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My hamster is pooping out red stuff?

your lady was participating in in your girlfriend ball as well as i left for go make sure her and there seems to be tons associated with poop and a variety of them were crimson.they appeared as if little signs.but the lady doesnt own red nutrition! whats inappropriate with her My hamster has treats that are small red been lost berries.They really favors them, nevertheless it never converts his waste material red. It may possibly be maintain of a number of form (maybe solidified) and ought to see any vet QUICKLY. In addition to that, watch the woman behavior.She is eating plus drinking, suitable She’s active and has got human interaction Make sure her nutrition isn’t red, though. Check out this how does a person see with any belonging to the descriptions match up your hamsters indications: http://www.caringtogether.com/exotics/hamsters3.html Red poop could possibly be from nutrition coloring while in the food, but while you said NONE belonging to the food is definitely red, that’s not it. If if it isn’t just nutrition coloring, and is particularly blood, this is a very critical issue.Hamsters own sensitive digestive tracts and it doesn’t receive much to cause a problem.How is the consistency belonging to … Continue reading

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My teddy bear (longhair) hamster has poop matted in its fur how do i get it out?

It truly is gross! First look at giving the pup a baths.Don’t merely plop him inside the water, but bathe him off inside a few long of water, perhaps inside a sink or perhaps a dish.If that does not work attempt puppy baby wipes.They do the job great all of which will help to decontaminate him upwards.You also can try brushing him that has a soft bristled the teeth brush. You ought to cut them! I realize it wont look good but in case u keep it COUPLE OF long it can get an infection!

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Question about my Hamster~?

Hi. I have a issue about my personal hamster.I bought it couple months ago in a very Pet Selection.I get another hamster so they are seperate.My own new you, squeaks and also squeaks! (High voice) I have no idea of if this kind of one’s womans or male for the reason that didn’t signify exactly.:( Our new someone’s cage is usually right close to my some other hamster’s crate.Help! Lol dwarf or maybe syrian My business is not guaranteed about syrian or whether whenever its exactly the same ornot…although dwarfs, check the distance between it’s “poop” problem and pee pin.There is really a difference with distance concerning both sexual intercourse.The males may have visible TWO balls protruding out from below this pee target.The girl dont. Well if they’re not dwarf hamster’s it’s Quite simple to explain to the variance between man & women hamsters.But in terms of the squeaking..hamsters you should not generally obtain along thus maybe the particular sight/smell associated with another close by is which makes it angry Put all of them together along with let these be!

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How to know if my hamster is too old and going to die?

the hamster is all about 7-9 many weeks old plus it had been a very active hamster, loved taking its wheel everyday.but today, it wants to sleep EVERYDAY pretty very much.my older hamster slept a great deal before the item died, thus now instant messaging scared thats whats happening to our new hamster.so is definitely 7-9 many weeks old for the hamster whys them been sleeping a whole lot:T Hamsters live for about Three years.Your hamster may be sleeping everyday because it can be lethargic coming from being sick and tired.Is it truly is poop green Beware of any some other symptoms other than sleeping plenty How about you have your hamster somebody Hamsters like other hamsters.But never just get a hamster and stick them in there with all the other just one.Ask whoever you will be adopting via (please take up, don’t buy from your petstore! ) to make sure you how to “split tank” an individual hamsters. Nevertheless mostly, try to get other indications of disease.Most likely if you can’t see whatever else wrong using your hamster, she or he is merely sleeping a lot because it can be just worn out or bored to tears from staying … Continue reading

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Should i ask for Guinea Pigs?

Traditional is three months away, and ive been pondering what helping put on my list.inside summer, i expected if this parents would ok , i’ll adopt two guinea pigs (i had the income and every little thing, and even for that monthly issues.) but they stated no.i think at that time they were being really pressured about quite a few things, so they will didnt want to deal with it, and post agree i had been being quite annoying about this.so can i put the situations for guinea pigs distinguish on this list, because only thing i would like, or set it between the different gifts i’d like to reicive i believe they might cave inside and allow me to, or don’t you think may well result within them possibly not getting me anything including i claimed, ive done my research, to the issue where allow me to even solution guinea pig queries on right here! (the reason they said my partner and i couldn’t get them happens because my pop said many people smell, not because they think im “irresponsible” i’m 13, gonna end up being 14 with January) guinea pigs require a huge amount of space bear in … Continue reading

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Pinkie mouselet! help please?

acceptable so im nursing a new baby sensitive mouse ( your pinkie in the pet store) along with its performing really effectively, eating cat formula truly well, its fairly active for Several days previous.only problem is…it wont poop.which is often a problem, a significant problem.im serving him every single hour in addition to ten minutes and then stimulating the pup like your likely to but its just not really working.i tried toilet papers cotton swabs And also the warm wash cloth.other compared to that hes carrying out really good but the fact that he will not go doubts me, hes peeing just fine.so if any has just about any suggestions name really thanks. You are to be uneasy as bloat might kill him or her.Are people using two times the recommended number of water with the KMR It could be the system is way too thick; so, causing that constipation.If this may not be the situation, you could also dribble comfortable water in the genital spot.Karo Syrup may also help, but you ought to be very cautious with with it so the alternative problem would not occur.The next threads originating from a mouse website discuss constipation coming from thick solution … Continue reading

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Guinea pig problem: loss of furr and wet poo?

