goldfish need to many perservetives in addition to salt which in the long run cause a lot of heath problems in your hmastter possibly try a bit vegtable or buy a few treats in the store hamsters adore yogurt drops If it is the cracker, in that case no.Way too much sodium and unidentified ingredients that might harm the pup, that is human meal.If you intend to give your ex boyfriend treats, go out and however some hamster protected yogurt covered pretzels. No, that would not be any wise move to make.Some belonging to the ingredients inside goldfish could harm your current little buddy. Crackers, appropriate:P Simply no, too salty, so many preservatives, and so on. You are able to give them some plain cheerios or a plain unflavored exploit bone. If the the party cracker OR this fish, simply no.Too quite a few harmful items.How concerning something more natural Yes, what’s more , it works other way … Continue reading

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My guinea pig randomly started licking me?

I am just not worried with this -just curious:)…anyway this guinea pig offers never performed this before but while i was controlling him he randomly merely started licking my personal hand.while i told my dad-he claimed that he ended up doing in which to him or her earlier very:) may anyone recognize why bless you! x This is your guinea pigs knack of showing everyone that she has accepted you plus your father while hid friends, that is usually how guinea pigs exhibit love in addition to appreciation, it is usually kissing you and grooming one to love you and to look after you seeing that his associate.You clearly did a good job of as a guinea pig mum or dad, congratulations and maintain the fine work! There could possibly be several advantages of your guinea pig that will lick you.It may just be its tool for grooming you, showing everyone affection or you may taste such as food as well as salt.The best likely cause is he’s grooming you.Also your current sweat is actually salty while your arms are salty and maybe they are liking the particular salt off of.One of our pigs continuously licks my own fingers (And … Continue reading

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Can guinea pigs have a salt wheel in there cage? or do they need it?

can they have a sodium wheel in there cage could it be healthy or even not to get piggys Mineral Wheels have become needed for guinea pigs, it is very healthy for all of them.But two of my personal guinea pigs by no means eat or even lick there’s so that they don’t own one.But my youngest, theodore (teddy) enjoys the salt kind, and so i get away from one inside his crate.He gnaws in addition to licks at it every occasionally. (I’m not really a guinea pig pro, nor does someone own your guinea pig, but POST watched the video with this today) Salt wheels/licks aren’t recommended regarding guinea pigs.His or her food in addition to treats provide enough sodium for these folks.Like mankind, to much salt is usually harmful towards little piggies:’( I realize that this may not be a answer you had been probably searching for, but it really is the bottom line is, and gets to the issue:) Yes, they have salt licks! If you see them hungry you, its usually because they’re rather angry, or perhaps aren’t receiving enough sodium.Our body produces loads of salt, therefore when some people bite you, they’re having salt.Or given … Continue reading

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Do the hamster blocks really have flavors?

So i acquired some quality hamster blocks last year and tried one the item had absolutely no taste is he / she just seeking to scam youOr can only hamsters preferences it(Btw do not think I’m crazy) Um, I’m likely to be unique and inform you that out of boredom, MY PARTNER AND I licked a single once.(lmao.also just which means you know it turned out after Thought about just purchased it, my Bunny had no contact about it whatsoever) But it just tasted like sodium, no flavor in any respect.I discover the little group ones coming from Superpet pertaining to my Rabbit they usually come throughout 4 various ‘flavors’, (apple, celery, corn, along with something different I cannot remember.) Though I don’t think there’s genuine flavoring, just color, this Rabbit could only touch the green celery flavoring for ones.Thus maybe solely they style it.I’m on you on that one. Did You really Chew In It Haha I do think They Have only Colors Sorry They’re Just To get Playing Its Unlike Its Likely to Be YOUR 5 Super star Meal:).

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Are hermit crabs hard to take care of?

As well as do some people smell Obviously basically don’t clean the cage they should, but if not will they not in any way, i have two plus theyre quite simple to care for, clean their particular tank stick to week as well as feed all of them..thats about it, hermit crabs will be pretty entertaining to look at too hermit crabs ourselves dont smell bad, often their competition can nevertheless its not really horrible and also anything Their odor is somewhat faint.It will be salty, actually this tank may possibly smell being a harbor many times, but absolutely nothing too unbearable.Hermit crabs are likely to need a dish of freshwater and a further of sodium water.Anything yet iodized salt can ordinarily be utilised (though we would go along with stuff sold on the pet store to get 100% sure).Food is often a powdery substance that you can just devote a tiny dish. These people are considered great beginner pets allowing it to easily become housed in a small jar, though I am just most fond of your simple 10g aquarium since they are typically cheap therefore you can plop your screen top on, regarding it stays on fairly humid … Continue reading

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then when i state everything im talking about food.he or she eats cinnamon crackers, he or she Loves cheese, when we finally have sugar from the table your dog always extends and takes it, he or she eats and drinks what ever he considers, even coffe at times orange or maybe apple veggie juice and a serving! i just wanted to know if this was healthy to get him.he is an extremely tamed Enjoy bird plus loves to get around people ALL THE TIME! we allow him walk surrounding the house each day, im simply just wondering whenever eating all these items will sooner or later affect her healthy. p.s concerning a woman lovebird in addition and the lady pays no attention to help him, she is actually warming upward her eggs( maybe this provides anything related to why this individual eats everything) nonetheless doubt it Your fowl can eat anything else you have, but you will find exceptions.Along with any meal, remember you weigh YOU, 500 times approximately him — him eating a single Frito is much like you eating several pounds of Fritos at a time (i.age., not good). He or she can’t have got chocolate or perhaps … Continue reading

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Ive got a baby silkie chicken and it has been attacked by our male turkey, how can i nurse it back to health?

It’s claw wounds (Not deep) and a peck wound towards head that has revealed the skull nevertheless the skull continues to intact Bathe the wound with warm waters with sodium disolved in the container.It must heal SO.You tend to be lucky your turkey didn’t kill them. You must not retain chickens with adult man turkeys unless they want been raised together since they were young.Seeing because your bird is young plus your turkey just isn’t then retain them separate always. i experienced that problem with our baby chicks just one my elderly once atacked the tiny ones to begin with put the idea underneath some sort of lamp so that it gets a little heat in order to dry that wounds and also you can put vaseline to halt the internal bleeding and good it delicate foods weetabix shall be ideal to provide it electrical power so you should gived it half parcetemol immediately after every supper that may give it energy as well as recover speedily good luck I would stitch your skin layer together in the skull plus treat them and most wounds by using Neosporin.Then keep them taken care of with Vaseline if ever they appearance dry … Continue reading

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