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Im going to order a guinea pig cage?

alright my mother said i could order your c&c cage online in amozon considering that its much cheaper presently there $31.00 yeah preety awesome and big for my guiena pig and as it pertains should when i start buyin items oh and easy methods to tell my personal mom i would like my parrot cage at my room your lady thinks it might stink but we’d clean it adequately so she hopes to put the item outside in addition to i dont desire that therefore plz helpp and where we leave its freezin generally snowing and raining guide stupid right u can’t make use of a c and also c parrot cage for outside narrow models look great they will be inside cages, and gp’s should be outside inside the snow C&C cages are not built to get outdoors, because if this can be a rainy in addition to windy day it is going to blow the cage about!!! and a person’s piggies will probably be gone:( So I’d REALLY try to convince your mom that you’ll clean it often & very well!! If you simply can’t convince your girlfriend, you must either get hold of hutch or perhaps don’t … Continue reading

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How often can you feed a guinea pig parsley?

as well as how much in addition, i’m raising my piggies dandelions, can they have got the snap dragon part or perhaps the leaves twice per day.morning and also night.

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Is 3 weeks old to young to bring home a Guinea Pig?

I am just finding countless varying answers i am uncertain what to consentrate. You will find NO Guinea Pig breeders together with in this area, I don’t want to buy at a pet store.There can be a breeder that is definitely an hr away and she has 4 new borns available, there’re 2 nights old along with she said they’ll go thus to their new real estate at 23 days because beyond that the males may impregnate its mother. My intuition tell me this really is to youthful, but a number of people say it’s not while some say 6-8weeks older. She features sent us pictures plus her cages are generally large the girl keeps the woman piggies in sufficient reason for many adventures, she covers them including she is in love with them.I naturally know until this alone doesn’t make a fantastic breeder a good one, but in general is 30 days to young of course , if so, why Thanks! We have been raising pigs for better than 40 ages and Allow me to assure anyone that 23 days is great provided they have been weaned several days and will be eating well on their own.Quite somewhat, the … Continue reading

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How to know if your Guinea Pig is used to you?

Among my Piggies includes always had a significant stubborn style…and hates being used or also touched, she’ll do the impossible that will escape such as scratching.Nonetheless, when I have her sleeping on my own lap the lady falls in bed with your ex eyes absolutely closed plus stretched out legs( in accordance with many men and women it need to mean she’s accustomed to you). So crying while becoming touched or used and sleeping at a later date with your girlfriend eyes shut down makes us wonder if nancy really employed to me or not Guinea pigs get very weak eye sight plus it difficult pertaining to them to identify you by means of sight for a long tine, it anyone rush around the competition and swoop because of pick your girlfriend up your lover thinks you happen to be the predator soon after her.Once your lady realizes it is you and about to catch going to hurt your ex she relaxes along with enjoys your girlfriend time to you.May MY SPOUSE AND I suggest which you walk slowly to the cage talking softly consequently she become familiar with it is usually you approaching, and generally pet her before you … Continue reading

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Guinea pig needs new diet..?

Well my guinea pigs left for get his or her nails cut plus the vet acessed the piggies just one was regular (1.2) along with the chubby you was (1.3) along with the vet stated she should eat pellets.She gave me some pellets nonetheless my girls are’nt over eating them..What is a great way to introduce pellets in diet WHEN I blended pellets in to the muesli then i merely put pellets…They may be still inside bowl as well as little taste is accomplished.I actually need help, i’d prefer my girls to have a balanced, happy lifetime.Thanks:D Hide these folks in food they for instance, like lettuce or perhaps something ask ones vet with regard to ideas.

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Guinea Pig Breeds/Types?

Model:Swiss.Any kind of links in addition to websites are generally GREATLY loved.I only care what each one breed appears like.And in case you have any tips, that’s excellent too.Thanks a lot SO significantly! http://www.rodentswithattitude.corp.uk/piglopaedia_breeds.html The following ones good! has snap shots and information.Its the website that led me to obtain my crested and also peruvian piggies; ) http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfmc=18+1800&aid=2838.

