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Why are women scared of mice if they are 500 times bigger than a mouse?

To begin with, don’t generalize.Not just about all women that terrifies them mice. Next, answer this.Why are generally men scared of having a smaller penis, should they are 400 times bigger than the usual penis This is usually pretty sexist, just so you know.I understand plenty of grown guys who would not go in close proximity to a crazy mouse, due to the fact that crazy animals could carry health conditions and possibly be unpredictable.Hamsters and gerbils usually are domesticated and therefore safe to deal with and often be around. I am a adult females, and I love domestic mice.I’m not really scared of wild rodents, but MY PARTNER AND I value my own safety along with wouldn’t need to get bit by you. POST own THREE OR MORE fancy rodents, and I’ve had plenty of people, both women and men, afraid that will even effect them and also go close to them.A lot of people are scared of which, some folks aren’t. I’m not really scared of mice as well as i’m female so what on earth.If it is just a wild mice it may carry desaeses but i might go and caught the mouse not try to escape … Continue reading

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Ice cream cone for mice help?

To ensure the lady i always get the mice out of (she breeds them) acquired an the rocks cream cone within here procreation tank.The rodents loved the item they climbed interior and chewed and ate the actual ice treatment cone in addition to had an excellent time just simply doing your mouse idea haha.So we were wondering if it was ok to try and do the similar for my mice.They’re just on any strict diet regime of 16 % protein inside there meals.They complete however get several snacks. Personally I believe an full cone is excessively much since treats of any kind ought to be in small amounts.I here’s more worried, though, concerning the 16% protein level of their diet.Mice can’t have any more than 13%.An excessive amount of protein could cause allergies in addition to obesity.The next link from a good mouse community discusses protein ranges in diet program: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/diet.cfm Sounds fine to my advice.It just is dependent upon you, and what number of “treats” you need to give these folks.

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Ok is my hamster pregnant?

She’s like much more active next she appeared to be before she mated.She mated having my hamster september 14 so it is about 7 days.Her days she’s suppose to be in heat, she just isn’t.She is actually ripping that card board We’ve in this cage to get her and nancy putting it in a very nest thingy. she will be The pregnancy period is definitely 2-3 days.Be completely ready for puppies, I am if you do done your own research undoubtedly, but if you ever haven’t simply just google procreation hamsters. She can be pregnant, if you wish to find out for sure bring her on the vet.

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Is breeding guinea pigs really that dangerous?

My organization is interested with breeding 2 of this female guinea pigs.You’ve got previously got a litter box around 5 months it’s true is with regards to 10 several weeks old.I’d actually possibly not been alert that your woman was with child until I found the forewarning signs as well as she sent 3 pups.I have gotten her from the friend who seem to couldn’t continue her ever again.Now We’ve her along with her FIVE month previous daughter.I understand a riches of know-how about guinea pigs plus they are happilly coping with a 30″ by 78″ huge cage so are both healthy.I am considering breeding them because make enjoyed this experience connected with watching the particular pregnancy as well as raising the actual pups, and relating to friends who are able to take that pups, infact we’ve homes for about 8 if possible.But we’ve been exploring this over week and possess found much negative “facts” with regards to breeding guinea pigs.Is all this true, or just supposed to urge people to adopt These sights are generally scaring me a tad and i want to be sure before I do this.Can everyone help me PS:Don’t actually bother answering when you are … Continue reading

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Small rats escaped and cannot find?

Concerning begun procreation feeder rodents and a little while ago the female gave birth for you to 12.I under no circumstances even considered this going on.The baby rats just about all got significant enough in order to jump for the top although are little enough to help climb as a result of.I appeared to be watching youtube videos and I found some were inside the adjacent ring.I already know just rodents may teleport so I got not absolutely surprised (it very well I have seen it) but I ripped in two it out every one of the others have been out in addition to on or around the cage.2 ones are nonetheless missing. So I how do i find along with catch COUPLE OF small pet rats get a humane live trap from as a hard ware keep, and bait it by using rat foods, or sme point smelly, you know.or you may make a live trap your self.go vimeo and examine some movies out Its really quite easy.You decide to put a yogurt treat on the floor with the room considering the cage, as well as watch this.Stay presently there and watch for related to 20-30 minutes.If the simple … Continue reading

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What is the matter with my female dumbo rat?