We got an issue with our guinea pig: She’s lost furr about her abs and the girl poo can be wet(not diarrhea). What could possibly be causing this She is 4 yoa. Thanks in advance. Heat do you find it really scorching were you keep her loss regarding fur typically indicates the skin dilemma mites/lice or even fungal.wetter in comparison with normal poop could possibly be caused by way too many veggies, or something she’s eaten this she doesnt ordinarily. i might suggest using her to the vets that they are checked.if it can be mites lice or fungal it needs treating quickly.

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My guinea pigs smell REALLY bad?

Relating to 3 guinea pigs plus their crate smells definitely bad.I clear it once a week along with scoop released the poop almost every other day, nevertheless it still smells.My the mother says that this whole house smells like a barn.MY SPOUSE AND I use fleece home bedding with http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/OIL0/L90540.oapck=Search_N0431_-1_-1&pt=N0431&ppt=C1941 .I utilize that as an alternative to towels plus newspaper (I work with it becuase them works plus I understand it for free).I can’t enjoy when i was in my room while using smell….it’s horrible.Therefore my query is, is their for a powder that i could place in bewteen your fleece plus the pad factor I viewed this: http://www.petco.com/product/8816/Marshall-Pet-Good-Bye-Odor-Ferret-Waste-Odor-Reducer.aspxCoreCat=certona-_-ProductListTopRated_Small%20Animal_1-_-Marshall%20Pet%20Good%20Bye%20Odor%20Ferret%20Waste%20Odor%20Reducer-8816 But the mom’s not sure since you need to put it in their water and also food.I told her it is definitely 100% herbal, but she has still a little bit shaky with it. Or is there any different de-oderizer that works genuinely really very well thats not to expensive (Can’t be then $20) Thank you:) Zero rude comments please! If an individual shop from the correct destinations bedding seriously isn’t expensive in any way, go that will my An individual Tube web site and see Feed as well as Seed … Continue reading

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I need some help for my very, VERY old mouse.?

Good, little Tune is 3 years old today, and continue to going (kinda) powerful.She’s happen to be acting funny the final few weeks, and I just wanted a bit advice.She won’t sleep in her house now days, she enjoys an clear corner.This also seems that she’s her appropriate eye swelled shut, or maybe it can be just eye goo.She lays in hunched positions for a long period and your woman coughs at times.She continue to eats regularly, and beverages.She does not clean the actual poop from her fur anymore, and she is losing locks.She continue to runs around her wheel, but We’ve noticed that nancy active from the day and also the night, when she helpful to sleep all through the day time.She drops over considerably. I believe she’s simply just old and getting ready to expire, but we lack a vet throughout town who will be comfortable by using rodents, so I don’t know.I’d plan to make issues easier regarding her, but MY SPOUSE AND I don’t really learn how.Any suggestions Please remember to PLEASE allow websites whenever you can.Thanks earlier… i experienced 6 mice who have all passed away, with the exception of 1 who seem to died … Continue reading

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How long do fancy hamsters live for?

i got a brand new fancy hamster and also he/she is 7 several weeks old.how much time do many people live regarding also how to tell whenever its man or female not only that wat should i name he/she he/she features big dark brown splotches as well as black plus pink tracks. Fancy hamsters live up to 5 yoa. Artists for Dark brown: Brown Brownie Chestnut Coffee Poop Woody Oak Wheatie Artists for African american: Midnight Shadow Ash Charcoal Darkly Blacky Artists for Light red: Pinky Blush Kiss Gummy Piggy Not extended unfortunately:( close to 2 many years usually.And when its not really obvious what exactly sex its to you already subsequently likely hood is it’s just a girl aha, male hamsters have Huge testicles, which in turn once this hamsters develop fully, are extremely obvious:) In addition to being for the actual name, here i will discuss the bands of my own hamsters… Charlie Willy Daisy Willow Harvey Cally Kiara Kovu Teddy Bramble Bruno Basil Aphrodite Athena Sweet plus Sour You’re you are welcome to use a kind of:) All hamsters are living 2-3 decades, but sometimes you will get lucky.If you actually care for it plus keep this … Continue reading

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