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My female guinea pig is bigger then my male guinea pig?

The lady beats your ex up while he wishes to mateShe is 10 weeks and they’re 9 many weeks.She is definitely pretty big for the woman age and they’re a tad smaller.She’s an abyssinian guinea pig and they’re a clean coat.How can i get the woman’s to adore him Count oneself lucky that jane is resisting him or her and INDIVIDUAL THEM SIMULTANEOUSLY! You are managing a huge danger breeding some sort of sow in that time.If your lover got bred today, she could well be at concerning a 50-50 probability of passing away during delivery knowning that risk increases with every month that goes over.If some sort of sow hasn’t littered for initially by enough time she can be 10 many weeks old, raise the risk increases.At a year it is higher however and increases from at this time there.Your plant would kitten at earliest at the year old which would have been a really ridiculous idea! Why remaining are anyone putting the sow for drinking and driving to generate mutt guinea pigs Breeding is really a serious enterprise and ought not be performed lightly. That a boar and also a sow will not get down, there is definitely … Continue reading

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My guinea pig has a scab? Why?

I simply noticed in which my 4 week outdated guinea pig i bought with Saturday offers 2 scabs, they is the same colour of his / her skin and there’s no blood neither bleeding engaged.Where have my little fella obtain scabs They are not that major, He was the tiniest one there and I was thinking mayber he or she was selected on MY SPOUSE AND I noticed of which his sister (that we all also adopted) little his base.They are now living in seperate cages, they’re just only together if monitered.Where can you think he or she got scabs:( One regarding my guinea pigs features scabs from where the other one particular picks with it being a sign involving dominance in addition to maybe it was the case inside the cage before you decide to bought it.Keep a close look on him just in case any much more scabs appear it might not be that this individual was picked on and also he might have fur mites or maybe dandruff which are sometimes case associated with scratching a great deal he’s making himself hemorrhage.Take him to the vet when the scabs hold turning upward. You in all probability gave … Continue reading

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How to tell if your hamster has mites?

my own hammy has always liked a fantastic scratch nevertheless recently hes been rolling close to and scratching in a corner from the cage, and he’s all most of these little dots upon his pelt, im nearby the end of a bag of wood shavings therefore it could you should be the dusty part of that, whenever im keeping him i dont detect it, it can be only while hes from the cage.is he / she rolling about because its kind of dustier as compared with usual and so hes healing it for a bath or does he or she have mites how could i tell gives thanks!! Unless you have mites coping with you house hold, I doubt he’s them.He in all probability doesn’t such as shavings, you are not supposed to apply shavings anyhow.Try carefresh bedsheets, they get different rainbow colours, confetti, pure, or a very bright white, and I know there’s considerably more! Lift his fur a little look really closely in the event you see that dots moving its mites you will need to take him to the vet and obtain it dealt with be as it spreads in addition to makes him or her really … Continue reading

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Just a question about dwarf hamsters :)?

Inside pet stores should the name states Winter White wine Dwarf, is it all winter weather white dwarf or a a mix of both Also i heard of which Winter White’s will be easier for you to tame than a Campbell Dwarf, Is the fact true Thanks If that they put WW, it in all probability means they’re, but merely were people, speak to the people from the store initial, if many people haven’t a new clue what they’re talking about, I could not buy from their store.Check that they have gotten them from the reputable breeder, and that they will not just make them interbreed.Just looks by any means their WW hamsters, be sure their eye balls are big, that they’re nice and bullet molded, that type of thing.Bear in mind, WW just have 3 colouring variations:Agouti, Sapphire & Pearl. WE heard that will WW have been easier for you to tame way too, but MY SPOUSE AND I fell in love using the sweetest Campbell dwarf, so I had to find him:) The idea took two or three weeks that will tame your ex, but in case you buy from the breeder instead of a pet store, not … Continue reading

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Girl hamster bleeding from vaginal area?

WE noticed nowadays that our 11 month old women teddy carry hamster has been bleeding coming from where your lover pees…we noticed a number of drops involving blood..not much but one or two….this has never took place before along with im not sure if she’s an illness, or is developing a hamster period of time ( beginer ever! ) or perhaps what! nancy NOT currently pregnant and absolutely nothing has altered with her diet or maybe anything…please dont convey to me taking her to your vet…i care if this has at any time happend with probably your animals, or in case you are a vet just about any advice on what it would be you should help! thanks a lot:) She in all probability has some kind of infection.The item sounds considerable.She really needs to visit to the vet sorry.That is admittedly the exclusively option. I possessed a woman teddy keep hamster called Pepper with regards to 6 issue and similar thing took place to the girl after about per annum.She was leaving bit of blood falls everywhere and yes it was originating from her vagina.The woman’s everyday conduct didn’t modify, she ended up being still having, drinking, staying active, … Continue reading

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Rat health help?? (10 Points)?

