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Did i kill my hamster?

Thus my little sister reaches dance and I took her hamster for any swim while in the toilet…and WE went to acquire a sandwich when i came backside I scooped the pup up in addition to put your ex boyfriend in the cage he or she made any weird sound and after this he won’t move then when I poke him they does next to nothing if he has dead what should i tell the sister As well as why managed he die You usually are not serious.USE OF in their right mind would try this…unless you’re a 5 year aged child whom doesn’t know Not to play inside the nasty commode. However, how will be those TWO guinea pigs doing You are aware of, the versions you asked questions in relation to around every thirty days or so ago Maybe they’d also like to aquire a swim inside the toilet…. Why on earth do you let your hamster swim in the toilet And why could you leave your ex there unsupervised Never play with your sister’s dogs without your girlfriend permission.If this really is real without a joke, here’s the direction to go.Check plus see will be hamster is … Continue reading

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Pet rat lover must see!?

hi i wanted to cover a superb youtube station called ratratgrl it is my funnel and it’ll have heaps associated with videos plus news concerning my puppy rats, so go take a look at my different video and ok , i’ll know the way you like that:) Looks great! Piper kinda seems like our rat Pen. ill move and sandwich and see ur video clips!!

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Can you feed pet rats jam?

Hello I used to be just wondering in the event you could nourish rats jam, im a unsure.I would be using this as now there training meal because Pondered them out the other day and had a quickly pull sandwich they usually went ridiculous just smelling it.If not is there any various other foods i always can employ that test subjects go in particular nuts intended for. Thank you. It still might not be good for them just impart them with fruits and vegetables. I’m undecided, but it could get stuck to the roof of their mouths.Maybe you should try lettuce, vegetables, or additional treats because training milkbones.Good beginners luck! Like just what was reported above set it with bread and also crackers in order that they make less of an mess. Test subjects are scavengers, they will eat whatever. Ive given my test subjects jam before, I usually put some on a certain amount of bread or over a cracker.

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Professional dog breeders, would you mind sharing how you got started?

We have always beloved dogs and want to start showing/breeding in a couple of years.I was just wondering the place to start.Would this be feasible at the start one male your decide one female, both with a minimum of 5 creation pedigrees as well as good genetic examining Maybe suggest to them until these are Two or three then canine them Just how do most breeders start Do they often own both dam and the sire I do not expect for making a huge profit from this because I know proper maintenance of dogs is incredibly expensive.But complete most breeders at the very least “break even” Advantage Question:I’m interested throughout miniature dachshunds.I realize 3 versions from the dachshund (by coat) are generally shown in the hound group but desired to clarify a very important factor:each sandwich category is usually represented by way of standard OR miniature dachshund, right I began with accomplishing obedience together with shelter/rescue most dogs.Moved on to other overall performance events using my rescues, joined your regional and country wide club to the breed, got to know men and women, finished my own doctorate to ensure I had a good income… Only after I had been fairly … Continue reading

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