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Can my hamster eat cornflakes?

Our syrian has eaten most her foodstuff, and MY SPOUSE AND I can’t go forth to the petstore to obtain more for the reason that one nearest in my experience closes previously a Fri.I’ve presented her dome environmentally friendly veggies including a slice with apple yet she looks like it’s wanting anything to hoard.Consequently can your lady eat cornflakesPreferrebly KellogsThanks They might eat Corn Flakes, Then again.Frosted flakes undoubtedly are a big No-no.She also can have Oats, However is not Peanut butter, Or even honey.They’ll choke in that, additionally try searching up your diet instruction c:These people normally assist. Get this assisted <3! *Red ya sure given that it is the classical cornflakes (not flavored) as well as she may eat oats and also creamy peanut butter at the same time =) desire I made it simpler for..

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Should i switch to a water bottle?

Alright so we have been using a bowl intended for water pertaining to my rodents and im gonna switch to some water wine bottle will they know how to use it they’ve been utilizing a waterdish since we were holding in that petstore and since they’ve been having me..they want been by using me for any week.answer ASAP yeah they will figure it out pretty quickly my rats do!!:) yeah i believe u should Initially, don’t have the bowl away nevertheless keep both the water package and bowl will show the actual rats that you can find water inside the bottle sometimes contain the wate bottle before their encounter and touch the look at their pelt, so they will know you can find water in the end they will become using it while you take your bowl away mineral water bottles usually are cleaner, more hygenic along with easier available for you. I educated my rabbit to make use of the h2o bottle the identical way I just told oughout and she always drinks from this.:) Show these individuals it along with run ones finger contrary to the ball so it’s moist.They’ll have thirsty along with lick the lake droplet … Continue reading

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How can hamsters cause bad luck?

Okay recommendations the chat started while i was picking ” up ” bedding to the floor thrown because of the hamster in the cage. Grandma:This hamsters, WE called your own Uncle in addition to he stated he would likely pay an individual (ME) $500 with regard to everything, then we will give that hamsters towards the petstore. Us:What! No, even in the event you give me $1000 i’ll not take. Grandma:Ever considering that this hamster appeared to be bought we would not win the actual lottery (national gambling) Us:So Grandma:So this hamster will cause bad beginners luck! Not beneficial, we tend to be gonna market it towards the petstore. Us:Not dazzling the lottery does not necessarily follow it will cause bad good fortune, without it you may not hand techinque the lottery nevertheless. Grandma:No not any no, the following hamster brings about bad beginners luck, people state (blah blah blah) <<>> Us:Even in the event you sell it towards petstore, they’re going to not need to accept a 12 months old hamster likewise, they would not even would like to Buy that with money, and they’d not possibly get costomers attempting to buy that. Grandma:Your big brother knows a friend … Continue reading

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Feeding my new pet salamander?

MY PARTNER AND I found a little long-tailed salamander within the weekend.It’s yellow/orange having black locations.I obtained him a small tank with half territory and half water.I acquired 4 small crickets on the petstore to feed him and in addition they were ended up within a few minutes.How considerably and how often can i feed this salamander Hes pretty small. That salamander an individual found is extremely rare along with exotic.It may sell out of $3000 to $7000 easy.Do not fear of feeding with just have him returning to where that belongs, that is certainly in that valleys of Brazil generally eating the actual Brazil’s mango having insects.Once they feel threatened while urinating they’re going to most very likely spit your stinging liver fluid.If you choosed to keep it dies easier in captivity then the wild.Usually about 12 months in captivity is usually when them dies.Consequently your preference, but bear in mind this:PETA can be watching.. Ok, Firstly a salamander isn’t a rodent, but i can still aid.NO IT IS FAR FROM RARE! lol.No doubt you find the salamander associated with Tennessee or even Pennsylvania.At this time there quite prevalent.He WILL NOT spit using up goo giving you, and isn’t … Continue reading

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My boyfriend and I bought a rat. Shes staying at his house but im afraid his younger siblings will hurt her?

The boyfriend and also I will be moving out to reside with one another in one or two months.The petstore by my residence is termination down plus they are selling each of their wildlife for actually cheap.We need a rat for once we move in together along with the rats appeared to be only TEN dollars so we attended ahead and bought just one.Shes slightly dumbo rat that individuals named Chloe.We received her last night and at the moment she is living with my boyfriend (he obtains her this kind of week, WHEN I get the woman next).Every little thing was likely great till his youthful siblings acquired home.The brother is 5, his sister is I do think 10, and also his other sister is definitely 15.The particular 15 yr old has been okay right up until she chosen her ” up “.She have it completely wrong and Chloe squeaked within fear.His additional sister is scared regarding her so she purchased the little home we created her in order to sleep in on the inside of her parrot cage.Chloe walked toward her and the sister freaked away and smushed Chloe’s leg when using the home.His small brother retained asking to … Continue reading

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How do I talk my parents into letting me keep my dumbo rat in my room (they dont know I have her yet)?

