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I think that my hamster is dying but not sure?

this hamster seemed to be fine previous night after that today soon after school while i got him outside of his crate he has been curled right ball and barely inhalation.his spine .was sunk throughout as well how good old was it if ?t had been 2 1/2 many years it more than likely died or even your hamster could be pregnant (if it really is female) go on it to the vet I could try consuming it on the vet, it would be incredibly sad in case it passed on.I recognize when my personal hamster became sick using who has learned what my personal mom would take her towards the vet or perhaps do everything.I was required to watch the idea die plus it still bothers me contemplating it A FEW years later on.Thankfully although my the mother took my second hamster to the vet if it grew to be sick plus it was qualified to die around peacefully.

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Is my mouse okay? YouTube video linked in description.?

I highly recommend you watch this YouTube training video i submitted.My rabbit got really fat over night.Like double in dimensions in the centre.He/She is 2 plus a half a few months old.You’ll see on your own in the video.I’m unclear if that over ate or is definitely pregnant.I’ve truly had them 2 days now, it originated a large number of mice residing together. Hyperlink:http://www.youtube .com.com/watchv=eSyeOOZPBFk Advice is pleasant, and sure i understand he pissed on my relinquish the online video media lol.The small ******, have to be camera shy lol. Thank you:) Not almost all mice “look” pregnant, so you may not tell by way of body shape/size alone.Mice with worms, intestinal blockage and merely plain chubby may also look with child.Following will be details from an excellent mouse forum: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/breeding.cfm#pregnancy TFM carries a section in sexing.This can help you determine the girl gender and so erase all doubts with pregnancy in the event that “she” ladies to become a “he”.It will also help using sexing this bubs if she is in fact pregnant.The link is as follows: http://www.thefunmouse.com/info/sexing.cfm If she is pregnant, gestation is from NINETEEN to TWENTY FOUR days using 20 usual.Towards time of offering a currently pregnant … Continue reading

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My mouse keeps moving all the newspaper from the bottom of the cage to the house at the top?

along with she’s obtaining fatter…is the girl just crazy and fats or could possibly she often be pregnant and building a nest She is merely building any nest in order to feel risk-free and hold warm in, whether there’re pregnant or perhaps not.This really is perfectly pure.You have to move your hideout into the bottom belonging to the cage the location where the bedding is usually.This might most likely make her look even less dangerous. She will only be pregnant if she’s housed with another man, or it’s possible if nancy new on the pet go shopping (they often don’t sexual intercourse them correct and have males along with females combined). If she’s kept on it’s own, you must evaluate getting her a friend.Mice have grown social animals and are always pleased in twos.Keeping you female computer mouse by herself may result in loneliness or depression.Just create them slowly and gradually on basic territory plus give the cage a superb clean out and about before placing them jointly. It may just be either genuinely.Mice obviously make nests even if they won’t be pregnant.To snooze in as well as keep these warm.If she has been with a male mouse while in … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With my Hamster!?!?

He is really overweight and he hasn’t been like this specific yesterday! He’s twice the size and style he appeared to be yesterday! He’s your boy in addition to I do not own another hamster so he’s definitely not pregnant! Is he about to die!! You need to help! Okay, well first thing to complete is remain calm.That you do not want to pick him up excessive, it might stress him out over you’d consider.Number a couple of, I suggest looking for new meals.I employ a feeling, and this is just an supposition, that maybe you have a foodstuff with lots of fattening foods inside.Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts, though while wonderful for humans, should only receive as a treat to hamsters.When you have food with a great deal of nuts, seeds, and corn flakes, I suggest enjoying a food such as “Kaytee Forti-Diet Seasoned Health Rat & Sensitive mouse Food”.Getting older have signs or whatever, so you possibly can supplement this with additional foods.Another point is he certainly will not die.Providing you be certain he features a healthy eating habits, and he arrives to training everyday, your son are going to be fine:D Or you could feed him or her … Continue reading

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I can see my guinea pigs pelvic bones…..?

nancy 65 times pregnant and i will see your girlfriend pelvic bone fragments sticking ” up ” when the lady sits straight down.Its been that way for A COUPLE OF days right now, is this kind of normal I have a with child guinea pig in addition to in all those two months, I under no circumstances saw almost any bones.Does not sound perfect, I doubt you need to be seeing bone fragments. It seems like it is advisable to call your vet rapidly, her pelvis could possibly become unattached from your girlfriend spine if her to come back muscles are a little fragile or there’s so many piglets with her tummy. i have no idea buy possibly call a vet and have.