Our female dark chocolate brown 8month outdated dumbo rat your ex belly is definitely getting greater and abit difficult and she doesn’t strive to be picked up we now have a 7 or SEVEN week older male all of us got your pet when this individual was A FEW weeks most of us put these people together once or twice but past time we put these individuals together was atleast 1 as well as a half 2 or 3 weeks ago i have another 3 females although they are most often fine could she become pregnant your ex nipples aint demonstrating yet oh and do not give my family don’t placed male along with females mutually YES I REALIZE i am wanting to breed subjects…! although we oppose procreation on honourable grounds Sure, she may well be pregnant.—follow all these instructions:http://www.yahoo and google.com/urlsa=t&source=web&cd=4&sqi=2&ved=0CDUQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ehow.com%2Fhow_4451094_care-baby-rats.html&rct=j&q=how%20to%20care%20for%20baby%20rats&ei=YC9-TpeRCsX00gHr99HVDw&usg=AFQjCNGFv3YPenws1Lvdq_biU7yLxJiDig&cad=rja—and ALL OVER AGAIN i oppose breeding the way it is cruel & you’ll be acquiring the rats from the each additional, so, do not do the item, reconsider the item.

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Do I need a license to breed snakes in NSW?

MY PARTNER AND I currently own a Elegance 1 reptile keepers license, and want to start procreation my Stimson python. I want to find out whether I need some type of breeders permission.Also should i need a different license to offer them. yes you choose to do, just like dogs but breeding can be cruel as well as wrong anyways therefore you would often be splitting up a household. no you may not.

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Are red tail boas eazy breeders?

would it be like proliferation ball pythons No, boas though they usually are live obstacles are really hard to successfully type, even in my 1st year endeavoring to breed mines we failed.Boas in addition to Ball python breeding is pretty different, just one lays eggs, the other gives stay birth, with boas their harder to acquire a lock imo along with your temps end up being perfect. You should not even try and breed now in truth, breeding is no laugh and elements can not work out.Just hold out, keep them for some years, and do the many research all around breeding you will, talk that will other breeders, subscribe to forums, read reports and attend expos/conventions to discuss with other reptile breeders. Best of luck! There is a lot more caution that moves into procreation boas.Some people take more to develop fully, 5-6 several years for ladies.Many press them to help young.It’s important to balance bodyweight with weight stores with regard to follicle improvement, and doable off give.Utmost care need to be taken for any gravid women,.Temperatures tend to be vital.Both large and low temps causes deformities or maybe slugs.Slugging out or huge slug litter box training count is … Continue reading

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Does breeding two albino ball pythons create weak genes/unhealthy hatchlings? ?

We have heard which it’s better to breed an albino ball which has a het albino ball because doing so creates stronger genes.Breeders have explained that procreation two albinos along (as well as not one but two pieds) may make very drained, deformed in addition to unhealthy babies.So this question is definitely that – is it better in order to breed an albino which has a het albino and a pied which has a het pied Some will probably say yes whilst others will express no.For me yes it will eventually create less strong genes.Only were you I would go which has a 100% albino and a 100% het albino.All the best and I hope you find some good good little ones!

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Ball python housing according to sexes?

How must ball pythons kick in tagother Ex-mate.Male & women.Female & women Thanks:) They usually are solitary pets and would rather be housed Alone.There’s several reasons never to and I’m sure a ball python breeder previously explained all those reasons for you in her answer.But possibly for fights sake if there were no real risks related to housing these people together, just the mere reason that they prefer solo housing need to be reason enough and keep them independent.If the reason why that you might want to cohabit-ate these people is bc there isn’t the way to provide more than enough separate housing items along with enclosures you then shouldn’t own them to begin with.It’s great you’re asking this prior to do that (hopefully people haven’t performed it yet) as well as don’t have the recommendation of folks that say they certainly it and still have never experience problems.In the event you were to be able to ask virtually any breeder or maybe really knowledgable man on ball pythons and also their personality and desires, they will probably all say the identical thing – get these people separate homes. Never home snakes with each other unless they are breeding.Snakes usually … Continue reading

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