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How common are mammary tumours in female rats?

Fine so I’m looking to get some test subjects and feel weighing up your options of males and female and have a few questions related to mammary tumours while in the girls…. How common is he I’ve been everything from 90% in order to 50% to be able to 10% connected with female subjects get these individuals!! and as well if anyone has virtually any experience using having the rats addressed or spayed ( or maybe whatever it’s in rats) or just leaving these people then that can be helpful too Thank you:) in addition quickly, perform the adult males have every associated wellness problems I could get men rats.They’re just more cuddly as compared with females.Females are very active and have into trouble a lot.Girls will be affectionate, but they’ll not remain still as well as hang on you.Boys operate around for a bit, then in general settle down inside your lap. You simply can’t exactly pinpoint the likelyhood of the female acquiring tumors.Genetics play a large part because, so should you get the rat at a reputable breeder, malignancy risks could lessen.Even so, females find tumors fairly often, especially if they get more mature. We’d not advocate spaying … Continue reading

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What is the best breed of hamster?

You shouldn’t be mean.Should you criticize, I’ll still do it back. Is there much friendliest Least prone to bite Likes to be handled Many thanks so a great deal!! Syrians – One other names just like black bear, teddy bear, golden, etc, are all the same breed being a syrian.The purpose the names are different is a result of the fur color or maybe texture and quite a few pet merchants say this difference in order to make more income. These hamsters is also the best for new hamster owners mainly because that they do not run at a distance as rapid.If the actual hamster fortuitously gets from the hand or perhaps cage, they don’t run while fast being a dwarf hamster, therefore it makes these folks easier that will catch.Syrians can also be faster and easier to tame than the usual dwarf hamster, and keep tamed to the rest health of their life.Syrians are faster and easier to buy considering cages, due to the fact dwarfs can easily usually fit through barred cages.A number of syrians may well, as it depends, although. Dwarf hamsters- The dwarf hamster that i recommend may be the winter white wine dwarf.These hamsters are … Continue reading

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I want two rats, but will they give me rat bite fever?!?

I simply learned regarding rat chunk fever and also im afraid merely get test subjects, ( i’d like two ) they will give us rat chunk fever! Do much pet test subjects carry that disease Instant messaging very uneasy now.. I happen to be keeping subjects for about 6 several years.I were bitten often.One associated with my rats familiar with bite me all the time, usually challenging enough to break epidermis.Once, she little me right to the thumb and I possibly could not shift my hand for a few days. Yet I by no means got rat nip fever.I do believe it’s more prevalent around wild rats, so it isn’t really something you need to worry in relation to. It’s really rare.Pet rats can’t carry almost any disease in the event you get them from a reputable breeder. Should you get bitten, just wash areas with comfy soap and water which will considerably reduce the risk of virus. Relating to four subjects, my aunt has 5, and Relating to never even been injured by a single, so don’t be concerned about the item. You will get it from a dog as well as cat, that will goes outside, than a … Continue reading

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Just a question about dwarf hamsters :)?

Inside pet stores should the name states Winter White wine Dwarf, is it all winter weather white dwarf or a a mix of both Also i heard of which Winter White’s will be easier for you to tame than a Campbell Dwarf, Is the fact true Thanks If that they put WW, it in all probability means they’re, but merely were people, speak to the people from the store initial, if many people haven’t a new clue what they’re talking about, I could not buy from their store.Check that they have gotten them from the reputable breeder, and that they will not just make them interbreed.Just looks by any means their WW hamsters, be sure their eye balls are big, that they’re nice and bullet molded, that type of thing.Bear in mind, WW just have 3 colouring variations:Agouti, Sapphire & Pearl. WE heard that will WW have been easier for you to tame way too, but MY SPOUSE AND I fell in love using the sweetest Campbell dwarf, so I had to find him:) The idea took two or three weeks that will tame your ex, but in case you buy from the breeder instead of a pet store, not … Continue reading

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Should i rescue some feeder mice from the pet store?

theres many feeder mice at the pet retailer for $1.59 and can i rescue some they may be so with expensive and my parents wont ok , i’ll.do you think i should get one they are o cute and maybe they are all shoved in the tiny cage in the pet retailer and personally i think really damaging them and i know its in order to feed various other animals nonetheless why feed mice to help animals when they can take in something else If they’re kept around bad illnesses (unclean competition, over congested, dirty/no meal, no water/dirty water etc.) then you might want to call your own local k9 welfare agency (for me in Australia it is the RSPCA, but I think it’s that SPCA within America).You may talk towards staff/owner and explain that you will be very unhappy with the conditions and also you and your own family/friends wouldn’t support of which shop until eventually the conditions dramatically improve. When you purchase some, you might be only triggering the cruelty without really supporting.If you buy som of which, then that pet shop owner just sees in which sales are going well as well as he/she may to order … Continue reading

