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Guinea pig hay question?

Should this make of hay mail to The us (Ontario.) Do you believe this is a good brand associated with hay I’m sure the very best brands associated with hay will be:Kleenmama’s, Oxbow, along with Sweetmeadow Plantation.But Kleenmama’s hay has shipping prices far too high! Along with I seen Oxbow hay isn’t as very good anymore seeing that they commenced dealing their hay for you to Petsmart, along with Petco; Is this true If a person buy hay from a pet purchase or over the web you are usually wasting a ton of money and never getting a great product.Hay with the bale is literally 1/10th the cost for a better product.Hunt for feed merchants or village supply suppliers or sites that help the horse/riding group.You might find these in urban centers, not simply just out within the boondocks.Nearly all sell both small, compressed bales associated with hay or perhaps will offer you some sort of “chip” with hay that’s a a part of a bale.Buying a chip is higher end per pound than the usual bale however still manner cheaper and much better than from any pet purchase or simply by mail. Hay over the web wont really be … Continue reading

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I think my hamster hates me! :(?

I acquired my hamster personal trainer days in the past.At Petco (before i bought her) your woman was hence sweet and i want to hold the woman’s without biting down hard me.Last night, I traveled to Petco again to get her a home and doggie snacks.I enquired the lady to show me tips on how to hold your girlfriend.She showed and gave me the hamster to try holding your girlfriend myself.She couldn’t bite me personally and ended up being pretty calm and didn’t back off.I tried holding your ex again after i got dwelling so Possible put your ex in the woman ball nevertheless she little bit me.WHEN I didn’t possibly smell such as food.What must do when i started making her on it’s own more and also just enable her can whatever yet i dont realize if she will ever get used to me.Jane is my 1st pet. hello generally there, your hamster doesnt can’t stand you, he just must be tamed, this often takes a few weeks _ dont consider the chew to heart.This is usually how WHEN I tamed my personal hammy first wash your hands and simply put your relinquish the crate, your hamster may nip … Continue reading

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How old are the baby rats that you get from petco?

I realize your gonna be contemplating well it depends on which will store, how big they’re etc…But while i got the rats ( past September) they had each one of their Pelt and everything but they were still small so the the cycle where they are not dependent at their mother but they’re not adults.Are you aware how numerous days or months old if necessary baby rat via petco is Usually age varies to how far they are there intended for but usually you would ask on the list of workers there plus they will present you with all the information you have to have. Everyone:) Typically they’re between 4-7 months old.They are generally weaned too early (around 3-4 weeks) from their mothers along with shipped on the stores, so it depends how much time they have been in the keep. They glance about 5 to SOME weeks older or and so, give or please take a week. I got my child rats every time they were SOME weeks aged, but not from petco, i got mine from shelter. A daytime old.

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My mouse died and I dont know why?

WHEN I purchased 2 female rodents from petco simply 8 days ago.This was my new owning mice and POST loved them much and had lots of fun playing with them everyday.Today I woke way up and found the little one (who I thought was a baby) useless.She have a hunchback posture, but otherwise seemed very good.She ran around and had energy just as her sister.I’m thus sad the girl died in addition to confused concerning why this suddenly transpired.Will the opposite one obtain sick as well And just how soon should i get a different companion I’m worried a different mouse is certain to get an infection through the old you if ?t had been something contagious.Any advice can be great.Gives thanks. I’m hence sorry this happened.Mice are delicate & it can be very achievable that the ones you have had a number of undetected ailment.Her hunched returning suggests the girl wasn’t good & your ex small measurement *may* possibly be another indication, unless your woman was simply very fresh. Bring her to Petco and explain just what happened.Since the lady was to you for within 2 days, they’ll probably provide you with another computer mouse, not that you could … Continue reading

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Good Hamster Chew Treats…?

Hi there, My hamster biscuit just about refuses to be able to chew at any if your chew treats he has.He has a great wide variety, thin branches, thickish apple company stick elements, colorful hindrances, and this specific puzzle piece crisps kinds.I am a seasoned hamster proprietor so I am not some sort of beginner.Your dog only chews about his competition bars….I just wonder in case you have any store bought tips for my own lil infant.( also, and he’s a salt lick way too…) P.utes, What do you are affected by these…http://www.petco.com/product/108636/8-in-1-Ecotrition-Hamster-Gerbil-Rat-And-Mouse-Cheese-Chews.aspxCoreCat=OnSiteSearch Thanks Much! No bad comments remember to! i give my hamster lots of chews far too and mess up her decaying, they chew up on cafes in a act to try and ‘escape’.i might move him suitable good measured tank as they’ll likely will pay attention to there chews! i’m buying your 10 gallon fish tank for this hammie:) everyone!:) I imagine the chew up toy during http://www.petco.com/product/108636/8-in-1-Ecotrition-Hamster-Gerbil-Rat-And-Mouse-Cheese-Chews.aspxCoreCat=OnSiteSearch could be perfect i have a hamster your lady wouldnt use chew toys so many of us just offer her child sweetcorn, kiwi and chuncks of apples which that they love hope i’ve made it easier for.:) try presenting … Continue reading

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My rat has scabs on her side and shoulder. Is there anything i can safely apply to it?

