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When should i put my guinea pigs in my room?

i want to have them around my room once they have there babies most 3 of my brand-new girls are usually pregnant ( for whatever reason i constantly pick the pregnant ones at the pet shop) post don’t need them to get in now there for like a month b4 they need them cuz this room may smell possibly tho i clean at this time there cage just about every 4 nights and sad keep them in the room for just a week or something after which it move them to where that cage can be, they tend to be about YOU 1\2 many months to A COUPLE OF months pregnant i think and i think they usually are only having A few each they could be recycled very big but after they turn towards the side i will see your bump, does anybody know next time i should set them within my room It really isn’t wise that they are moving expecting sows around as it stresses these out and that’s the past thing you should do that will them while it could cause serious problems into their pregnancy.If you cannot find any reason they cannot stay where they … Continue reading

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I want to rehome my guinea pig, but my mum says no?

Properly, I am endeavoring to convince my own mum to i want to rehome my guinea pig.When you begin posting rude or obnoxious comments, theres a justification he needs an innovative home.My additional guinea pig had a car accident and is currently disabled, he requirements special medical attention as well as we’ve needed to seperate them caused by aggresive tendencies.Since my personal other guinea pig is actually disabled and also needs at the very least 3-4 a long time of attention (medicines, washing, massaging along with hand feeding) regular, I only dont have time to offer loads with attention in order to my other piggie.WE still feed him, presenting him veggies and hay daily, and fresh him away but MY SPOUSE AND I dont feel I’ve enough time to pay with him or her, holding him or her and such, so he is getting single:( Since theres no prospects for my additional guinea pig getting better, and they will wont ever before live gladly together again I feel its for the best to yes my more youthful guinea pig absent to an agent who has the period to expose him with a friend as well as give him living he … Continue reading

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Should I get a new hamster?

Relating to a hamster this bites me continuously.It draws blood and I’ve tried a great deal of ideas plus techniques of which hardly manage to work.I had been wondering easily should give him away to get a innovative one but We would feel sort of guilty.He could be a typically good hamster although bites as well as the weirdest moments.I possess talked that over with my the mother and the lady called Puppy Smart to do and asked if all of us could change it for just one more since i was past your 14 morning guarantee.They claimed no but I’m still wavering easily should get yourself a different hamster.This indicates really necessarily mean though and Relating to only had him pertaining to about a month/5 days.Also, what hamsters don’t bite or to nibble that are dwarfs Many thanks so much for the opinion! since oughout just bought him he may be scared therefore don’t pick and choose him way up write away and simply let him or her sniff an individual! My hamster has been a biter way too.It might just have to be a pet you don’t cope with.Get them wood sticks created for hamsters regarding it to … Continue reading

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What should I feed my Zhu-Zhu pet?

Electric batteries! They have a crunchy, outer shell, including a rich, creamy inside of.They have a several zing for you to them that really get the Zhu-Zhu ready to go again! dearest little one, your zhu zhu pet, i ‘m sad to notify you, is is unable of consuming food.if it lets you do eat, we certainly have a serious problem about our poker hands and we really need to inform the government immediately. The maintain of virgins is usually a delectable and nutritous method to obtain key vitamins and proteins. Live mealworms.Additionally like spiders, moths, grasshoppers…whatever you may catch from outside.=) A zhu zhu is really a toy it is far from a serious animal. This forum is defined up regarding asking concerns about TRUE animals possibly not toys. raw elephant meat All of this hopes in addition to dreams. -___- really Seed.

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Gerbil’s brother/cage mate died. Is he going to be lonely?

Probably this is ridiculous that i am worried concerning this.But we’ve had these two tiny guys that we raised through birth, so we were so very sad to view that one died yesterday.They are generally only about per year and the half, very well paid in advance, so I are not aware of what would’ve happened.The daughter reported his base looked busted, not sure if that can have mortally wounded him. Uncooperative one can be fine, seems to be completely healthy.But how to handle it Do you think he are going to be okay by way of himself or a few pointer introduce another male It’s safe to rather possibly not, wondering how to handle it…. Two males which are born from the same kitty can grow up together within the same cage rather than have difficulties.Introducing the grown guy to one more grown man now from two numerous litters might cause serious territory aggression inside your current hamster and ensure it is want to harm the modern one.It is not impossible though! In case you choose to obtain a different hamster, just make sure you include another competition for him in the event that he doesn’t get along with … Continue reading

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How much is a decent sized basic hamster cage?

