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Is it ok to feed my hamster Rachel Ray chicken dog food naturals as a treat?

Like one piece 1 week about the size of some sort of dime (to guide ware affordable her teeth) Yes, that’s fine.Rodents like hamsters and rats can easily eat the majority of foods provided that they are certainly not processed and/or contains sugar and such.I supply my subjects and hamsters meat and puppy treats everyday and many people love the item. yes, my partner and i feed our hamster anything including chocolates doesn’t harmed her. no give the hamster bird.they will be vegetarian.allow it some sort of baby carrot. Why don’t you use some sort of wood stop or a type of things and purchase them at the pet store instead _.

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Is it okay for me hamster to only eat the corn in his food?

Is niagra okay His meals are “Carefresh Complete”.It’s Pellets, dry out corn, dry out peas along with seeds.When i give your pet his foodstuff, I combine some corn inside it A’s well as being the other food.About a couple of days later on, all the corn all of us gone, however the other issues are nonetheless there.Is niagra okay that will he takes only your corn Now i’m worried that plainly take away the corn your dog won’t eat his foodstuff.What regarded as a do Btw he or she is a Robo Hamster if that aids. Actually, dried corn just isn’t very healthy for rodents & might lead to health complications.Also, if the little guy is *only* feeding on corn, he has not acquiring balanced diet. Whenever we were giving our rodents the commercial compounded food, I’d actually opt for the corn & give food to it for the birds exterior.A *bit* of fresh as well as frozen corn is actually fine & your rodents adore it (including our Robo girl), but any time your hamster is actually finished with his corn really don’t give him more right until he’s eaten a number his some other food. You might try … Continue reading

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Is my pet rat dying, at 2 months old?

POST own 6 rats, my two older people and the girl 5 children.My mature rat who is a 1- 1/2 old features a respiratory condition i do believe.always sneezing, release from nose, anorexia (but your woman still efforts to consume ALOT) as well as runting in addition to heavier plus faster breathing.She features had this for a few weeks now, i thought it was stress therefore i eliminated the home bedding and replaced it together with paper along with clothing, changed her diet in addition to put her in the cool area at the window.POST cannot manage the vet during this period.One from the baby test subjects this day started demonstrating similar clues of my own older rat.She is not feeding on or sipping though, that is the difference.I happen to be cuddling her all night time as your woman doesn’t strive to be in the actual cage and nancy not moving much merely walking around into a comfier area after 50 % hour.She is breathing thicker and doing a cough just like choke..almost just like puking but they can not puke.I managed the fling to make sure she did not have one thing lodged inside her tonsils and your … Continue reading

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When will my mouses babies open there eyes and when can I hold them?

we were holding born ONLY TWO days past on friday and my personal mouse in no way stops feeds them.I really want to support them in addition but i are not aware of when We can. Mice will likely open their particular eyes any time they’re concerning 10-14 days and nights old.Most rodents are okay about individuals handling their particular babies, given that the mommy trusts an individual. The sooner you are able to handle these individuals, the far better pets they should make.At the following age you ought to start management them immediately. PS- When your rodents open their eyes, it wont be prolonged until they’re while in the ‘flea stage’ in fact it i EXTREMELY hard to carry them.So be extra mindful (and hold them with the cage so once they jump, these people wont acquire hurt)! Wait until finally their eye balls open in advance of handling these folks.This you can do when the little guys are about ONLY TWO weeks old. While *some* mice can be ok along with people management their children sooner, mice might be very restless mothers & it’s best not that can put the children risk. Not ever before, do everyone involved … Continue reading

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My mouse gave birth…?

therefore my computer mouse just offered birth A COUPLE OF days ago and they are getting even larger, but after that 2 a short time ago while i came back again from university i primary found 3 OR MORE baby’s all pink, then i went down as well as had lunch break for just like 35 min, then i returned up, and checked out them once again and there were 2 a lot more, so 5 altogether, but on the list of new newborn’s was the tiniest one and the greyest and yes it was deceased, so i believe it was given birth to dead is this normal many thanks:) the rodents were pink general health hadnt formulated hair still, and yes perfectly normal first out connected with 5 in order to die, dotn bother about it:) are a person sure the particular 1 had been dead—it might have been just sleeping if you threw them out COMPREHEND IT BACK by wherever you put the item cause may ALIVE! -if anyone left them in and also its still there in case you are convinced its dead don’t get it out from the cage bring about the mom could abandon while … Continue reading

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Have to many hamsters from overbreeding?

without doubt guys, relating to a 2b4 parrot cage in my personal livign residence and i’d a male along with a female and in addition they bred in to more hamsters and now i own like TWO.5 occasions the amt of hammies because before, as well as every TWO months post get not one but two red hampster ovum more.one passed away of retirement years and other one traped themselves under that wheel plus drowned. regardless, i appreciate hampsters nonetheless i are unable to keep all of them.they take food.where will i give them too at no cost for them to live You tend to be an badly informed prick.Hamsters should never be combined, and they just don’t rape both.They breed amongst each other.Rape is a term that is definitely restricted to humanity. That you place a female around a guy makes you anyone at fault.If males and females are together, they will probably breed.Simply.Take your entire hamsters for the local Humane Society in addition to cease proudly owning animals because you do not have a ******* concept. Properly looked after animals cannot breed, they’ll not DIE…And when you were any kind of owner you wouldn’t be wanting to just … Continue reading

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My rattie boy still smells rank (and now I’m sharing my residence so I really need to cut his smell).?

