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Best way to travel with a Holland Lop?

I will be traveling in order to florida for just a 2 7 days trip by way of airplane, and i would like to know how for making my rabbit feel definitely comfortable also to still enjoy me whenever its through.HELP:) I think it is best to consult a veterinary and have this query.Are that you proposing having the rabbit with you or as well as you having it cared for until you have back.

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What should I put in my rabbit’s cage?

I acquired this ring:http://www.peteducation.com/images/articles/775rabbit_cage.jpg And also it’s substantial, spacious, and also sturdy, but the bottom is usually wire which includes a pan below.I employ a large lawn mat intended for my future bunny, so he can rest her feet, but just what else Really do not there possibly be wood shavings just for them to arrange it because they like Yet wouldn’t the wood shavings fall over the wires Should i forget in regards to the shavings I have got a litter box training pan, and also a wheel-o-hay, and also water, so martial arts training are taken care of.I’m just mainly confused in regards to the flooring problem.Help I have got a baby rabbit wich i really like and concerning the basics food essential, etc.and i have got a snack shack hut, a new fluffy cargo box and flavored wood cafes for your ex boyfriend to consume.I wouldnt be worried about the bed linens my cage is the same approach and he just like having the coy cargo box…make absolute to buy timber bars with regard to his pearly white’s because should they grow to help long he can die due to the fact he wont manage to eat … Continue reading

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Is my mouse okay? YouTube video linked in description.?

I highly recommend you watch this YouTube training video i submitted.My rabbit got really fat over night.Like double in dimensions in the centre.He/She is 2 plus a half a few months old.You’ll see on your own in the video.I’m unclear if that over ate or is definitely pregnant.I’ve truly had them 2 days now, it originated a large number of mice residing together. Hyperlink:http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=eSyeOOZPBFk Advice is pleasant, and sure i understand he pissed on my relinquish the online video media lol.The small ******, have to be camera shy lol. Thank you:) Not almost all mice “look” pregnant, so you may not tell by way of body shape/size alone.Mice with worms, intestinal blockage and merely plain chubby may also look with child.Following will be details from an excellent mouse forum: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding.cfm#pregnancy TFM carries a section in sexing.This can help you determine the girl gender and so erase all doubts with pregnancy in the event that “she” ladies to become a “he”.It will also help using sexing this bubs if she is in fact pregnant.The link is as follows: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/sexing.cfm If she is pregnant, gestation is from NINETEEN to TWENTY FOUR days using 20 usual.Towards time of offering a currently pregnant … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With my Hamster!?!?

He is really overweight and he hasn’t been like this specific yesterday! He’s twice the size and style he appeared to be yesterday! He’s your boy in addition to I do not own another hamster so he’s definitely not pregnant! Is he about to die!! You need to help! Okay, well first thing to complete is remain calm.That you do not want to pick him up excessive, it might stress him out over you’d consider.Number a couple of, I suggest looking for new meals.I employ a feeling, and this is just an supposition, that maybe you have a foodstuff with lots of fattening foods inside.Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts, though while wonderful for humans, should only receive as a treat to hamsters.When you have food with a great deal of nuts, seeds, and corn flakes, I suggest enjoying a food such as “Kaytee Forti-Diet Seasoned Health Rat & Sensitive mouse Food”.Getting older have signs or whatever, so you possibly can supplement this with additional foods.Another point is he certainly will not die.Providing you be certain he features a healthy eating habits, and he arrives to training everyday, your son are going to be fine:D Or you could feed him or her … Continue reading

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Is my rabbit ok :( ? and what can i use to ware down their nails?

my rabbit who will be 14 days old will be gone slower eating the woman carrot although my various other rabbit which can be the similar age as well as being a girl at the same time, is eating as common.i give them away apple shrub branches to ware affordable their tooth and every little thing.though is definitely my rabbit ok cuz i am not shure.you should help oh that will i work with a stone or perhaps a plank regarding wood or even what else to ware lower their claws please aid.you dont should answer together questions.i will chose a best solution when i see one and it also gives a person 10 more points thanks It could possibly be because she’s a malocclusion.Lots of people prefer taking them for the vet to own the tooth trimmed lower.Some people can do that in your house with Toe nail Clippers.(See video clip link below).Stones are very good for putting on down bunnie nails (see site link down below for clipping).WE clip the rabbit’s nails and the pretty effortless.Wear a few thick devices, put these on the back and also have someone put their paws.(BEWARE after you cut these individuals they … Continue reading

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I pet my mouse and now my finger hurts?