I will be 18 years of age and in college.In several months my own boyfriend and I are transferring with the other person.The petstore approximately our household is closing down and all at this time there animals tend to be really low-priced.We want a rat for home.We needed to wait until finally we transferred in with the other person but your woman only fee 10 pounds so all of us went on and became one.She’s currently keeping at our boyfriends house hold.The problem is their younger brothers and sisters dont treat her well.My parents think most rodents will be dirty bugs.Chloe may be a little great heart and nancy clean.Most people keep your girlfriend clean.I would like to continue her with my house hold.I can handle her and also my father and mother wont even have got to see or check out her.She will be within my living room.How may i talk these into permitting me keep her inside my room Ask to discuss with them during a period when they’re likely from a good spirits.Don’t deliver it way up when these are already inflammed, stressed, weary, busy, and many others.Plan out a valid and relax response in order to … Continue reading

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Getting my rat a friend…?

I’ve truly had my own male rat (an unanticipated rescue) for a long time now..but for a social animal Make, really desire to get him a competition mate.I’ve been seeking everywhere for rats all-around my place.However, you’ll find 0 close up breeders, no rescues.I’ve tried petfinder in addition to googled rat rescues…I’ve found, on the other hand, a *female* rat up without cost on an ad.On the looks from the ad, she’s lived your ex entire life in a tank alone for at the least a yr now.There is a womans rat at among the rescues WHEN I contacted.So I’d like to see your guys’ views…should I obtain the females and obtain my kid neutered Or a few pointer buy from your petstore along with support a strong industry MY SPOUSE AND I don’t agree Thanks for your input (: get your female from the rescue she may have been mistreated (for a strong animal that will small it is possible) and acquire your rat neutured although usually there are some risks to the next from the actual anestisia thus careful PLEASE DON’T FROM THE PETSTORE PLEASE they have got not happen to be loved either but they might have … Continue reading

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Hamsters?? How many? 10 points?

I will be looking towards getting a number of robo hamsters.And I would like these doubts answered..(: JUST ONE.What will be the BEST bed linens for them TWO.How many wheels 3.How a lot of robo hamster will i house inside an 55 gallon tank 5.And eventually how often ought to be a clean that tank 1.carefresh herbal bedding ask for it while in the petstore TWO.if you will get 2 then 2 wheels this will depend on the exact quantity you buy 3.my estimate 1-5 there’re very teeny:) 5.the fish tank looks quite big this will depend on the quantity of you acquire but i’d personally say when a week(its a pain) YOUR FIVE.you will need to get 2 they need friends of the on species picking a gender dont mix if you don’t want babies(never fun trust me) HALF A DOZEN.please try to look for them from a rescue remember to their usually are hamsters hunting for homes everywhere you go!!!!! 8.and most critical give these individuals love devotion and place to roam get to sleep and every one of the above SEVEN.look to get exotic vets in case something happens NINE.watch for just about any signs connected with … Continue reading

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My hamster eye is barely opening!?

The hamsters eye has become shut because the eye booger stuff plus its barely open.Do You want to go to the petstore and find a remedies or try and get your stuff out and about myself go for the vet and have them eyesight drops don’t utilize a napkin their modest eyes are extremely sensitive It will often have scratched it can be eye. Yet when our hamster has been dying, her eyes were shut and your woman wasn’t best them so when the vet pried them open, a bunch of puss style junk arrived.Get it tested. what we’d do can be wet the napkin some bit and try and get the stuff released be very careful when you do this bathe them very smoothly with cooled boiled water&cottonwool 4 daily.if stil gunky receive 2 vets b4 an infection spreads.

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Tips on rat breading?

IN CASE IF WHENEVER IF Easily were that will breed rats we need some points.how a lot of rats must i buy Male/female…am i allowed to sell them to the pet save.i understand general health care, food, competition cleaning ect.we’d just require some tips.i know not to breed merely cant find sutible real estate i’m going to go to local family pet stores and have so dont receive upset having me..anything at all helps actually advertising..easily should offer them around my the front lawn…craigslist everything helps really First off We are a snake operator so Im not going to get upset if you ever sell to be able to the petstore:) but yea I’ve bread my very own before because Relating to 3 different sized snakes that need distinct sized test subjects.I received one male and A FEW females in the first place.I decided not to have a great deal of room; only one big A FEW story rat crate.I acquired “small” or simply weaned rat pups through the petstore rather than adults because I need to them for being tame in making handling, clean-up cage, etc easier.I went ahead plus bought 3 of the people little picket houses due … Continue reading

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