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Can hamsters eat fried potatoes?

effectively for breakfast my mother fried ” up ” some carrots with garlic.will this beok to offer them one theyre structure up so it shuldnt always be too terrible. No WHEN I honestly may not, stick in order to what some people normally take, and give them some very well chopped upward carrots and many ROMAINE lettuce, locations foods you are able to give ones hamster: – Any kind of greens :Any great fruits, just like apples.Zero sours including oranges Google even more. potatoes are very bad for hamsters.Adequate garlic, that causes it to become even more intense. Yes, And we can eat fried hamsters.Flavor it..It’s delicious..Hamster meat is probably the best delicacies on earth..I extremely recommend this. Please do not give a person’s hamster this! Oil is harmful to them and it also may create them suffering! No the particular oils harmful to them. hamsters should stay with there own food hamsters aren’t able to eat prepared food merely specific live food.

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Feeding 2 guinea pigs?

Relating to a several questions in relation to feeding 2 guinea pigs.Please notify me around quantity regarding both ones not seperate 1) how much of a bowl of pellets ought to be a feed these people.I know to offer unlimited hay and also water 2) the way often must i give these people vegetables of hospitality attire day (i would choose to give all this at once 3) im considering giving these romaine lettuce, cucumber, newborn carrots, parsley, bell peppers, as well as tomatoes.Must need to get rid of the seeds on the tomatoes Just how much of everyone of those foods can i give both advisors.Also how often For each food similar to once everyday or once some other day.please include another foods i should give them (remember that will write the amount for both analysts not seperate) 4)what fruits am i allowed to give them just as soon as every couple of days right.Im thinking apple plus orange but must i give them a couple of slices each or to one piece each 5) in addition will you guinea pig take a number of the other guinea pigs, leaving behind one pig not really toget ample vegies 6) … Continue reading

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How Often Should I Feed my Guinea Pig?

MY SPOUSE AND I feed the pup everyday at the time of right at this point, but they buries his or her food throughout the cage in addition to whenever post clean the idea there’s like half a bag of food throughout his bed.Should WE be serving him fewer since he has been hiding a lot of his food You have to feed a person’s guinea pig as follows: We’ve never heard about a guinea pig disappearing pellets, that is certainly way in order to funny, I might simply maintain cage nice clean and feed your pet properly and I believe he does away with hiding thier food because 1 when called he’ll not want it as well as 2 as soon as he goes read a hide it won’t be there, so he will simply stop having to hide foodstuff as it is usually in his bowl. Unlimited pellets which may have 18% protein including a high amount of Vitamin C without any nuts, seeds or alternative colored goods in them. Unlimited hay as much as 6 months it ought to be alfalfa the way it is increased in protein along with calcium and helps these through their growth … Continue reading

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My Guinea Pig is FAT I need a diet meal fro her?

this guinea pig is definitely almost 4 years old and is usually kinda like We’d say fat.i intent to make her last couple of years her finest so i’d like a diet plan mean to get her.Come on , man i supply her meals like Two times a daytime.I good her quite a few treat too her favorite is celery.Is also there almost any vitimins I ought to be giving your girlfriend.please help Feed the guinea pig since follows” Unlimited guinea pig pellets which may have 18% protein along with Vitamin C with no nuts, seeds or alternative crunchy material in these folks. Endless hay, timothy, orchard grass, or what good turf hay you can get at your own local Give and Seed store, this is where your Community farmers purchase and anything is a lot fresher and is particularly at the very least 1/10th the purchase price you might pay in the pet save. 1.2 to be able to 1 cup of bluish green leafy veggies just like kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens, mustard greens, swiss chard, parsley, red and environmentally friendly bell peppers.a mix of these kind of fed daily provides all the fresh Vitamin C she will … Continue reading

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1 month old guinea pig pregnant?

I bought a girl guinea pig A COUPLE OF days before from my girlftriend house as well as it’s merely about one month old…he puts each of the guinea pigs together with the males and We were wondering exactly what happened merely got a pregnant JUST ONE mOnth old guinea pigwhat ought to be a doafter I obtained her POST notice many hard light stains upon her “private” section…is she planning to live through birth in the event she runs though it What you have to do is feed the woman’s as though nancy pregnant, that is certainly the same diet she requires as a baby guinea pig thus she can easily grow correctly. Unlimited guinea pig pellets which may have 18% protein including a high amount of Viatmin C without any seeds, nut products, or alternative colored stuff in the container. Endless hay by way of her having a baby, nursing, and throughout the 6th month, you want to buy to often be alfalfa while it is greater in protein and calcium so that it will assist her using her private growth spurt and the introduction of the pups as well as the production in the milk.after A few … Continue reading

