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A Guinea Pig question?

Hi i was wondering if your could employ tree leaves rather then hay, considering i cant get any in europe.Or possibly could i use cardboard boxes or Hamster bedding DO NOT NECESSARILY USE REAL WOOD SHAVINGS! A number of Guinea Pigs will be HIGHLY sensitive to the idea! Hay will be good, shredded document, mulch, anything that is soft and so they can eat for the reason that WILL eat it! For bedding you can use hamster home bedding (no pine or cedar) and also a cardboard bedding. For diet the one thing which could replace hay is actually fresh grass however it ought to be fed with unlimited amounts much like with hay.You also must make sure it had not been treated having anything. if ough are meaning to the bedding after that u may use wood shavings, and also shredded news paper nevertheless wood shavings are way far better, i include used like horse hay for the bedding as soon as b4 plus it was really messy in addition to went everywhere in my own back yard you incorporate the use of riped in place news report.

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Gerbil keeps jumping! help!?

Hello there, I have two masculine gerbils in the reasonable sized tank.The one thing was some people chewed the lake bottle touch that latched upon the aquarium, so now I need to sellotape that on, and continue night after i was securing it back again on once more I wasn’t paying attention to one with the males, and he or she had leaped onto the sting of this tank! I got so amazed, he seemed to be just sitting down there around the edge mysteriously! And and then I put the lid back again on and also he saved jumping getting back around the ledge.Is the following normal for the gerbil And how can i make your ex stop doing it It was the first time he would it continue night, nevertheless eventually he / she went far too sleep. Gerbils have grown capable of jumping outside of a crate.They can simply jump while high because 12″, plus more athletic gerbils can easily clear more significant heights. You are certainly not going every single child stop your ex boyfriend.However, you could possibly easily be capable of take his or her new located jumping talent and change it to the advantage.Prize … Continue reading

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What do you think is wrong with my guinea pig?

Each and every time I endeavor to touch the pup, he jumps, and shakes like he hates me or is definitely hurt.he seems quite stressed or even mad. From what you are saying I THINK he is definitely scared with something.idk what it is.OR they’re sick.I recommend to consider him for the Vet and take a look at him.Are there another pets as being a dog or a cat, because many people dont for instance neither.Enjoy.! The huge pitched squeal generally is a pain response and your guinea pig should be seen by simply an exotic vet shortly.It will be week end so place together a new yard selling for tomorrow so you can make plenty of money for taking him that will an spectacular vet previous to he goes on the acute period and it will likely be to late provide to deal with him. Yard gross sales is what we should do if we can not necessarily afford a vet, My business is having 1 for my mate who’s cat is incredibly ill as well as has dropped 7 pounds, I have a garage that is definitely packed rich in things We’ve not made use of for ONLY … Continue reading

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Can shedding be the cause of my baby bearded dragon being dark?

Ive got my bearded dragon to get 4 times now and he/she is apparently doing well, regular serving movements, eating correctly and be very curious but he/she is apparently quite darker in colouring.the basking identify temperature is at 95f which usually i’ve examine is ample.One thing we have noticed is the fact he/she is usually shedding.Is the particular dark colouring a result of shedding or can it be stress connected with new area or regarded as a be concerned Thanks The dark color can easily and s probably caused by way of shedding, bearded dragons may change color multiple periods.They help to make light different lights that help “change” and also “intensify” The color of them.As on your temp.that is sufficient so lighting is not your situation, it only becomes an issue if everyone dragon receives too frigid.You will dsicover him merely laying generally there, getting slim. From the website: Lighting Bearded Dragons demand full range lighting pertaining to 12-14 hours each day.I happen to apply the Reptisun SOME.0 and also 8.0 fluorescent light sources.There is additionally other models available such as the Reptiglo or perhaps lumichrome light sources.These fluorescent incandescent bulbs should stretch along your Beardies enclosure plus your … Continue reading

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Is Elmer Wood Glue toxic to leopard geckos wet?

But one thing, the glue is under a piece of wood that is on the bottom of the tank, and on top of the wood that’s on the glue is reptile carpet.The glue isn’t 1 min fresh, it’s about an hour or 2 and is probably 60 – 70% dry, but I can faintly smell it(the glue).I was wondering if the smell will harm them? I have no where else to put them.:( Elmer’s Wood Glue is non-toxic. As long as the glue only has a faint smell it should be ok.Be careful with the reptile carpet with leopard geckos because there nails can get caught in the loops on the carpet.Also be very careful with what types of wood you use because a lot of wood is toxic.

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Please Help… budgie crisis?

Internet marketing sitting in this article holding our baby budgie….i assume he will probably die…his leg is at an peculiar angle, i do believe the female must have pushed your pet or one thing..is presently there any way i can save your ex….i dont desire him to help die..my fowls mean the earth to myself.. he would’ve a cracked bone, rise able to be splinted with a vet as well as heal.if he is a very young chick he may also be acquiring splayed legs, this is likewise able being corracted if cought early. take him to the vet quickly then! if he seems otherwise very well except his foot anticipate a twisted or fractured foot, so visit the vet now!

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So red claw carb in 2.5 gallon tank?

on the net it says you can have 1 reddish colored claw crab in a very 2.FIVE gallon container.Please help on earth do you think i could truthfully try this specific or perform u think they would die.If they seems sick we would tank your ex boyfriend out.Ought to be a plant your tank post no you want some land plus a filter. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one thing which could live within a 2.5g tank is usually a betta and you need any filter.Every crab requires 5-10g min.

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My fish is not eating his pellets?

I got 2 efficient chromis.But, they would not eat this pellets! The clownfish enjoys them nevertheless.only the smaller chromis eats a bit more when i drop it nearly him.But, the massive one obtains scared after i try that will drop it in front of him.He will not want to be able to eat.And my mom doesn’t allow frozen foodstuff unless it truly is vegetarian.They’re new sea food.They’ve been in my personal tank to get about A FEW days.Thnks! Chromis should better inside bigger party but they’re going to warm around the container eventually.They’re only THREE days old in your tank so impart them with some time period. In any case if it really is something the clown may eat the actual Chromis could eventually carry out too.I wouldn’t fear of it a lot of unless the simple truth is other unpleasant behavior similar to always camouflaging. How old is your setup Chromis are hardy perch, and in case you are having problems keeping all of them healthy, one thing else is actually wrong.Usually it takes up into a week, to get a new sea food to change.Chromis are usually damsels, which are considered aggressive, women and men chromis are generally … Continue reading

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How big do German Shepherd Dogs get?

He has already 87lbs at 1 along with a half a long time.How a lot more will he or she grow I’m sorry, never experienced one in advance of. Ive been aware of some obtaining over A HUNDRED pounds..not normative, but many dogs usually are larger compared to what this breed can be “suppossed” being. He is reached their adult peak.He may fill in a lil far more yet..widen released abit and get a further chest, nevertheless he don’t get almost any taller. here’s the one thing you can certainly read this stats in relation to dogs but i’d a german shepherd that’s 130 lbs about 28′ inches along at the shoulders along with was nonetheless growing.and no he had not been overweight.he could a superb health along with size comment in the vet the item just seriously depends.most you should not get while big because my pup did although some do He need to be about executed growing, anyway right until about 3 to fill in with his or her head and also muscles. Average weight is from 31 to 30 kg. Here’s an excellent site regarding questions related to GSD: http://www.gsdca.org/german-shepherd-dogs Depends around the bloodlines.I’ve seen overgrown GSDs … Continue reading

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