WE asked earlier when WHEN I first adopted my great Bandit what Possible do related to his scent.While the advice…no, it couldn’t help.So WE generally only decided to deal with it as well as work really hard on potty training. Properly.He will be potty taught.I know he sees that he’s imagined to use his potty.He has been just extremely stubborn in addition to, after he or she uses the item, he may sometimes relocate the pellets anywhere else, to where by HE would like them to get.So don’t talk to me with regards to potties.I realize all regarding potties. He in addition isn’t truly greasy by any means.I gifted him a new bath this morning simply because he seemed to be starting to help reek plus his fur wasn’t greasy at that point, and the idea still is not greasy.I’m not saying he won’t grease up the cafes, but it will take two months before it’s noticeable on the levels, child the cafes…. Upon another observe, I aren’t able to say of which my roommate is over-exaggerating the smell, because this individual does smell considerably more strongly than any other rats Relating to encountered.It can be partially his pellets, they … Continue reading

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I need all the info i can get on Degus! (not dog or fish, but the chinchillaish kind)?

Now i am gettin one, I’ve looked into alot currently, so good me random advice on them! haha, I will often have missed something that i’ll need to learn.Thanks! P.VERTISEMENTS.anyone learn where I can get these folks near spokane WA area ‘a person’ Accurately..you work in a very pet retail store where pets are mostly from mills instead of socialized as babies. I’d two previous to, thought these were pretty neat and different to the usual hamster/guinea pig..All material cages for the reason that would chew through a plastic based cage, really should have two Degu’s with each other.Feed all of them hay as well as dried turf small pieces of greens (Broccoli).Apparently Degu’s can be diabetic, to fix this the diet associated with hay plus dried type grass, pellets along with vegetables and an abundance of exercise (Maybe investing in a wheel would have been a good expenditure, just very little wire ones) Not any wire surfaces while in the cage to avoid bumblefoot, buy fire wood shelves for the cage. If you have researched a good deal already always be fine, but should you ever have problems it is possible to easily search the internet and usually it … Continue reading

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Whats wrong with my gerbils? They are psycho!?

Consequently we took vacation so when we came up home probably our gerbils has been dead and buried inside the back on the cage.It had blood including a few wounds on their face and body.My organization is assuming one other gerbil harmed it… Anyhow, in the next few months our different gerbil became a growing number of mentally annoyed.it would certainly scratch it is eyes in addition to ears continuously until this bled in addition to hardly take anything.Eventually additionally , it died. What had been wrong with my gerbils Ended up they insane I’d two cats and kittens in my own house yet they couldn’t see the particular gerbils significantly because most of us kept the particular rodents up high from the the cats. First. Did some people know 1 another for some time or did you simply toss one of these in there right before you proceeded vacation In the event that one was a newbie towards territory, it’s likely make just fought because the newbie had been considered a trespasser and also wasn’t trustworthy. Then again, if they were old pals…well, mishaps do happen.It’s not likely true any particular one gerbil killed other, unless you didn’t give … Continue reading

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Is my pet rat sick….? Should I be concerned?

She’s sleeping your lttle over she normally does..And eating a little bit a reduced amount of.Should MY PARTNER AND I be concerned She’s related to one plus a half years of age. In addition, my mom and dad, expecially my pops don’t imagine it’s ‘worthwhile’ having a rat for the vet. Please ignore the unpleasant response you still have.Why in which person was in a PET rodent website is outside of me, but comments that way get reported as it goes versus community guidelines. She that are sleeping a lot more and eating slightly less as she’s a adult adult rat from 1 1/2 years old.Does your woman have another symptoms like labored inhaling and exhaling, congested, porphyrin staining or pressing sounds These are generally a number of the possible signs of the respiratory contamination.There are various kinds of respiratory infections, and numerous antibiotics tend to be prescribed to the different kinds.All rodents and mice carry this bacteria mycoplasma pulmonis.When a rat receives a mycoplasma infection, there is usually a good chance she’ll get some sort of secondary illness.Baytril is normally prescribed regarding mycoplasma transmissions, but but if your rat features a secondary an infection, she need another antibiotic, way … Continue reading

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