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Question about my hamster?

Relating to a hamster plus iv possessed her intended for about A FEW months today, i gone into my personal room nowadays looked throughout her competition and post seen very little white baseballs all from the corner of her cage i was just question what these were some just one please support, im worried somethings wrong with her Could them be uric acid from your urine Hamsters are generally desert animals and get very centered urine.And in addition they like to always pee within the same next corner.Some people today put any container inside the peed throughout corner and also rinse it every single day to maintain odor down. Hmm…just like the other poster indicated, if jane is a long-haired hamster she is likely to be shedding.Usually, she may be doing a little something to the woman bedding inside a certain way.It might join in on her food or maybe she’s creating a digestion dilemma.Could everyone describe that balls just a little better I’m going to check to see when it’s edited later… ETA:That is certainly really unusual.I’ve never discovered anything like that.Maybe it’s virus of the actual kidneys.Perhaps there is certainly something within the urine that will solidifies…. OKAY, … Continue reading

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Can my hamster get lice?

I just now found out thought about lice and I acquired a shampoo to reduce it in addition to my hamster world in my personal room using me and also I’m worried that he will get lice! Can he if he will what does someone do in case he will get lice And learn how to avoid it Yes, I truly think and so.I realize rats could.And regarding not kissing them 6 months stupidest thing I’ve have you ever heard of.It’s different lice most of us get, so 8 months later they would still possibly be sctratching.It’s like I came as long as you in addition to say, “ew you have lice! Bye! To get 8 many years! “ The very best and merely treatment can be meds.WE forgot this names, but require ‘em on the vet. WAIT, ARE YOU SERIOUS WHEN I WASTED MY TIME ANSWERING ABOUT HOW TO REDUCE IT AND THE KIND IT WILL BE…and a person’s question can be can this individual get your parasite Not any, he can’t.it’s a different kInd. yes he is able to should you not want r hamster for getting lice after that don’t feel for months i think 8 months … Continue reading

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How warm a room can a hamster live in?

Truly had virtually 10 hamsters within my life time, and I am just dying to obtain a new one as I used to LOVE possessing them.Although, my cat is…somewhat…vicious some times and he or she would simply torment the poor minor thing.So I’d have to keep your ex boyfriend in my personal room.But this room might get EXTREMELY hot from the summer, as I are in a horribly hot say.I can a supporter circulating the air, and it truly is almost show up here so it’s cooling down…hence…but we’d preserve them within my moms room, which isn’t a lot cooler but carries a fan too. I’m just wondering whenever they can endure warm heat or in the event I’d often be tormenting the small baby. I’d in all likelihood be retaining him on the bottom shelf of the tv facility, right basically for the floor or for a cedar chest with a sliding cup window, which is in the manner of the fan, and the window might keep your ex boyfriend cooler. Thanks a whole lot for any help! i dont want to have this room any hotter when compared with 80 degrees farenheight, but these are desert creatures from … Continue reading

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Something Stole My Worn Underwear?! (Please Help)?

Truly searched everywhere for situations similar to this, but would not find just about any.Maybe anyone could support me, or over importantly another individual going as a result of this circumstance can experience relieved. About thirty days ago following the hurricane handed through my area, I half-asleep assumed I spotted a rat around my living room (in the actual attic) go into my closet.I freaked released; we called an exterminator; he saw no waste material or anything surrounding the house and deposit rat poisoning.Subsequently we’ve got no issues not to say anything even per a duck.Note:I cleansed my room from top to bottom and possibly washed my walls just to make certain something wouldn’t would like to come in. About 3 weeks ago We’ve noticed that lots of of my personal underwear I had worn before and following on from the “rat” event had absent missing.I looked high along with low to get them and all around the house over a few days.The using week, I noticed even more of our dirty underwear in the previous week had also gone missing.I halted putting this dirty underwear to the dirty garments hamper in addition to kept them in the pile with … Continue reading

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My hamsters ball keeps breaking?