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Why is my guinea pig doing this?

it gets really exicted when i call her name as well as she squeals like a little piggeh while i puppy her your woman still squeals although she pushed her head up when i pet the woman and we ussaly furry friend her to come back so she sqeals and jumps upward and works into the woman’s house post dont assume im aching her but after i call your ex she arrives of the woman’s house then next time i pet the woman she squeals jumps and owns around the woman’s cage furthermore she clicks there’s no doubt that its your ex teeth however i presented her timmothy hay in addition to lettuce that will eat in addition to stays inside the and cliacks with me is this her mating call or just what exactly please answer First off, some piggies don’t like when people pet their particular head.They’ll thrust up if they don’t that it, so it really is probably nice should you not pet all of them past their particular neck towards their skin! Teeth chattering is also like a new warning! The item means they are upset.I would likely leave your ex alone if she’s doing this … Continue reading

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How long does it take for a guinea pig to get used to you?

managed to get a guinea pig COUPLE OF days before for my b-day and he is only FIVE weeks previous.i attempt to hold your ex and at times he permits me, nevertheless other occasions, he can be scared senseless.so how long in minimum amount does it take for your guinea pig to get used to you Hello:-) This will depend on the person animal. I recommend hand-feeding the pup.Bring him outside of his parrot cage (if they’re finicky related to being picked up you have available the *towel trick*, I’ll provide you with a check out it) in addition to hold him or her securely.Both hands should be clean as well as unscented (no fruit-smelling soaps).Simply offer the treat out to him or her and watch for him for you to being eating.When he or she realizes that you are the individual who feeds plus cares regarding him he’ll warm-up to people. It is crucial that everyone wash your hands again afterward to ensure the food-smell is definitely gone or he may working with a biting habit.Also, never feed your ex his hay and also pellets manually ,.I manufactured that mistake after i was young and for a time my … Continue reading

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Can I make a two level 28"x46" c&c cage instead of a 27"x71"?

Hi, i appeared to be just wondering easily could make a two grade c&c wire dog crate with each floor 28″x46″ instead of a one floor c&c cage considering the one ground 27″x71″ Thanks beforehand, Justin P.VERTS.its intended for 3 guinea pigs! as quite a few piggies dont work with ramps etc you are able to only cound the end level as space on the floor. for 3 piggies you’ll need a 60″ by means of 24″ you might try any 4*3 parrot cage instead. for about three pigs, 5×2 will be the preferred sizing (30″62″).upper levels will be more of the something to incorporate on, they don’t count.hence, the most important level ought to be 5×2.2×4 will be the minimum 3 gp breathing space. probably nevertheless if the two levels include the same size it would hard receiving them with the bottom.

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How to care guinea pigs without guinea pig pellets?

I will be living from a village and their is only some pet store and I bought two guinea pigs via an fish tank shop.Nevertheless, I researched in many sites plus they all declare guinea pigs need guinea pig pellets as they contain nutritional C and various important issues.Do you would imagine my guinea pig could survive I hand them over lots connected with green items like two banana leaves a day, a carrot/tomato, Type grass, and many small shrubs.They under no circumstances get hungry just in case so they will make some seems like boooiii, booooiiiiiii.It truly is interesting for you to hear. Thus, will people suggest some food items that can certainly replace pellets Furthermore, can POST give cows pellets in order to guinea pigsI am coping with a small town, so it’s not easy to obtain guinea pig pellets. guinea pigs have unlimited hay, and unique vegetables daily, carrots in addition to tomatoes need to only end up being fed once or twice a full week as should fruits. my partner and i dont believe banana finds are safe and sound for piggies to eat, my partner and i wouldnt feed shrubs often. try things like, bell … Continue reading

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