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What should I do about making a rat cage?

Effectively, cages right now are ridiculous expensive, and my personal mom laughed and said that you should not waste $150 if we can help make one with regard to cheap.I am aware that you no longer use plastic material, I’ve viewed the grotto house and the use of wood it has to be laminated.i’m having 2 man dumbo rodents and i am aware you want 2 cubic feet per rat for the minimum and I know tons concerning rats, I research a good deal.So, unless you can find a rat or ferret competition more of which 2 ranges high more than 4 cubic toes under $90 then post that link, and also let me discover how i will make one.thank you. It can be pretty difficult to make a decent home made rat cage.You need to use natural powder coated wire and that is difficult to find.If that wire is merely galvanized or maybe not painted the slightest bit it will soak inside pee smell also , you wont be able to get the item out.Be sure you make your money spent well worth while plus wither work with child safe rustolium about the wire and also buy this painted.In … Continue reading

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Can you give a pet rat ibiprofen?

Without a doubt, but you should use children’s formula.This particular rat medicine chart provides the dosage: http://www.rattie-express.com/Med_Chart.htm The actual RatGuide, a professional rat web page, also talks about ibuprofen.Details along at the following website: http://ratguide.com/meds/nsaids/ibuprofen.php One factor to consider is that will rats have a very high metabolic process; therefore, some people argue NON-PRESCRIPTION pain medications do not help significantly.Just something take into consideration. Ibuprofen might kill and dog or perhaps cat.So WE wouldnt possibility it using a rat.Dogs may have aspirin, MY PARTNER AND I dont learn if test subjects can.If its safe it becomes like some sort of slivered off of piece.Such as the size of a broken down pencil hint.I would like a vet. No.It’s not necessary to know the correct dosage, but it could deterioration your rat’s lean meats and thin its continue. Only utilize medicine with the animal inside correct dosage No! The dosage for a human can be 1-2 and so giving you to definitely a rat is the equivalent of an major more than dose NO! It is going to completely overdose a person’s rat, along with he/she may possibly die. Never hand them over anything that’s not vet okayed. No, if your … Continue reading

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I replaced my boy hamster with a girl hamster,and now im scared if holding her!help?

My personal old hamster henry(boy) i replaced your ex boyfriend with linzy(girl) in addition to im fearful of positioning her caz she’s not used on me nevertheless, how may i make her used on me Place your own hand about 6 inches facing her experience.Let the girl smell anyone and get used to your aroma.If she isn’t going to run out then choose her way up and keep her smoothly.She ought to get used to your smell.Once your lady does she will be good.Do not try to pick your girlfriend up in the event she will try to get off you.This tends to cause a fear hungry response. I would certainly leave the woman for about on a daily basis or until eventually she gets accustomed to her natural environment.I would certainly stick 1 finger out and lug my hand until the girl follows the item.I will do it again until she kinda will get used w/ this smell.If undoubtedly gets utilised by the fragrance, its period for her to have used by simply touching, which in turn they turn out to be frightened concerning.Use some sort of end belonging to the pencil which includes the eraser.Try poking her with … Continue reading

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What can I add to my guinea pig cage to make it more exciting?

And here is what my cage appears to be: http://www.facebook.com/watchv=QCoz15DQxUw (You need not watch everthing, just look at the parrot cage and what is actually in it) anyway We have 2 piggies and they are very societal, but I feel like while I’m at school jointly have more to learn with. What can one add p.azines.I have a very tunnel and a pigloo, however the cage is too small to suit them both so what on earth are tiny things I’ll add. The cage is definitely fine with the exception of an place regarding them to help sleep, guinea pigs really need something to sleep inside or less than.If you don’t want to apply up space on the floor you can always pencil a hand towel for the side belonging to the cage, the may lie in addition to it during the day and snooze under it at night. I haven’t found anything at all guinea pigs love to play with in the cage.I get tried several things, nonetheless they only ignore all of them.As long as you give them a quality out connected with cage time whenever you get home from classes, they needs to be fine.And they also … Continue reading

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Young corn snake wont eat?

I purchased a corn snake 23 days ago, I dont understand how old he’s but they are young, less thin as a pencil nonetheless almost, simply a bit wider.The store owner laughed and said he appeared to be due the feed up coming day consequently i bought him pinky along with he got it good.But he or she didnt eat his up coming due nourish, been nearly 17 days now.Ive tried strike eating and only leaving the idea in container but there is nothing working:( dont assume hes harassed coz your dog likes becoming handled as well as hes relaxed like the 2 royal pythons and also other corn snake, help! I’ve read that you may make a good incision around the pinkies visit expose neural matter, haven’t attempted it cause the child corn I got worried about long been eating following being remaining alone within a small box with your ex food to the third test but allegedly the smell will cause instinct to kick in and the actual snake can eat.Just keep going with it, 3 weeks may be a while for a young corn to have not had but they could survive months without food.If this hasn’t … Continue reading

