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NEED ANSWER NOW!!!! Can a brain tumor cause a dog to have seizures?

My own friend’s dog can be a 11 season old Gold Retriever, he’s a visibly spherical circle above his eye, which is seen as a brain tumour, (That’s what exactly her friends and family thinks..) could that lead to his seizures Whenever it’s seen though, can that result in it’s a brain tumor is it visible with the dogs scalp PLEASE! WE NEED HELP THESE! Please leave a website with that link mainly because I Need to be sure that is thorough information….THANKS!:) (Your respond to WILL make a decision this puppies fate…maybe…) A growth on the exterior of the skull can not be a head tumor.If a new bump sometimes appears then it’s not necessarily in the particular brain nonetheless is on the exterior of your skull. Indeed, brain growths often trigger seizures amid other indications.It is more inclined in this specific situation that the dog encountered a blow on the head and is particularly having upsetting seizures as well as, if the actual seizures had been occurring ahead of the head swelling, then they’re epileptic and the bump could possibly be from trauma within a seizure.Epilepsy could usually be controlled by medication.The aged guy must be seeing his … Continue reading

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