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What breed is my hamster?I have absolutely NO idea!?

My own hamster is grayscale, It’s form of slow, It nibbles a small amount, Her tresses is smooth and it is medium. How big is he You will find Syrian and there are actually Dwarf hamsters.Of those, there fluctuate varieties determined by color, overcoat and behaviour. If he’s a Syrian, he may just be what pet stores contact a Dark Bear.These kind of hamsters are generally black having some whitened markings.Typically that they show some sort of white stripe less than the chin as well as white paws though some have got a white spot about the chest as well as belly, far too.The remaining portion of the body is definitely black.Scroll down along at the following for particularly the Dark Bear although the photo shows a short Haired Charcoal Dominant Identify Syrian: http://www.petwebsite.com/hamsters/black_syrian_hamster.htm The Midland Hamster Club features a link displaying different varieties.Keep planned patterns is usually different colors than the ones found.I should certainly include yet another hamster link, too, along with photos when follows: http://www.midlandhamsterclub.co.uk/hamster/syrian.html http://www.aaahamsters.org/Syrians.html YOUR Panda Tolerate Syrian, however, is some sort of Black Banded Syrian.This particular link clarifies: http://www.hammysworld.com/index.phpp=aboutsyrianhamsters With the Dwarf, the Campbells has a number of different varieties.The actual Black Banded, as … Continue reading

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My mouse died and I dont know why?

WHEN I purchased 2 female rodents from petco simply 8 days ago.This was my new owning mice and POST loved them much and had lots of fun playing with them everyday.Today I woke way up and found the little one (who I thought was a baby) useless.She have a hunchback posture, but otherwise seemed very good.She ran around and had energy just as her sister.I’m thus sad the girl died in addition to confused concerning why this suddenly transpired.Will the opposite one obtain sick as well And just how soon should i get a different companion I’m worried a different mouse is certain to get an infection through the old you if ?t had been something contagious.Any advice can be great.Gives thanks. I’m hence sorry this happened.Mice are delicate & it can be very achievable that the ones you have had a number of undetected ailment.Her hunched returning suggests the girl wasn’t good & your ex small measurement *may* possibly be another indication, unless your woman was simply very fresh. Bring her to Petco and explain just what happened.Since the lady was to you for within 2 days, they’ll probably provide you with another computer mouse, not that you could … Continue reading

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Where can I buy a syrian hamster in MN?

I’m looking for a baby syrian hamster with regard to my boy’s 8th birthday in the future.I’m possessing trouble tips on finding the syrian breed at family pet stores and would opt for purchasing originating from a breeder which has tamed these folks.I live in the rest of the world metro area of MN.Any suggestions could be greatly appreciated! http://www.yahoo and google.com.au/#pq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sal+in+metro+mn&hl=en&sugexp=gsis%2Ci18n%3Dtrue&cp=36&gs_id=1r&xhr=t&q=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&source=hp&pbx=1&oq=breeders+of+syrian+hamsters+for+sale+in+metro+MN&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&gs_sm=&gs_upl=&bav=on.COUPLE OF, or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c6fd68fd74b1c50d&biw=1024&bih=475.

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Just got a guinea pig a few days ago from pet smart, keeps itching and sneezing?

i got your pet 2 days ago..I’ve observed he scores his back a lot and clears his radio stations or w/e…plus he sneezes rather often…could the following be mites or maybe something we’ve experience by using guinea pigs but never had this challenge. Sadly them sounds both equally like mites plus an higher respiratory contamination.You can easily either consider him returning to the pet store in order to an exotic vet.I won’t be expensive to relieve him only the workplace visit that will be all around $35.00 and the price of the medications which could be around $20.00 every single.You is going to be given a good antibiotic for your upper respiratory including a different medication for any mites, it can come within 3 pre-measured doses to become put at the nap belonging to the guinea pigs fretboard.You have to clean this cage and every little thing in them with each and every application in the medication with shall be 10 cays a part. Your guinea pig has mites…which also can invade it can be ears.Another problem is usually a vitamin D deficiency..which in turn also bring about skin annoyance…flakes…hair loss and scabs will result.giving the guinea pig lemon slices … Continue reading

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My rat is acting abnormally, is she sick?

We have a women rat my mate gave me who will be about 1 year old at this point.She is definitely extremely dynamic and currently all she’s done will be lay all-around.Even once i get her outside her competition she just simply lays inside my lap, and this is very unnatural for her.Along using this her ab and backside area try it out and out there really immediately and greatly, and while i touch her back every now and then her whole body types of twitches ro shudders.I don’t know if shes simply just breathing diversely than I’ve truly ever observed, or paranoided, or when somthing could possibly be wrong Acquiring her to the vet isn’t an method, my mommy isn’t gonna want to cover to require a rat into the vets, I would like to know when there is somthing erroneous, maybe a typical symptom below Thanks It’s not one of the best idea, nevertheless , you could commence her at an antibiotic identified as amoxicillin.You might order that online (but I’m unclear from specifically where) and also sometimes it come in pet stores as seafood moxi.If that does work and then you’d have to try the stronger antibiotic … Continue reading

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Just a question about dwarf hamsters :)?