Ok We’ve three hamsters plus a house packed with small openings and two cats.So they really can’t roam free.I also are now living an apartment so that they don’t have there personal room.So I purchased them running balls so as to be from the cage along with run all around.I find the most high priced ones the ones this EVERYONE advised!! But they keep stopping open! So WHEN I put a little bit glue at them to help keep them jointly but leaving the front door in glue so as to still get out to return in now there homes.However NOW this doors preserve popping start!! I won’t be able to glue these!! I just are not aware of what to do! Please help Hamster golf balls are moody, and no two include the same.Sometimes you will get lucky and also find one which just is effective, other times you no longer. You might even try masking tape, that is certainly the bright stuff that may be easy for you to tear personally and effortless to peel from the lime off.Them won’t quit the ball from coming smoothly and also it’s comparatively cheap, too. I lost the fight on hamster … Continue reading

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How to conince my mom to let me have a guinea pig?

I’m saving up for the money to obtain the guinea pig.I bought all the actual research completed, but the mom is a lot like no.She’s nevertheless it’s this dad’s plus her house hold.She affirms she doesn’t want every animals throughout thee house hold.I just are not aware of what to do to persuade her and also tell your girlfriend I’m really responsible l. Try your “it’s my personal room” issue.Haha, kidding.But allow her realise that if Buy blankets, there defintely won’t be any wooden chip play.They don’t smell terrible if you Properly clear their messes often, and they’re generally incredibly quiet.They may be cute, cuddly plus lovable, and don’t occupy much space at all.They have grown cheap to care for once you will have already decided to buy the cage as well as the guinea pig by itself.Wal mart provides bags regarding food that will last with a month for lower than $5, as well as other chewable accessories very rarely over $3 an item, almost continually being $1 or $2.(:if will not work, idk:( nevertheless the best of luck to people! Start off having a nice goldfish. LEARN THAT WILL SPELL! Maybe then she will take people seriously.

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Hi I would love some help from budgie lovers?

Hi I’ve two youthful budgies, a boy as well as a girl and We have had these over 2 weeks and I just can’t tame them! I think I cure them very well, they get food h2o and I’ve a spray bottle to clean them, I alter their news paper each day and WE always enable them out there to travel round my personal room provided they similar to, I can’t ever catch these folks though and so I leave the room now and they fly within themselves…You should help because I’m serious!!! My continue budgie appeared to be tamed around two times and was sadly harmed by my personal dog, it smashes my soul that my own last supportive budgie died plus the two budgies that will hate me just take me intended for granted… You should be gentle along so apart from feel like that you’re a risk.Talk softly in addition to don’t help to make sudden changes, be rigorous with the hands because many people fear everyone catching all of them.Offer them treats for instance pieces of raw celery, refreshing mint sprigs, parsley, or anything else.Something i always learned out of experience together with my parakeets is … Continue reading

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Would a cockatiel be ok in this situation?

We’ve wanted any cockatiel for a long time.I was going in the form of sophomore next season in institution and I can have an apartment with 3 people.Will a cockatiel always be too loud regardless of whether it held in my personal room using the door shut I’m sure I need a masculine also.Let me have occasion everyday that can be played with our bird.We’ve done Tons of research, My organization is just nervous about this bird distressful my neighbors and roommates.What on earth do you think I might also get hold of handraised cockatiel this kind of summer and still have all summer to train it and also bond to be able to it! A cockatiel is an extremely docile chook, and your hand elevated, young cockatiel could well be most effective for you to start with.Spend just as much time&devotion for it since you can to allow it to needlessly know that you will be not almost any harm to be able to it.Man cockatiels are usually better within vocalizing, and are inclined to bite only a female cockatiel.If it lets you do develop your screaming trouble, however, this can be a problem.Cockatiels’ screams might be very high … Continue reading

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At what age can dogs get arthritis?

first allow me to say*I HERE’S TAKING HER TOWARDS THE VET*. Prior this morning hours round 9 am this dog got up however quickly sat back down and whined very I decided not to know why then. So then Thought about her find yourself in the hallway along with she sat back straight down quickly far too but continue to couldn’t see where the lady was aching.Then Thought about her return in my personal room in addition to she put down down.She has ben generally there since in addition to won’t get into action.She tries to acquire up nonetheless just aren’t able to, when seeking she simply just wiggles. She’s eating in addition to drinking nevertheless I need ideas of what can be wrong but.I here’s taking her for the vet either tonight or each morning to find out what is drastically wrong but features anyone different expereienced this with their dog or perhaps dogs My vet told me with dogs it does not matter age because he’s seen canines with osteoporosis at the age of 1 years to 12-15 years. Concerning a dog that has that problem they’re only 2 years of age, I appeared to be told that … Continue reading

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