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What are some healthy treats i can give my hamster?

this hamster enjoys it once i give her veggies.Im trying to find something healthy and balanced but different as a nice treat i will give or make your ex.Please give me a few suggestions while all responses help.Gives thanks:) Don’t over-do it considering the veggies.JUST AROUND A TEASPOON TOTAL DAILY.My old hamster past away of wet-tail simply because I gifted her a lot of…I look really bad about this now, although… My recent hamster can be a happy youngster.Here’s a few the things I give him: Nutriphase Berries Yougurt Declines (Hamsters love them, although only in relation to twice the week). http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753471 He also enjoys Brown’s GREAT (yes, it is extreme) Piste Mix.There’s lots of stuff inside there that’s wonderful for these individuals.It includes Goji berries which supplies an excellent supply of vitamin D, which will be hard for the hamster to acquire sometimes considering that citrus is usually poisonous that will them. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753550 He as well likes very difficult corn for the cob.It’s a healthy take care of for them and also you can fit it within the microwave plus make small popcorn regarding him! He is in love with it manner in which and you are able to … Continue reading

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I don’t know if my hamster is having a stroke?

He’s been rumbeling rapidly whenever he’s awake, and is not going to open his or her eyes.At initial i thought maybe it’s hibernation since we simply experienced wonder temperature decline.So my partner and i tried stroking your ex and this individual just continues to shake.He movements around slightly, but that’s it.As we sets down and sleeps, he stops rumbeling and breaths fast.I likewise touched his or her belly in addition to he thinks colder as compared with usual.A few pointer take him for the vet Or is he / she just passing away (He’s A COUPLE OF years old) 2 many years actually is not that old for just a hamster in case you took very good care of him.I skepticism your hamster is affected by a stroke depending on your sorts.Strokes generally include tilting or perhaps paralysis, but not often rumbeling.Watch your ex walk and check if he can easily walk instantly with even body volume distribution.If you are, it just isn’t a cerebrovascular accident. He may have a wintry, in which usually case, you have to call any vet and also describe your current symptoms as well as try to obtain a possible medication option.He might have a … Continue reading

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Best cage for a Robo hamster?

I got wondering it is possible to best cage for a Robo hamster.You understand, the tiny tiny hammies.At any rate, if you then have a link that will be excellent too.Oh yea, and I understand tanks really are a good choice too. The smallest cage size for any species connected with hamster will be 360 sq .inches (measure duration of bottom times bigger of base). The most beneficial options are: at the least a SOMETHING LIKE 20 gallon *long* possibly not tall aquarium an enormous bin ring (at the very least 80 quarts as well as bigger in space on the floor than elevation.Look in place bin cages articles over the internet. Also, you gets a Zoozone 2 in order to buy a new commercial hamster ring. All hamsters need at the least 360 block inches with space.20 gallon prolonged tanks will be the bare minimum for virtually every hamster.If you choosed get the tank, always get your mesh grid top rated for venting.You may also have can cages like that hamstercentral.com/wiki/How_to_make_a_cu There seriously isn’t much cages for any robovoski hamster, considering how they are able to get rid of most wired cages along with other store got cages will … Continue reading

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Which dwarf hamster bath should i get?

i can’t consider between what one is far better the Orange Cloud Airborne dirt and dust or that Critter Bath Powder.i have create a savings fund critter shower powder recently for my robo and also he loves it.i desired to know when the blue impair dust can be as soft such as the critter bathroom powder in addition to save to work with on dwarf hamster.what one is better and odor good when i’d my dwarf hamster two years ago i used critter bath powder in addition to he cherished it. now i utilize it with the gerbil and he/she loves it alot and it’s also so sweet when he is rolling inside. but the actual stuff we said is actually 100% herbal and no toxic plus it says it consists of volcanic huge batch pumice as well as being hypoallergenic. well related to this will help. You want Sand bath but not dust bath tub. Hamsters are prone to respiratory complications. This is what I use: http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4191240 It is really dust zero cost.

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Is this cage good for a robo hamster?

Can be a ferplast Paula hamster crate good for just a robo hamster and also not, I’m hoping to get it within October. It must be fine. NO! It’s a wired wire dog crate; never make use of a wired cage for just a dwarf hamster.Try something that is definitely mostly/fully solid walled.For example http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4189258 http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=3135687.

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Cleaning my hamster cage?

Alright, so I was just roaming if their okay to completely clean a hamster crate out like this.This can be what I normally accomplish because MY PARTNER AND I find them cleans it the most beneficial when I use this: I empty that bedding, then WHEN I spray Pinesol while in the bottom where the bedding goes and to the grates with the cage by itself.Then, I wash out the Pinesol with all the water hose.Is that okay to make use of Pinesol to wash his cage if all the Pinesol is usually rinsed diligently or could it be still bad Will i use water hose h2o Just wandering so I can stop if its not healthy to carry out.Thanks:) This may well harm that hamster.To get checked the label to view if that says “Pet Safe” You can buy crate cleaner with pet suppliers which wouldn’t harm your current hamster.I have no idea when you are from great britain or STATES, so this is the link for each country. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/cage-cleaning-trigger-spray-with-byotrol-500ml-by-pets-at-home-15840 http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=11180168 If you use this instead of the Pinesol it’ll be fine! I defintely won’t be so sure about that.Once POST cleaned my personal hamsters cage (two Siberian dwarfs) … Continue reading

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Hamster cossst???((::?

