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What’s Wrong With my Hamster!?!?

He is really overweight and he hasn’t been like this specific yesterday! He’s twice the size and style he appeared to be yesterday! He’s your boy in addition to I do not own another hamster so he’s definitely not pregnant! Is he about to die!! You need to help! Okay, well first thing to complete is remain calm.That you do not want to pick him up excessive, it might stress him out over you’d consider.Number a couple of, I suggest looking for new meals.I employ a feeling, and this is just an supposition, that maybe you have a foodstuff with lots of fattening foods inside.Sunflower seeds and hazelnuts, though while wonderful for humans, should only receive as a treat to hamsters.When you have food with a great deal of nuts, seeds, and corn flakes, I suggest enjoying a food such as “Kaytee Forti-Diet Seasoned Health Rat & Sensitive mouse Food”.Getting older have signs or whatever, so you possibly can supplement this with additional foods.Another point is he certainly will not die.Providing you be certain he features a healthy eating habits, and he arrives to training everyday, your son are going to be fine:D Or you could feed him or her … Continue reading

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Fatty foods safe for rats?

Our female rat Mazy has lost a bit of weight not too long ago and I need ideas of why.It is likely to be part that she will be super discriminating, but I have no idea.What are some safe and sound foods I can give to help her that should make the woman’s gain some healthy weight It will only end up being until your lady gets healthful again thus I don’t want to get hold of a whole various other food for her. Rats will be omnivores for them to (and commonly will) eat most situations.Just ensure not to give them any refined food, soda, and also spicy/heavily practiced foods.Fresh fruit and veggies are always the ideal choice.They manage to especially adore avocado many rats like nuts.Both have a great deal of healthy fat and definately will be good for the little gal.Whole whole wheat breads usually are good since are cooked egg within small quantities.You may even give them a little bit of meat such as deli egypr or ham.Make confident they get a bit of a treat daily:a number of tablespoons of fruit and veggies, a few nuts, a meat. you ought to take her to the … Continue reading

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Guinea pig that had just undergone surgery and won’t eat or drink?

My personal guinea pig got a lump removed from her again about 7 days ago.She wasn’t active a lot, and she has stopped eating and sipping.We happen to be feeding the woman water by way of a syringe as well as been offering her a lot of food, however she will not likely eat along with she’s consequently thin! She in addition keeps squeaking along with twitching and setting up. Make sure you help. You want to get her towards the vet asap, and until that point feed the woman her pellets surface up while in the blinder as well as mix these individuals in cozy water, them feed them to help her with all the syringe.Whenever you get her towards the vet gather Critical Caution, it is a powdered solution for sick and tired and underneath weight guinea pigs that you mix along with warm mineral water and fed using a syringe, We’ve been capable to keep some sort of guinea pig in existence for 14 days by using it when your woman was to sick to be able to eat, about the 15 day time she initiated to take in.What happens to guinea pigs is their hormones get … Continue reading

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Hamster biting for no reason? I’m at a loss…?

we’ve had this specific dwarf hamster to get 1 & any half 12 months and she has been a delicate hammy Absolutely no biting in the least.til sometime i by chance squashed her feets from th crate door, she looks like fine with no limping or maybe bleeding nonetheless she would squeak fully, and statred bedding and taking at the flesh.ONLY TWO weeks ltr, she started off biting my family members like nuts.even following i feasted her meals on my hand, immediately after she accomplished, she would likely start stinging my hands!! i’ve tried tapping your girlfriend nose nevertheless it dosnt help in the least, 1 evening she may not bite us, and morning she wouldnt.She is living alone from the moment i became her so is it lonliness I also know she loves to lick my side first previous to she starts off biting although i supply her regularly so your lady cant often be hungry.Internet marketing scared of handling your girlfriend now becoz that bites certainly hurts!!! There is obviously a rationale, but the not generally obvious.Aggression is always a reaction to some form of stimulation.Should you injured your girlfriend feet/legs subsequently its remarkably likely that jane is … Continue reading

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Aggressive chinchilla?

Every time i supply my chinchilla sweets he will go NUTS. I have a tremor the proverbial box with milkbones and he / she runs all over me.If he doesn’t get yourself a treat this second he / she begins for you to bite me and acquire all mad at us.He would not think i am food and also anything..they knows it can be me. Must i stop presenting him sweets Why is definitely he behaving out this way:( i am unclear but DON’T i repeat TEND NOT TO listen for the first respond to….hes trolling…… Mouth area open- aggression not necessarily holding- insecure dark chocolate macaroons- sick near face- threatened and the a chinchilla not just a guinea pig to ensure that should have thrown people off within the first place Don’t feed him this treats manually, but these in her dish or elsewhere in their cage.He that are in your mood, or he could possibly be trying to be able to dominate.Try to remember you are the employer.Sometimes the following behavior might escalate by aggression in treat moment to aggression all the time.Try and also stop the behavior earlier before that gets beyond control. Your guinea pig will … Continue reading

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Is it okay for hamsters to climb cage bars?