I am just pretty guaranteed it’s bacause POST haven’t attached her nails in the while.I have another rat in addition to she appears to be fine.I bathed them both in warm waters.But I am just wondering only can use like neosporin or even somthing securely. neosporin is actually perfectly secure.Although she might be scratching caused by a mite challenge.If she’s mites…the mites will probably constantly bite in the scabs leading to your rat that will scratch the particular healing scabs hence opening them backup.Mites ordinarily infest your rat cage because of the wrong form of bedding.try altering it to some hypoallergenic recycled bedding you can find at Petco as well as something.

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What should i get for my rat cage?

your rat cage i have it through petco identified as the rat manor. http://www.petco.com/product/106171/PETCO-Rat-Manor-Habitat.aspxCoreCat=certona-_-ProductListTopRated_Rat_2-_-PETCO%20Rat%20Manor%20Habitat-106171 i keep asking what i should do like with regard to setup.like a few pointer put fleece lower and just how would i find the fleece it the particular cage functions hook contacts.just any kind of ides in how i could set it u to create it look nice and what games i need to get to put in here i want to make this cage seem like a home rather than plain. Hammocks may be hung having S clips easily for effortless removal, and also my girls love theirs! The cereal box can be a fave, and they cuddle up in their tissue field every afternoon to get a nap.You’ll find some confetti bedding to feature some coloration, and what I did to start being active .personality was making a welcome pad and hanging it on the exterior of the cage! Many people love his or her little residence, and I know that providing you employ your imagination they will love that! Remember which rats often need something to do. http://www.petsmart.com/family/index.jspcategoryId=2769317&f=Taxonomy%2FPET%2F2769317&lmdn=Pet+Type&f=PAD%2FPet+Type+1%2FRat&fbc=1&fbn=Pet+Type+1%7CRat&fbx=0 That is certainly some rat cages. “Pine plus cedar bedding must be avoided.Both discharge … Continue reading

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How do I raise a newborn rat?

We had some sort of rat dilemma earlier this season so most people put rat toxin under the property.Today, my daddy went under the home and found a new baby rat.This rat appears about 1-2 a short time old.it’s got little whiskers no hair.The rat’s eye balls and ears aren’t opened but.My parents are convinced that that rat will more than likely die within the next 1 week but being your pet lover i’m, I’m totally hooked on helping this survive.Simply just 1 challenge…I don’t realize how to raise a great orphaned infants rat. The AFRMA has details on how that will hand boost and orphan rat.This link will be as follows: http://www.afrma.org/rminfo8.htm Basic care could be the same for wild rat bubs the center of wild duck bubs, so I’m also including a connection to a duck forum about orphan care since it may offer additional tips.It will be as follows: http://forum.thefunmouse.com/viewtopic.phpf=2&t=12871 I hope you best wishes with him.It can be quite hard for you to hand raise orphan bubs, however, so when he will not make the item, take ease and comfort knowing he / she died within a loving environment. I’m simply no expert but you can … Continue reading

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I’m getting a hamster! I want the perfect cage. ?

WE live in the us. What just what be a great cage to get a Syrian hamster Coming from petco, petsmart, amazon or perhaps any website.Thanks! ware pure hamster crate, my hamster Hansel provides this parrot cage and adores it! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686102t400.jpg or you can get the just one for rodents! http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-8686103r200.jpg equally are out of petsmart:) hope i aided:D To be honest post wouldn’t recomend any belonging to the following other people stated.I bought my hamster your plastic pile from walmart.You can get it at target nevertheless too.It works perfectly in particular when you obtain a long along with wide just one.Go to help google plus search pile cages and also youll know what im speaking about.But for your holes around the lid have your dad/boyfriend as well as anykne that has a drill and still have them drill down quarter dimension holes inside the lid.For the water battle i just now got any watter botter card owner from petco ductaped that on and squeeze water bottle inside it.It never falls off along with the cage remains in courtesy.Hope the following helped you. My favorite type of cage could be the glass fish tank.I know most people frown on such … Continue reading

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How can you tell between 2 boy roborovski dwarf hamsters?

Us and my sister are becoming a roborovski dwarf hamsters mines will be called Creation and my own sisters hamster will likely be called Charlie as well as their choosing the identical cage.anyone get any idea how you can easliy tell these individuals apart! bless you! If that you’re getting them at pet land or maybe petco certainly they are most of boys.If not when you have to lift them above and you will see a part around the male one that the femal just one wont have they can be diffrent like my hamsters- each active but singular likes to climb. figure their own special character and tellem separately like my very own ones okay even so the other just one always reaches me any time it recognizes me other one only come oftentimes and carefull never to lose the insufficient guys!

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