I got my mouse/hamster crate for $30, and yes it came along with several excess features, so your ‘basic’ cage could be less compared to that.All of the cages which are decently elaborate appear to range by $25-$45.(The tremendous elaborate ones will even go as long as $65! ) As long as a basic cage will go, they commonly cost somewhere between $15 — $25.It’s difficult to uncover one for under $15.Just make sure to obtain a wheel plus food plate if it does not come for it! (The cage is likely to include a water bottle planned for the cage). Okay this is very hard types of answer.Because we only find out the bill in my own country which can be singapore.and so yeah…but i realize $10 around singapore is just about $12 in the us i think…I said I THINK Means i’m not sure. Okay and that means you want a large size cage regardless of the, please dont sad treat ones hamster.decent size is just about at minimum 40cm within length.And so in the country theres this particular 3 storey parrot cage which cost $41 45cm by way of 30cm.But, you might always acquire what people call … Continue reading

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Is my guinea pig poorly?

This guinea pig, is often climbing in place the discos squeking in addition to watching the every move in the bars. but for the past few times, he’s been really tranquil, sleeping asign and almost never drinking/eating anything:( Is usually he merely tired, as well as depressed or even poorly remember to help, thanks:) Any occasion our guinea pigs transform their behavior it means we should get them to a exotic vet shortly, your is actually showing countless signs of illness, Possibly not moving concerning, sleeping a great deal, not consuming, not consuming, these usually are all signs he is very sad and should be taken in order to an spectacular vet QUICKLY. Guinea pigs usually are prey wildlife and hide simple fact they are generally ill until they may be in your acute step, at in which point they go down hill and die quickly.You do not need lots of time to squander here, your guinea pig MUST enter into treatment NOW, you can’t wait.What in most cases happens to guinea pigs is definitely upper respiratory infections and you may not even know there’re ill, URI’S obliterate more guinea pigs than any other illness.Remember to do find him to … Continue reading

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Why is it that nowsadays so less people is using the rodents section to post questions?

It had been every TWELVE mins in order to 15mins, you will have someone ad a dilemma.Now adays the like hence less individuals are asking doubts.And so less persons are answering questions too.5 working hours of question used to cover the entire page when i click the rodents question recently, now, it truly is only slightly part towards whole internet page.SIGH! Less in addition to less individuals are starting to adopt hamsters or maybe rodents as pets. i recognize its hence sad rodents are generally so sweet!

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PLEASE HELP!! My hamster is kinda sad so how can i make her happy?

She is sleeping and also really seasonal affective disorder! please help What exactly can you expect her to try and do Jump with regards to and do a cartwheel Hamsters are crepuscular.They sleep from the day, and wake up at daybreak and dusk. Retain her with her private, take aside her meals bowl in addition to scatter give food to instead, as well as handle your ex. Sorry, yet, it appears like her period is nearly up.Similar thing happened with my hamster.Go with a vet if you’ve only experienced her a short while. I get Guinea Pigs And also have found these are very Cultural animals it’s my opinion Hamsters will be the same, Mabye the girl just needs a buddy; ) maybe shes simply tired or possibly your harrassing it an excessive amount, let your ex run on one particular wheels, give your ex a shower and food How about a little bit sunshine.

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Does anybody else get SO SAD when their rats die, but keep getting new ones?

POST sometimes are not aware of if rearing them will it, but somehow they need to really always be.But i are not aware of.Every time We have a bit of guy stop functioning (or find sick and look really dismal like he’s dying), WE get SO upset plus cry hysterically.But we always finish up buying 2 more new borns to cheer upwards the compromised sibling left behind.But your sibling always eventually ends up dying not to much time after his brother (i constantly get boys) therefore then now i’m left with all the 2 for you to raise again.After possessing rats within the last 9 several years i’ve as a final point broken the actual cycle as well as lost my last rat for dinner.(he was alone who don’t get despondent when the brother kicked the bucket, but this individual died YOU month following his frankly anyway, and so suddenly).It’s this sadest thing on the planet, and I’m relieved never to have to undergo it for a second time.But concurrently i ENJOY rats much and I recognize when my spouse and i see many cute children I won’t have the ability to resist.But whenever they die i feel like it … Continue reading

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