Inside pet stores should the name states Winter White wine Dwarf, is it all winter weather white dwarf or a a mix of both Also i heard of which Winter White’s will be easier for you to tame than a Campbell Dwarf, Is the fact true Thanks If that they put WW, it in all probability means they’re, but merely were people, speak to the people from the store initial, if many people haven’t a new clue what they’re talking about, I could not buy from their store.Check that they have gotten them from the reputable breeder, and that they will not just make them interbreed.Just looks by any means their WW hamsters, be sure their eye balls are big, that they’re nice and bullet molded, that type of thing.Bear in mind, WW just have 3 colouring variations:Agouti, Sapphire & Pearl. WE heard that will WW have been easier for you to tame way too, but MY SPOUSE AND I fell in love using the sweetest Campbell dwarf, so I had to find him:) The idea took two or three weeks that will tame your ex, but in case you buy from the breeder instead of a pet store, not … Continue reading

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Which is the best pet store to buy winter white dwarf hamsters or Syrian hamster?

We are either likely to buy through Petsmart, Petco, Family pet Supplies Additionally, Petland I’d say should you were to purchase.Winter whitened or a new syrain, get yourself a winter white wine dwarf lead to there small fun in addition to their quite social and love to play and also don’t bit in any way! And if you to getting a winter white I’d propose getting one from petsmart art cause they have got good body lines and several colors and I’m the winter whitened breeder thus yeah and also winter whites fur variations color during the winter!!! So when for syrains his or her bigger and are also alot much more aggressive and want to be still left alone.but in case you still need one I would recommend planning to different shops like petco or maybe other spectacular pet stores close to you.but I would say get yourself a winter whitened MALE dwarf hamster coming from petsmart.effectively hope them help:.If you still have questions in that case just contact me.hope WE helped also I am hoping I have the 10 details as best answer thanks if u wish to buy a new hamster, choose a syrian 1.buy you at … Continue reading

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Does anyone know how many gerbils PetSmart keeps in one cage at the stores? 5 stars for best answer.! ?

I am just getting a couple tomorrow in case they’re kept while in the same crate, but I need ideas of how many they want in a single container inside store. Additionally, if they’re not together, which gender ‘s best to bring in to eachother intended for new cage mates Or maybe none whatsoever Thanks a ton.! 5 celebrities for best answer <3 Usually it depends on how many they order and are you wanting have already been bought.When the store only has girls, then not one but two females are usually good together once they live with each other and will not fight.With males, exact same reason, but in order for you little gerbil infants, then your male and also female! It’s also possible to just obtain one, but There’s no doubt that they will be better which has a cage special someone.Hope MY PARTNER AND I helped! The most We’ve seen can be 7, and the was just a little unusual. Call that store ahead.Ask the quantity of they have got, and when they are in a single cage.Sometimes they should have just one per wire dog crate.If hd have at the least two, ask once they expect … Continue reading

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Is hamster nesting fluff good or bad for hamsters and whats the best kind?

Hi =D Actually nearly all of those nice hamster supplies purchased from pet stores may not be necessary. Fluffs may not be good for hamsters.It might cause allergies, and worse if a hamster take it, given it gets stuck in the intestine for example.Sometime my hamster can eat bed (I make use of tissue paper), but jane is alright, the particular tissue paper won’t obtain stuck.If you live within area where by gets incredibly cold or snow, then I’d personally fill the particular cage with wood bed.This will work best when you have a fish tank or naff bin.Your hamster will actually get tunnel! During winter I’d personally fill that tank using wood home bedding (about 8” high).When my hamster includes pup, she produce a tunnel in addition to moved the girl pups into a chamber.It turned out right in the corner of the tank, so I became able to see the puppies =D You should employ Aspen sort wood bedding, because softwoods (mostly previously green hardwoods like cedar and also pine) get aromatic oils that could cause allergies, respiratory and also liver damage in hamster. Although, if you reside in the hot area, then paper towel or maybe tissue … Continue reading

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Please can anyone tell me all the pet stores in banglore?

Hi! I prefer to buy your hamster cage only hamster parrot cage and i keep asking a excellent pet retail store where we can buy that please support me it is urgent I suggest going to FAMILY PET CHOICE. Phone:26769225, 9343963325 Target:#321/ A NEW, 1ST Main road, In 7th place block, Jayanagar, Bangalore Milestone:Near Shrusti Clinic. It’s a very neat and also a nice store.And there are several types regarding hamsters and several styles associated with cages.You may also choose snacks, food, bedding plus much more for a person’s hamster. Expectation this allows.:) U can call Wet Pets India here’s the phone no.080 :41517946/47 whenever they don’t possess then only call with justdial 69999999 I’m certain they helps u away.

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