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What do i feed this baby corn snake?

alright i attended some of those whole purchase pet stuff today and got the snake the smaller about then the pencil it’s literally being a tooth pick and just about SIX inch long i do think its only one month and also so old and post tried providing it any pinky through petsmart (frozen) in addition to its far too big what must i feed the item we dont own any dogs stores in which sell live let alone new created pinkies i heard tend to be small sufficient what may i feed it ground way up vegetables plus fruit-poor pinkies-LIVE AND ALSO LET ARE LIVING! Corn snakes consume anoles within the wild.Uncertain about a reliable source for any though I have tried (unsuccessfully) to look for some with regard to my corns.Just as before billy williams is actually wrong, don’t make an effort to feed your snake fruit or produce.Snakes consuming lizards plus frogs and also mice is merely nature dude, gotta get used to it…Anyway, you could possibly always have a shot at catching a new wild natural anole, they are EVERYWHERE here in texas this time of year.Some dog stores bring them as well, as wild caught … Continue reading

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Can anybody tell me what kind of snake this is?

I believe it is juvenile; concerning 12-14 ins long nevertheless pencil thin.gray having black or very darker gray markings a lot like boxes.not definitely stripes right around.to some extent triangular head.pupils look round while in the pictures which were taken for a safe long distance. could an individual upload & url us the pictures—& we would let this go in the event it’s crazy. Release them outside. Assuming you’re in the usa, no venomous race matches in which description. With no picture plus a range, how to attract anything, but no matter what it will be it’s undamaging and just wishes to settle for where the item belongs. Let the brisket go. BTW That “round pupil/slit pupil” idea is finish bogus.It will help you tell your difference concerning a rattlesnake plus a gopher snake in case you somehow skip the shake, but but there’s more accurately illustrate and comply with most various other species.It just means they’re possibly diurnal or nocturnal.Not all nocturnal snake race are venomous. Exact same with of which “triangular scalp thing”.Yet again, people usually are just considering rattlesnakes as opposed to gophersnakes.You’d imagine they’d shell out more attention towards the rattle…We have venomous barrier snakes in … Continue reading

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My Leopard geckos tail is too skinny, how can i get her to gain weight?

I went to uni for a year and in that year i was feeding my geckos about once a week, with crickets that had not been fed anything, and they were not dusted.- trust me i feel terrible about it now, looking at the results of this.I was so busy and yes in some ways i neglected the leos. But i really now want to know how i can help them gain weight.One in particular used to be 50 – 55 grams, i weighed her 2 years ago.weighed her a few weeks ago and she was 36 grams!! she hasn’t been this weight since a few months old.her tail is also thin, not pencil tail, but its getting there. Ive been gut-loading all of her food, and feeding her crickets everyday, and wax worms everyday, also dusting everything. she went up to 40 grams! i was very impressed with, but tail doesn’t look much different. Should i carry on doing this, and she should eventually gain all the weight? any tips. She is eating, she’s very active and bright eyed, etc.Also faeces seems fine. She will eventually gain weight.Wax worms are definitely helping, but make sure you give her vitamin … Continue reading

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Information about Raising Mute Swans?

I’m looking for information on raising mute swans in captivity.We have a domesticated proliferation pair AND a set of young ones being offered close that will us.I’ve tried seeking online with few results, and the only book I see is $105. I’ve heard that swans are generally EXTREMELY ambitious (think an enormous goose in steroids) which they have to have a fenced pencil or they’ll leave.I really need some information on which kind of pen needed.We have a very pond, but it could take loads of fencing to help completely encircle this.Will these people fly away Would the truth that we have dogs produce them More prone to fly away.Would some of our dogs strike them….and can they infiltration our dogs beyond breeding/cygnet period (It genuinely wouldn’t hurt our wacky dogs to obtain a tiny fear belonging to the poultry, but I never want your swans harmed.) Beneficial advice is actually appreciated. Dogs+Swans=Death.

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All my chicks and eggs are gone! {RAED DESCRIPTION!}?

O .k, i get 3 hens, 2 hens as well as a rooster.they all live in the big pen that has a top, and a smallish hen hutch during the pencil.One connected with my hens has 10 eggs under her, 5 was totally black at the center with veins coming from the base, and this airsick in the top, the rest contain the heart thing at the center, with that veins protruding released.I connected with coarse got these records by candling these folks.Anyway, THREE OR MORE days in the past i gone out plus checked these, the ovum were very good, the mom hen satisfied.Yesterday post went out and about and every thing seemed fine, until post checked under mother! All that eggs was gone! None of out chickens seemed scared, or perhaps spooked, and their appeared to be no warning of dysfunction! It didn’t of happen to be a snake, for the reason that snakes never eat 12 eggs with 1-2 day! and it couldn’t involving been rodents, because thier food thing was complete with food, and test subjects would select that 1st!, and i don’t even think it was an enormous animal, because they would associated with eaten … Continue reading

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