My personal rat provides hair missing inside a line close to her calf.this same leg provides 2 zit like things but tiny on the outside! whats wrong with her Sounds as a food allergy or intolerance.What do you think you’re feeding her Try changing the foodstuff, and determine if that helps. Also keep close track of her, to determine if this cleans herself an excessive amount.Maybe the girl cage better half cleans the woman’s too estimated.This is barbering, but it happens in order to rats which are bored.You possibly can add excess toys, change this cage setup around each time you sparkling it, and make sure they have got their every day exercise outside the ring. they in all probability are allergic for their food.Look at changing.If that doesn’t work require your guinea pig to your vet! Allergic to a few food you happen to be feeding the woman’s.

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My chinese dwarf hamster makes a high pitched squeek and then runs and jumps around her cage what do i do ?

Relating to a chinese dwarf hamster named nibbles, and frequently she might most likely make a huge pitched squeek plus run in addition to jump all around her cage and then just sit down in your ex corner, then go in her house, she is very studden and wont let me pick her as long as check the woman, and bites me easily try, i dont no how old nancy cause i acquired her on the RSPCA however i dont no where to start any help When possibly of our male china dwarf hamsters help make the huge pitched squeaking disturbance, it implies their delighted! They usually cause it to while working, or running on the hands/arms, or into their ball.How sometime ago did you have her Fresh hamsters are usually scared.Probably mine remains terrified connected with me once 3 along with 1/2 days, while additional one is definitely fine.As well as chinese dwarf hamsters will not bite, they nibble.It’s their means of protecting themselves.Just allow her be.Stick a person’s FINGER around her crate, and allow her sniff the item.If the girl starts in order to nibble, receive your ring finger out in addition to let your girlfriend be.Let your … Continue reading

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If i put a rat and my hamster together is there a chance theyd get along?

we have what i do think is in all probability a gold hamster.i want to buy a rat.i learn that rats flourish with roommates.from just what i located they only mentioned another rat.but it is possible to chance if i put my hammy within a rat the will receive along No do not put individuals animals mutually! Rats are usually fantastic dogs (I private 3) and Will need to have a roommate but they are also much greater, much more powerful, and a great deal more territorial compared to hamsters.The absolute best thing which may possibly happen within this situation is the fact your rat is exceedingly docile and ignores the particular hamster, but they don’t be friends like A COUPLE OF rats are going to be.Worst circumstance scenario can be your hamster dead.If you truly would like a rat, obtain two, it’s no more operate than one and you may have delighted rats and a safe hamster. p.s Another potentially terrible scenario would be breeding, within extremely hard to find cases, different kinds of rodents could breed and grant you very unusual offspring, my little sisters rodents bred together with her hamsters…strange. A rat will kill, in addition to … Continue reading

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Little rat/baby gopher lookin thing dying outside, can I help it?

I realize it’s in all probability doomed but regarded as a squish them real speedy or something Or maybe I could possibly offer it a number my whiskey then it goes out and about in class I simply hate to check out a man creature suffer thanks for every advice (it’s just laying presently there not operating and making an intermittent squeal remorseful if this sounds sad) Give the idea too me if this can be a rat cause relating to a lactating mother that will feed that and nurture the item:) Maybe you must take it to the vet or perhaps put it within a box plus bring the idea into your place so it doesn’t find killed by simply an k9.

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Is my rat pregnant? Since August 31, when my rat mated with my friends rat, she’s been getting fatter. ?

But easy methods to like 28 days plus from what I’ve read, their gestation period should be 21-23.I’m wondering if she possibly is expectant, even although she’s also been making nests, “planking” since I call up it ( she has stretches your girlfriend self out there and sleeps within a straight line) plus she’s should certainly getting fatter.Help please Gestation period is 28 days.Feels like she’s really close. The way it looked like you may wanted a fun nest, I’m gonna assume everyone didn’t do loads of research to discover where your own rats came from genealogy good.If that may be true, please be aware that the probability of junk pups is quite great. If your female is definitely younger then Six months old, or mature then 1 year, again, a really high danger of poor pups, and possibly fatal for mother. My suggestion will be to observe her all the time.If you need to go to help school, or perhaps work, you come across someone to observe her if you can’t.Find a good amazing vet, and put your pet on rate dial.The 2nd something would seem wrong, an individual make that will call. Also be aware that pups need … Continue reading

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