Ok so to fill an individual in, the mouse can be a wild mouse that we caught past night.About Half an hour ago, I thought he would pet him after which you can a small number minutes soon after, my little finger started aching.I don’t learn how to describe the item..it’s for instance whenever WE put stress on them, it wounds.The word of advice of it’s also turning just a little red.You need to help!!!! are anyone sure it’s not necessarily paranoia whenever he tad you plus broke your sensitive skin, yes you need to ER..and your head seen..nothing might spread of which fast, but if you are sure..take your mouse to you for testing and get to a medical center i expect ur not keeping the following mouse just coz oughout caught it allow it to sadly free however if it has the sick and also injured then take it to any vet along with maybe oughout go see a physician and sick and tired or possibly not DONT pat the wild duck!! he ought to of happen to be so worried!! poor point:( Dude.Make the rabbit free! Seriously! He probably has a diease.He’s about to die, seriously. stop … Continue reading

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Are guinea pigs good pets?

I am 15, in addition to very accountable.I want to buy a pet, but MY SPOUSE AND I can’t have a very bigger puppy, like the dog as well as cat.I truly wanted the rabbit, but came to the realization that due to my following school things to do and the fact that I’m leaving behind in 2015 regarding college, they wouldn’t be the most beneficial pet to me now, around I hate to express it. So I am looking in guinea pigs.I did plenty of research with food, care, cages, ect.I plan to rescue 2-3 young older people or older people (between 2-5 decades hopefully) from a shelter.I’d create a 2×4 C&C cage that has a loft.I’ll play with them before institution for 20 minutes, in addition to after classes for 2-3 several hours or thus, if which is enough.Despite the fact that I did research, I haven’t been able to learn what having guinea pigs is admittedly like. Are they will affectionate Is he loud Is it worth any time and money Take place they take action and Are you ready for major professionals and con’s of them Please don’t tell myself they foul odor, I’m getting tired … Continue reading

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Is a rabbit a rodent?

IDK!!! Hee, no they’re not rodents, but they greatly look quite comparable to guinea pigs (minus their own long ear, anyway).:) XD Guinea pig slavery = this guinea pigs run living.I possess two ones and many people believe MY PARTNER AND I live to help serve all of them.Haha. Since when on earth do you enslave guinea pigs, anyway Which kind of work are they may be in a position to do for you lol Rabbits will be 100% NOT NECESSARILY scientifically categorised as rodents, although that they seem very similar. EDIT:Yep, capybaras include the biggest rodent on this planet. The following is the wiki internet page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagomorpha No, it incorporates a special adaptation so that it is slightly more ” bot-savvy ” than everyone, thus creating you the particular rodent and not the bunnie. No rabbits will not be considered while rodents.They may be separate type called ” lagomorphs” Rabbits tightly releated that will horses in comparison with rats. Its no longer a rodent. No.But you Are. Yes it’s,:) yes…..hahaha no, it’s a type of camel lol, not any.

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OK, Guinea Pig or Rabbit?

IK i asked hamster or perhaps gp and also gp earned, but how about bunnies Probably my buddies has a single, and i like fell throughout love by it.(No, i cant acquire both.) I include heard many Rabbit reports, and a great deal of Guinea pig Testimonies, so I provide you with amazing reasons for both creatures (there may be a very few cons.) Rabbits- Rabbits are fun to experience with, but regarding you keep them snugly, they are usually fast! Make certain that when a person play by using it for the best month or maybe so, that you’re in an enclosed room and that absolutely nothing is your rabbit can hind guiding.Bunnies are extremely adorable along with deserve an excellent home! Guinea Pigs- Because of my encounter with Guinea Pigs (I possessed two) MY SPOUSE AND I never desire to stop following them! Let me get you soon, so My organization is keeping my own fingers crossed she is still generally there for usage! Guinea pigs will be fun in order to love enjoy with, plus rarely nip.This is usually why I choose guinea pigs above rabbits. Get some sort of hamster.Rabbits plus guinea pigs are both BIG … Continue reading

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I have a white bunny with red eyes, is my bunny an albino? and if so…?

in the event my bunny incorporates a baby along with another rabbit, will the infant come to be half light, half anything or whenever mine is surely an albino will the infant only hold the other mum and dad characteristics It is definitely an albino.This albino gene, when obtained in 2 reports, works as being a switch as well as turns off pigment production so the coat will be white and also the eyes will be red for the reason that lack associated with pigment lets made from of that blood within the vessels on the eyes display through.On the other hand, it simply hides additional genetics the fact that animal has, it won’t wipe your slate wash.So, what you should get out of mating your current bunny depends upon both their genetic background which of its mate.The exclusively situation by which you may be sure involving what the kits will appear like is when the other parent is usually albino.In that case, all this kits shall be albino. Even though you mate yours into a colored rabbit, it could possibly still own albino kits if the other rabbit was hauling one gene with regard to color andf the other … Continue reading

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