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Rats, and Pet Stores!!!?? help!?

hi, I was wondering in case this family pet stores rats originated a mill plus are these people spayed/neutered um, if you find something please assist…this may be the name of the pet retail store: Kahoots Puppy Store, close to 3764 Objective Ave, Oceanside, CA 92058 you need to, look it through to google, see what you get please!!! All puppy stores get from generators.There will be no conditions.No liable breeder opportunity sell the rats into a pet store, because many people always would like to screen the customers, and make certain the test subjects are purchased from pairs. As well, spaying in addition to neutering furry friend rats will be never done with not a reason, so you will not be capable to just buy one.You should get rats in the same intimacy.Why do you need them that they are neutered Occasionally when girl rats acquire mammary gland growths, they do find themselves getting sterilized because it will continue them from resurfacing.As males get involved trouble making use of their hormones, they sometimes must be neutered.But that is definitely in almost all cases way later in life, to ensure that falls onto the owner. And some kind of surgery … Continue reading

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I don’t know how old my hamster is. Help?

He is young I realize that.To my opinion he appears to be around SEVERAL months outdated.I forgot to inquire the petstore as soon as his birthday celebration was or perhaps how old he is.I obtained him 9/6/11.Will it be too Kate taking him and ask the people today Btw he is a robo hamster and I got him through Petsmart. i obtained a robo hamster from other to and a book which includes age he or she looks A FEW months nonetheless it is required to be exact just simply bring him back to their.im positive theyll help I hesitation PetSmart would be able to help you.I only bought a new hamster after that back around March andf the other person said she had been 3 many months old while another person said she was A FEW months older.I expected the retailer manager in addition to all your lover could express was that will “none belonging to the hamsters are over YOUR FIVE months previous, ” therefore no person in this store knew the precise ages with any of their hamsters and also the best put on do ended up being to guestimate.Other than, it’s unlike they acquire them coming … Continue reading

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Skinny Pig breeders UK?

Hello, I’m getting a skinny pig.I have researched in to them, and We’ve past practical experience keeping many rodents. Now i am getting all ready. I are now living the distance Midlands (Neat Nottingham) And nothing on the internet came way up. I don’t need to travel a tremendous distance, however some range is o .k. I’m prepared pay coming from 50 for you to 100 for around with papers coming from a reputable breeder.If simply no papers might be produced then I can be spending around 25. All help is nice. My organization is looking on local pet shelters aswell:) Ask close to your local pet outlets, yahoo! answers is too broad of the search engine to require a question about a unique breeder in your town.Hope this specific helps and good luck finding you!

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What type of ball python is good for a first time snake owner?

As stated, all tennis ball pythons are the same.As long as I realize, there is actually no morph this is a better snake when compared with another.I could not recommend any ball python for the initial owner although.They have a terrible background in relation to eating but will often go off food pertaining to months at the moment.For fresh owners this is stressful as well as aggravating in order to them when they tend to help panic at what the heck is totally standard behavior.New keepers also could have a difficult time discerning what is normal habits and what the heck is not.Should the snake should go off food due to illness, that may be more advanced than the usual non serving behaviors of an ball. Cornsnakes provided are a much better choice as they aren’t quite since big, are usually docile, come in a range of colors in addition to patterns, are considerably hardier over a ball python and a lot more forgiving with husbandry errors than a ball. In addition they eat waaaay much better.You’ll rarely have a cornsnake do not eat unless of course it’s going to shed (and a few will take in even then) or … Continue reading

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When buying reptiles online and they come boxed to your door, what are the odds of them dying?

I mean leopard geckos, bearded dragons, tegus, etc.Like 1 in A FEW 1 inside 10 100 I just want to know in the event that that would have been a humane activity. chances are very low i bought mine savannah monitor 30 days ago via www.exoticpets.com the idea came with box having stickers indicating live reptile handle properly and experienced a warmth pad inside to maintain him earthworms arrived in a lot less than 12hrs by way of courier along with in good condition — settled throughout well in addition to eats for a hoover (typical bosc) should you thinking concerning ordering you i highly recommend that company they want lots of reptiles out there and pretty cheep can be seen feedback on their online side hope it helps If it really is done correctly then incredibly, very small.Like 1 in JUST ONE, 000 and also less. Can you ever mailbox things Characters Boxes The likelyhood are the identical of a person losing ones correctly postmarked mail when it can be done correctly.Not very likely. Even less likely still given that when done properly is definitely priority instantaneously shipping. A lot of people, especially those that are FedEx accredited or … Continue reading

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