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What’s wrong with my pet dumbo rat?

The girl was just a few weeks old when i got your ex, and I’ve only got her latest now.She was previously playful in addition to cute however she acts literally therefore stupid right now.She sits in a spot and moves reeeeeally slow-moving.Her face have flipped white/blue/gray.And Ive noticed the top part of the woman head (hardish on my other rats) will be soft in addition to squishy in addition to lumpy.I’ve received no money to the vet, what may very well be wrong having her It is a tumor as well as something even worse like a strong aneurysm.She may also have for some reason crushed or even broken your ex skull.Female subjects are at risk of tumors (RARELY in their heads, though! ) nonetheless they usually get these around JUST ONE.5 years of age.If a person’s rat is actually looking in which bad she should see your vet.Interval, end connected with sentence.Even though the just reason you is to have her fit to rest.There’s nothing that you personally are capable of doing as far as home therapies or whatnot.Your lady needs a doctor’s health care. If capital is and so tight to suit your needs, you should talk … Continue reading

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Ive got a baby silkie chicken and it has been attacked by our male turkey, how can i nurse it back to health?

It’s claw wounds (Not deep) and a peck wound towards head that has revealed the skull nevertheless the skull continues to intact Bathe the wound with warm waters with sodium disolved in the container.It must heal SO.You tend to be lucky your turkey didn’t kill them. You must not retain chickens with adult man turkeys unless they want been raised together since they were young.Seeing because your bird is young plus your turkey just isn’t then retain them separate always. i experienced that problem with our baby chicks just one my elderly once atacked the tiny ones to begin with put the idea underneath some sort of lamp so that it gets a little heat in order to dry that wounds and also you can put vaseline to halt the internal bleeding and good it delicate foods weetabix shall be ideal to provide it electrical power so you should gived it half parcetemol immediately after every supper that may give it energy as well as recover speedily good luck I would stitch your skin layer together in the skull plus treat them and most wounds by using Neosporin.Then keep them taken care of with Vaseline if ever they appearance dry … Continue reading

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How to kill a horse..?

Should you required your deer killed(he/she was chronicly ill), however couldnt via lethal shot, how can you have him/her killed I might think if it should be done I might chose a bullet and take action at his home and not a lengthy haul and the trauma of your strange position. You attract a line from the bottom on the left ear as a result of the inside of corner belonging to the right perspective and same on the other side and subsequently place the bullet slightly into the left or the proper of the particular cross doing this you won’t hit your center ridge from the skull. When the vet can it when called he’ll put a lot of poison inside the horse of which if them were dug way up and tried by puppies or other carniverous animals it might kill these.It may also poison your ground plus the water. I may see a vet fit them decrease and but there’s more appear to be painless to my advice.A vet I accustomed to know explained that they do feel this pain put these are enough paralyzed make canot move greatly. If anyone cant and also wont apply lethal … Continue reading

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NEED ANSWER NOW!!!! Can a brain tumor cause a dog to have seizures?

My own friend’s dog can be a 11 season old Gold Retriever, he’s a visibly spherical circle above his eye, which is seen as a brain tumour, (That’s what exactly her friends and family thinks..) could that lead to his seizures Whenever it’s seen though, can that result in it’s a brain tumor is it visible with the dogs scalp PLEASE! WE NEED HELP THESE! Please leave a website with that link mainly because I Need to be sure that is thorough information….THANKS!:) (Your respond to WILL make a decision this puppies fate…maybe…) A growth on the exterior of the skull can not be a head tumor.If a new bump sometimes appears then it’s not necessarily in the particular brain nonetheless is on the exterior of your skull. Indeed, brain growths often trigger seizures amid other indications.It is more inclined in this specific situation that the dog encountered a blow on the head and is particularly having upsetting seizures as well as, if the actual seizures had been occurring ahead of the head swelling, then they’re epileptic and the bump could possibly be from trauma within a seizure.Epilepsy could usually be controlled by medication.The aged guy must be seeing his … Continue reading

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