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IS kiwi good for guinea pig?

how many kiwi will i give inside a day As together with any berries kiwi is actually high throughout sugar so only feed for a treat just about every 3 days, however, it is even bigger in plaque created by sugar so in the event that fed every single day it can cause sores as part of your guinea pigs mouth.So a little 1/2 ” cut every 3 OR MORE days is definitely all that is definitely rally aware of feed your guinea pig, stick to kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion green vegitables, mustard green vegitables, parsley, swiss chard, purple and natural bell peppers, a combination of all these daily will give it many of the fresh Health food C it needs along by using many vitamins. A smaller slice at occassion is definitely fine as being a treat, but the truth is shouldn’t supply it regular.You don’t wish to give them a whole lot of sugar on the regular occassion.

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My hamster is a small dwarf and it is drinking ALOT! WHAT DO I DO?

This hamster can be a small dwarf hamster and for the past few days it is drinking alot Have her/him checked out by a new vet.Diabetes can be fairly frequent in dwarf hamsters along with your pet’s excessive thirst are sometimes symptom.This illness is curable if trapped early but is often dangerous in case left un-mended. pregnant in either case, maybe the woman diet isn’t good.it is best to feed your ex raw oats, lettuce departs, carrots, bachelor’s pad cheese(my hamster TREASURED cottage cheese:)) banana, Blackberries Blueberries Cantaloupe. Cherries Cranberries Grapes(seedless) Lychee Mango Melon Peaches (no stone) Plums (no pits) Raspberries Raspberry Departs (helpful pertaining to diarrhea) Strawberries Veggies Asparagus Bean Sprouts Bok Choy Broccoli Cabbage (Limited amounts) Carrots Cauliflower Celery Chard Chestnuts Chicory Clover Corn around the Cob Cucumbers Dandelion Leaves Endive Eco-friendly Beans Peas Romaine Lettuce Spinach Squash Nice Potatoes Nice bell Peppers Swiss Chard Turnip H2o Chestnuts H2o Cress Zucchini FOODS WHICH CAN BE BAD!! Almonds (Contains Cyanic Acid) Apple company company Seeds Refined food Chocolate Candies Chips and Rubbish food Chicken Products Potatoes (Raw) Nutrition Kidney Beans Eggplant Fool’s Parsley Grape Seeds Avocado (Contains Heart failure Glycosides) Nutrition Rhubarb Tomato leaves Oranges as well as Tangerines(no … Continue reading

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I have a Mississippi map turtle, very young. You can still see its egg tooth. I cannot get him to eat pellets.?

I had been instructed in order to feed him pellets because which will provide an balanced diet program.But WE cannot have him in order to eat the particular pellets.Any idea I bought some dark-colored worms on the pet retail store, they proposed them.He ingested those right away.But now I’m concerned your dog won’t have a balanced adequate diet. map turtles are for the most part carnivorous but they are doing eat A FEW vegetation seeing that juveniles.you can test offering your ex romaine lettuce as well as anacharis (aquatic plant).for finish guide upon diet and also other care info look into the website, good luck M.B. http://www.austinsturtlepage.com/Care/caresheet-northern_map.htm Hi! Pellets have to only be 25% of his diet anyway.Try smashing them up so they are compact enough for him. The sleep of his / her diet should be made up of such things as blood worms and dried out shrimp.Once he or she gets rather bigger you can also give him feeder seafood. Wish that allows!

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Is something wrong with my tortoise?

My tortoise poop is black.I heard that its supposed to be a brownish color but his poop is completely black.Is something wrong with him? It could be because of what you feed him…what kind of tortoise? The color of the poop can be related to the food that has been eaten.Sometimes it is changed slightly by the hydration status of the animal, so that dehydrated animals might produce dryer, darker colored stool.Russian torts do best if they are soaked every few days, or at least on those days when they are fed.So you might try soaking him and then feeding him afterward.Romaine lettuce is a fine food for russian tortoises, but all other foods as well.Dandelions are great if you can find some in areas that have not been poisoned.All types of greens, veggies, and many flowers can be used.Also keep a hunk of cuttlebone in the habitat all the time so that he can self-regulate calcium and iodine intake.I have a breeding group of russian torts myself, and they do put out feces of varying colors.:-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRWAFQqQY9Y all the information you need to know is in this link above

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