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Uh.. I just mixed my guinea pig’s hay and pellets?

We were watching our guinea pig have, then I suddenly sensed like blending my guinea pig’s hay while using pellets.Was that your bad thing Nooo, it’s fine.There’s no harm which could come away from it, don’t be concerned.(S)he’ll almost certainly just choose what (s)he desires to eat first anyway. Haha:) You could be seen as me, it isn’t a bad thing in any way.Some pigs want it more this way, I own 2 the other does even so the other does not.Just see and see if he sets apart it.:) no, mine really don’t eat the hay much so my spouse and i mix this in in order that they think its part of there meal.

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Guinea Pig Nail Help?

relating to a guinea pig containing white nails inside the back in addition to black nails inside the front, so just how do i see that quick inside the black nails any flight ticket do them:) I utilised a flashlight.My very own never bled, yet if that did, MY SPOUSE AND I always have styptic natural powder available. My piggy Dani is usually all dark-colored so I had this problem lots. If you clip your piggies ebony nails, be sure you take teeny bits off at any given time (I clip with regards to a millimeter off at a time).I use this a couple times plainly haven’t trimmed his claws in about thirty days.If ones piggies claws are curling, then have them to the vet for the reason that your guinea WILL struggle to you. Try shimmering a torch beneath the nail bed, and see if this indicates the effective.If fat loss see the item, you might take to cut the very end off, and get some light weight aluminum sulfate power readily available for those who do lower the fast.You may possibly also take him/her for the vet in addition to he/she will perform it.See this kind of website … Continue reading

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What to name my guineapig?

Other ideas tend to be welcomed! but what on earth do you guys imagine Timmy Pigs schnuggles name the idea niig-nogs.Pretty no: I aren’t keen on Timmy pigs but Timmy is actually cool! Base them off his / her fur colour.

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Why is my guinea pig doing this?

it gets really exicted when i call her name as well as she squeals like a little piggeh while i puppy her your woman still squeals although she pushed her head up when i pet the woman and we ussaly furry friend her to come back so she sqeals and jumps upward and works into the woman’s house post dont assume im aching her but after i call your ex she arrives of the woman’s house then next time i pet the woman she squeals jumps and owns around the woman’s cage furthermore she clicks there’s no doubt that its your ex teeth however i presented her timmothy hay in addition to lettuce that will eat in addition to stays inside the and cliacks with me is this her mating call or just what exactly please answer First off, some piggies don’t like when people pet their particular head.They’ll thrust up if they don’t that it, so it really is probably nice should you not pet all of them past their particular neck towards their skin! Teeth chattering is also like a new warning! The item means they are upset.I would likely leave your ex alone if she’s doing this … Continue reading

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Is there a way to control how much a guinea pig wets the cage?

I only hv ONE guinea pig, and I can chg the cage 2x weeks time.Otherwise the idea REALLY stinks. I employ a feeling there are a cage that’s to small also , you are certainly not using ample bedding.Both of those would cause the issue you usually are speaking associated with.If you pay a fine layer associated with news pieces of paper then squeeze bedding on top of it at the least 4″ associated with bedding you should not be obtaining that dilemma.Change his or her potty spot every 2 to 3 days as well as the entire cage every SIX to One week.Also by utilizing pine shavings moreover , you may will guide control this odor as being the just obviously help control odor.Check out my A person Tube Internet site and /view Give food to and Seedling. http://www.dailymotion.com/user/GuineaPigPersonals On this video I demonstrate how to acquire 12 cubic legs of pine shavings with regard to only $10.00 to aid you to afford to apply a great deal of bedding which of course helps with all the odor precisely as it will merely absorb additional urine. The answerer who seem to said that it can’t end up being helped … Continue reading

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Good to use to make a C&C cage for my piggies?

http://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/showthread.phpt=76535 Yes It becomes Fine If you ever Get SOME SORT OF Boy Just Get some good Grids And Come up with a Fence For instance Thing Hope I Aided!!:) Yes that’s completely alright; D The actual minimum these people say intended for 2 will be 2×4, thus you’ve basically doubled this.Your pigs could love this, and bigger is better:).

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Guinea pig urine question?

I’ve a men guinea pig.He could be still quite young.Whenever I fresh out their cage, I notice that their urine is really a brownish, orange and some light red.Is this normal Regarded as a be worried Hmmm this can be mean a pair of things.You:Do ough feed him Much red capsicum and after all ALOT in that case that is it, just how long has it been taking place and 2:this has happend if you ask me before and it may be bladder rocks sadly that is certainly blood, i might suggest taking him towards vet regarding X-rays, if he could be still pretty young they could remove your bladder gallstones but theirs a chance they can come back, one of my pigs had to get place down for this reason.I would reccomend a vet while u can easily, oh and also does he or she wheek many for no reason similar to when they pees Ok then i advise taking him towards vet for any check upwards, he must have Capsicum plus Cos as well as Romaine Lettuce plus carrots day after day to keep healthy the cup connected with vegies.Everyone and greatest wishes I imagine that’s diarrhea. I’m … Continue reading

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My moms guinea pig looks like he might be dying?

He has been been way up all nights screaming as well as convulsing with weird methods that sort of look like seizures any time he isn’t convulsing her hind lower limbs don’t sound like working.Is a sign that he may be going What can we all do to aid his pain Oh with regard to Gods sake, why on this subject side on the moon do you think you’re via my pc asking ignorant questions at any given time like this, get the particular poor costly to a exotic vet as soon as possible.If you have no wishes of taking it that will an incredible vet than a minimum of have your decency in order to call your current local SPCA along with give them to them to allow them to treat it if the weak thing will live they could give it to a few one that should treat them with respect. Pets complement responsibility knowning that includes definitely not allowing them to go through, can an individual not ensure this bad little tyke is actually suffering terribly do anyone feed your ex veggies make certain he provides food plus water plus a clean crate.take him towards the vet … Continue reading

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Guinea pig help thanks?

tips on how to tell what type of guinea pig any guinea pig will be.if you’ll be able to tell us by thinking about my two or can you tell me the right way to tell.when that tends to make any impression.if you’ll be able to tell me thanks. http://www.guineapigbreeds.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_guinea_pig_breeds try this specific and i know u, ll be successful post any picture within your pigs along with ill revise this resolution and show you x.

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Im thinking about buying a boar(s) to mate with my sows?

Around Mid-October, I want to buy a boar or perhaps two for you to mate using my a couple sows.Through October Thirteenth, they shall be 8 months old.They are currently quite healthy.If it isn’t healthy throughout Oct., I’ll not take action.I wish to mate them to carry on the genes, in addition to lovely jackets, and and to sell these people (The one’s I recently don’t possess enough room for.).We have answered these questions below into the best regarding my existing knowledge.Please, ask just about any questions, for We have thought of countless, and possess great answers to all. 1) Do i have a good reason for attempting to breed (having pups would be fun along with similar reasons may not be good reasons) To place on his or her genes, in addition to beautiful jackets, and and to sell. 2) Must i have or am I made ready to spend what must be done to purchase genetically audio foundation keep (2 dog store pigs aren’t sound basis stock) Yes, I’ve previously got very sows, in addition to 2 boars would do properly, I consider.I get enough money. 3) Here’s I made ready to put my own sows at the … Continue reading

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