The amount of in overall will the idea cost to own a hamster.No I’m certainly not taking my personal hamster into the vet.If only it’s strong cause MY SPOUSE AND I don’t obtain that sort of money. I feel like getting EXTRA helpfull currently, so im gonna leave petsmart links, and help you with a list! (remember, these things might cost slightly to get the best, nevertheless , you can recycle it right after your first hamster goes) First you require the cage a good example of something make sure you get is that this:http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=4470991 It doesnt end up being exactly this particular, but incase you dont would like to buy the tank, you should get a little something with small to zero tubes, blastic bottom part, and ensure that the hamster wouldnt possibly be walking on bars.it hurts their particular feet.Essentially the most id spend can be about…20-40 cash. Second you require the bedding. Usually do not use cedar and also pine.even though cedar reduces the aroma (witch you can’t get in the event u fresh the cage enough..) work with carefresh or aspen.post use aspen.the retail price ranges. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2755138 POST spend about…..5 dollars over a bag that lasts … Continue reading

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How can you tell if a gerbils wheel is too small?

My gerbils quite large in addition to hes generally using their wheel.But I don’t know if it’s simply because he owns up that as although he’s likely to go entirely around the idea, or just what, but that wheel just simply seems too small.It was perfect with regard to my extravagant Russian dwarf, nonetheless he appeared to be only SEVERAL months older. Should I obtain bigger controls Or wait a little bit and decide if it’s way too big regarding my alternative gerbil too A wheel have to be at the very least 8″ throughout diameter regarding gerbils.You can check through a ruler as well as measuring them.I never recommend cheap wheels.Your own gerbil will chew about it.I might suggest wire nylon uppers wheels.People say that they can find their little feet along with long tails caught, which is not true.Here are some wheels i always recommend (from petsmart) ONE PARTICULAR.You can make the measurement, the size “regular” is a one many fitted to help gerbils http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2753362 A COUPLE OF.I know this individual gave them a 1 star, but I believe that the best wheel around. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=11248151 Good wishes to you and your current gerbils! If it is just a … Continue reading

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How do i know if my hamster is Syrian or Dwarf hamster?!?!?! pls help!!?

Pondered 2 hamsters, both equally male and also female.the pet look owner states that its any Syrian hamster.BTW i wanted a Syrian hamster.i researched about how exactly to realize if it’s a man or female Syrian hamster.while i saw my own female hamster, they have a males scent gland as being a male dwarf hamster!!! i have no idea if it is male or perhaps female right now.and when my hamsters tend to be dwarf, how do i know whenever my woman hamster can be a dwarf hamster! there is no much difference on the male Syrian hamster! i highly recommend you help my family!! its really easy to tell them a part.and people cant continue 2 syrians jointly, and for those who have 2 dwarf hamsters (1 men 1 female) they should be seperated unless you want loads of babies. the dwarf hamster http://pethamsters.company.uk/dwarf_hamsters/russian%20hamster%20info.htm the syrian hamster http://www.pamperedpetsltd.company.uk/Syrian%20Hamster.htm Oh, but there’s such any difference among dwarf hammies in addition to Syrians.Search engine pictures with dwarf hamsters and Syrians.In addition, just to get safe, maintain your male and also female divided.Dwarf hammies will not usually kill 1 another, but they’ll have new borns.Trust us.As for Syrian hamsters, they’ll kill each … Continue reading

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Some new cool ideas for my mouse tank?

Trying to switch upward my rodents tank.I have got a 20 gallon container and usually endeavor to keep it in theme while using seasons ( because i favor my mice to reside in a healthy environment just like a house hold mouse would) regarding fall my spouse and i gathered an index of leaves in addition to barks coming from our little animal vet that would be so for then to experience and eat on.So this tank looks awesome at the moment.However i am so fed up with there previous hammock plus strung up toys.I’m ready for many fresh suggestions.Any could well be nice and of course i adore pictures.Best solutions 10 factors and pleas Your own personal ideas.Don’t immediate me into the fun sensitive mouse website pleas and regards in advance! Hi.! I know this is merely one factor, but I acquired this intended for my gerbils and in addition they LOVE it. http://www.petsmart.com/product/index.jspproductId=2754668&lmdn=Small+Pet They feed on and play inside on a regular basis.! You will also buy 2 and produce a fun insane place for them for you to adventure in and participate in:).It is not very costly too.! It’s a great thing for cages, hence I extremely … Continue reading

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