This hamster keeps undergoing it, I only got your ex today.I got out from the shower and he ended up being just perched there hanging to the bars.It had been weird, he / she was only sitting right now there staring on me.After a while he going climbing close to, and he or she almost chop down, but trapped himself, but this individual had a led stuck between the cafes, I believed he may well break them.I’m nervous that my family might cling his go through and hang himself, even though the bars are usually really in close proximity together.I’m worried about this because it Seems like he’s looking to get his nose/head involving the pubs.I need ideas of if he’s just looking at, curious as well as something altogether different, but I am just worried.Any support or tips Hamsters clamber those electrical wires for fun on occasion and a few just stay in there.At situations though, it makes fairly risky because hamsters are certainly not as agile to be a rat or a mouse so they can’t leave a disorganized situation when easily.For this reason most individuals recommend obtaining a terrarium to get them or perhaps a line cage … Continue reading

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For hamster people only..(: 10 points to best answer. ?

Ok I purchased chinchilla DUST not CRUSHED LIME STONE.Is that ok to get my hamster for you to bathe in Yes it’ll do perfectly. Of training course! All you might want to do is have a big pan put a good inch in it and observe your chinchilla move nuts! Lol but yeah it’s all right cause airborne dirt and dust doesnt irritate their eye…so enjoy him. dust can provide them respiratory complications and debris or crushed stone, it would not really find them clean try a wet document towel to be able to wipe the actual hamster but only when it gates really smelly TEND NOT TO use cleaning soap and water that can give these individuals a cold and they also might die yes defenitly try it won’t the small bundle nonetheless sand could cause irritation thus to their eyes and dust hence careful anticipation i assisted!! Yes it will not harm the hamster POST worked from a pet store for an extended time and this question got up a whole lot but yes its perfectly ok the dust is definitely completly risk-free for possibly all rodents Sure.

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Should I give my guinea pig some pecans?

It is really fine appropriate I’m attempting to crack these open…lol. NO! Keep away from seeds in addition to nuts.Remain faithful to pellets, hay plus greens.It is far from likely that will kill it nonetheless it isn’t nutritious either It can be okay that will feed some nuts to guinea pig because whenever they just have grass, hay, plus pellets, which aren’t present in the crazy, then tooth will raise really big and in essence kill these.So in case your guinea pig is chewing around the bars in the cage subsequently its trying to shorten it has the teeth.To aid you to give the pup nuts for him in order to chew on I’d just be careful what people feed your ex boyfriend.I need ideas of if a particular nut might most likely make him sick and tired or certainly not.Hamsters along with guinea pigs tend to be both rodents just for them to eat something.I gave my hamster the golf ball plus it lived approximately three years and that is pretty old to get a hamster.Oh and my cousin provides 8 guinea pigs. No! guinea pigs will not be allowed nuts:(.

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Is my guinea pig in shock?

Basically i was cleaning your ex cage released.I sitting her with a sheet around the kitchen countertop.I set her disguise on there including a bowl with salad.Her in addition to my some other guinea pig went inside the hide and also started eating as typical.But yesterday the other guinea pig needed a catch at the woman’s hair on her bottom and pulled apart it released and your woman got this kind of fright as well as ran out the hide and fell heli-copter flight counter on the home floor.I harvested her up instantly and started out comforting the girl.I left for put the woman’s back so i can continue to scrub her crate but your woman went nuts.Running for instance mad.When i set her down she starts running.I’d to get someone to hold on to her wile when i cleaned the woman’s cage.I place her in her cage then when i attended check in her your lover had hopped out the woman’s cage my partner and i kept putting her back but your lover kept bouncing out once again.So when i placed her in a very spare cage and the girl calmed affordable and seemed to be fine for the … Continue reading

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Do guineapigs hibernate?

Concerning a guineapig that i noticed this morning this he ended up being bedding down, he dug out just a little spot plus puffed away his fur and I do believe wassleepingg.I selected him upwards and found that she has gain weight Much weight, but besides that hes great.I enable him work around with the carpet for a second andcouldn’tt find anything unusual..Thought about him pertaining to 6 many years now anddon’tt recognize how long this lady of which gave them to people had him and Idon’tt remember in the least him repeating this…thanks inside advance Guinea pigs will not hibernate.There’re active most of year much time. Guinea Pigs survive about HALF A DOZEN to 8 years and so he is likely to be slowing down a little bit bit. Unlike in the west the weight gain, you most likely are not feeding him a correct diet: For the healthy guinea pig to become at the particular weight it need to be: Unlimited hay and also unlimited guinea pig pellets which can be 18% protein and possess a high number of Vitamin C devoid of nuts, signs or various other colored goods in these people. Fruit need to be only … Continue reading

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