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Can pregnant syrians still go on season?

might syrians stil continue season after they are pregnant Yes, its still probable.

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My female syrian hamster might be pregnant :/?

therefore i breeded this syrian, not being aware of how dangorous its and trouble she is season right now so the lady wasnt pregnant, my ignorant brother set her (when she was about season ) to the males wire dog crate, quickly took her available, she started out screatching and biting me personally and scratching so i simply put her for the floor in addition to she ran for the male wire dog crate, she wont i want to take your girlfriend out, we are bleeding NEVERTHELESS what must i do, shall i simply let nature take it’s cause well this will depend on how much time they selectively bred for.but they’re just fast breeders whenever they bred even for the 1 min.she could get pregnant but just hold out 4 days and nights if jane is not in heat the she’s pregnant:) ya she gave labor and birth today nonetheless she appeared to be dew to get them the next day she only had A COUPLE OF today but i do think she will more later this morning because she’s big ya she gave labor and birth today nonetheless she appeared to be dew to get them the next … Continue reading

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How to convince my parents to get me a pet?

I’m 11 and I’ve pretty excellent grades plus a bit messy I decided I’d like to see a hamster nonetheless they preserve saying, if in addition , it helps we all kinda got a tiny house. i was 11 as well and post convinced my personal parents to get me a hamster.so with regard to my 12 th b-day inside april i got a males hamster he’s a syrian hamster and in aug.i assured my parents to get me her hamster so possible breed the woman’s.then seven days later managed to get a girl nancy pregnant with my different hamster plus today she had 2 babies and so very much more to take place today or perhaps tomorrow:) acceptable now i will tell you tips on how to convince your own parents to get you some sort of hamster! YOU:tell them you will take FULL responsibility regarding it so clear it’s cage when a week, supply it, no problem it waters and really like it! COUPLE OF:show them that you may take responsibility for a animal consequently help throughout the house guide your siblings if you have any THREE OR MORE:maybe seven days later need to make sure this you’ll … Continue reading

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Guinea pig is 67 day pregnant…when will she give birth?

instant messaging worried in relation to her she is really excess fat! she was Six months old whenever she bought pregnant.and i don’t know how long she is suppose for being pregnant but nancy big, and she is showing simply no signs connected with labor still…is your lover okay The gestation period can be from 59 to be able to 73 days to weeks so jane is right in the centre.The GuineaLynx is definitely excellent gp site, and they also have a bit on carrying a child and labor that were designed to prove handy.The back links are seeing that follows: http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction.html (pregnancy) http://www.guinealynx.info/labor.html (labor) http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction_faq.html (FAQ) http://www.guinealynx.info/reproduction_links.html (links) You almost certainly already find out, but an individual said Few months is very old to be able to breed which is incorrect.It really is 8 many weeks or older that is definitely considered extremely harmful for very first time that litters. it will be the fact that jane is 2 old to supply birth the require there first litter b4 Six months like that body else said in addition to people afforded him thumbs along but they are right! maybe take her with a vet she might have to have … Continue reading

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Hamster Science Fair Project!!! Help?

Alright so my own Project is the changes of the body and Mood if a hamster is usually pregnant and how could i measure the girl mood I became thinking just like touch and just how much weight your lover gains about the daytime she shows birth however i need to find out how lengthy i have to keep some sort of wheel with there and the amount of food can i give the girl and what exactly special treats ought to be a give the woman…please support my challenge isnt due for quite a while so relating to time nonetheless PLEASE ASSISTANCE!!!!!!!!! Here’s a handy web page: http://www.hamsterific.com/breedinghamsters.cfm I really hope your responsible and possess homes repleat up intended for them by way of responsible folks. You should leave everything the same as it has been.If people channge your environment you then cannot hyperlink any modifications to the woman’s personality.Measure anything by weight when it comes to food in addition to water and as well time your duration so it takes with the food to be consumed.Note whether nancy sleeping or even nesting, or perhaps being intense.Those are subjective findings.Also if the babies are born make sure that you … Continue reading

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