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Does anyone else have a guinea pig like this? ?

We’ve a SEVEN week good old boy guinea pig.They’ve the nicest thing ever previously.He enjoys to hug.He nibbles my own fingers ( has not hurt us ) and he is in love with to communicate.Anyone else use a guinea in this way:) You use a guinea pig containing accepted an individual as his / her companion and they’re showing and hinting that he / she loves an individual, great job of guinea pig parenting, great job, keep up the nice work! Soft nibbling is usually a guinea pig kiss! Sounds similar to your guinea pig seriously likes a person!

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Is it safe to use Plywood in a Guinea Pig cage?

I want to make some accessories for any guinea pig ring and was organization using plywood to accomplish so.Is this kind of safe regarding Guinea Pigs as We have heard conflicting stories It doesn’t’ be determined by the piggie :all usually are chewers in the end and they greatly swallow! You should use interior plywood, exterior or maybe marine grade is known for a glue which is often toxic (as should OSB, focused sliver board).It really is safer to follow board wood and standard wood glue. EDIT Laura, I have not had each one on the earth but We have been parenting and featuring animals regarding over 40 years and still have had more than 1000 animals in most during time.I can easily safely say that every animal we have had which includes had a free wooden surface it could access has chewed in it to somewhat of a greater or lesser qualification.Most will chew to the cage pubs and to the plastic tray should they can get at them.When I advise people on this forum the first goal is the fact that their dogs are while safe as well as well looked after as feasible.I include rather extra experience … Continue reading

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Baby gecko crisest! please help!?

i’ve a leoperd art print gecko.he could be very smaller and lean, and his tale can be soo tiny.he will not likely eat or drink as well as he holders cruked as well as his go is slanting! he’s a smaller cut on his facet but is still alive and also breathing.he dose unlike to walk in order to move.i’ve a parrot cage a warming up pad calseam waters and crickets.what does someone do what exactly did when i do worong you need to help asap before this gets far too late along with his time frame comes! with thanks! Is this the child of probably your various other geckos In that case, then this might simply possibly be the ruby from the litter.Which indicates you’ll simply should do research with gecko dark red raising.However parenting tints are generally always pricey so maybe you’ll must let him die.I realize it looks cruel but for every living thing around something different must cease to live. Also he may be afraid regarding you.This can be a case when he’s from the pet shop.He’s simply been turned to a innovative enviorment so a giant person standing in your area seems just like a … Continue reading

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Will pheasants sit on there eggs?

Can pheasant take a seat on there own eggs not long ago i gotten the trio connected with lady amethyst pheasant in addition to red gold pheasant i became wondering as long as they would lay on there private eggs we’ve a SOME ft wide 5 foot tall and also 12 ft wide for each avairy.i perform have hay should they need lady amethyst take a seat on there own eggs reddish colored golden pheasant rests on at this time there own eggs and does the male of that female take a seat on the eggs if your male does i bought a trio post do possess an incubator can you give us advice on tips on how to hatch as long as they will not really sit First it is no beneficial keeping not one but two different kinds together as they definitely will fight rather than sit its eggs.You’ll want to divide the aviary, to support the a couple different race, also you need to put ” up ” a screen so that they can not notice each other(the a couple species)if you would like to breed successfully, Next you’ll want to provide some form of cover to … Continue reading

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My 6 year old daughter is terrified of dogs and avoids going out, what can I do to help?

She happens to be wary of dogs pertaining to no reason that him and i can think of but merely lately she is terrified along with panics entirely when your lady sees a new dog.Now she is scared if you find a dog on the other side of your street.She has seen individuals around dogs no one else in the family features a problem at their side.We get tried to be able to introduce your ex very favorable, quiet dogs and she accustomed to approach these people but currently seems more upset as compared to ever.We’ve tried and keep calm and talk with her about this and get her to see us precisely what her anxieties are precisely.I was find them increasingly difficult to stay calm about this and have be depleted of tips on how to manage it.Every suggestions gratefully obtained. Take her towards the zoo as well as tell your ex lions along with tigers will be worse than dogs Sometimes forcing the difficulty can help to make things more painful.You usually are bringing attention to the issue which then can make the whole thing blow up. I’m sure you are doing your best to maintain calm.On earth … Continue reading

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