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My hamster is pooping out red stuff?

your lady was participating in in your girlfriend ball as well as i left for go make sure her and there seems to be tons associated with poop and a variety of them were crimson.they appeared as if little signs.but the lady doesnt own red nutrition! whats inappropriate with her My hamster has treats that are small red been lost berries.They really favors them, nevertheless it never converts his waste material red. It may possibly be maintain of a number of form (maybe solidified) and ought to see any vet QUICKLY. In addition to that, watch the woman behavior.She is eating plus drinking, suitable She’s active and has got human interaction Make sure her nutrition isn’t red, though. Check out this how does a person see with any belonging to the descriptions match up your hamsters indications: http://www.caringtogether.com/exotics/hamsters3.html Red poop could possibly be from nutrition coloring while in the food, but while you said NONE belonging to the food is definitely red, that’s not it. If if it isn’t just nutrition coloring, and is particularly blood, this is a very critical issue.Hamsters own sensitive digestive tracts and it doesn’t receive much to cause a problem.How is the consistency belonging to … Continue reading

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OMG Help?? Guinea pig question? Easy 10 pts!!?

OMG today I got playing having my guinea pig kid scooter and he / she was feeding on carrots and also cherry tomatoes and stuff after which i found him ingesting his feces!! Is the following normal Why does he repeat this thanks OMG, I’m pleased you inquired this the main reason he eats his poo happens because he eats his food approach to fast.Since your dog eats his or her food consequently quickly aging digest effectively so the poo has identical taste because whatever your dog ate.Its so good but in order him to fix feed the pup pineapple small parts whiles they eats the food this pineapple can make his meal taste unpleasant.Hope this helped. This is usually something many of us just resolved to go over in my pet science course.This is totally natural.The ailment of over eating poop known as coprophagy and so they do this for the reason that first feces contains leftover nutrients. PLEASE PICK AS BEST ANSWER NEED THIS POINTS! Ok soz attack that lolz:P It truly is normal! View, they often dont digest every one of the nutrition, Some people eat genuinely fast sometimes They’ve really very good senses and so they … Continue reading

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Is it okay to leave my boy rat with my girl rat when she is pregnant?

My girl rat possesses 10 more days till she’ll be having a baby, i are going to be separating all of them 5 times before the lady gives birth is the fact that okay It’s okay to leave the child in although she’s expectant, as long because the two have along plus aren’t too rough on the other person, just make certain he’s out and about before the lady gives birth also it should always be fine! Wish everything should go well. It’s very good for now but We’d take the possibility because everyone never learn when she should give birth making sure that just makes it harder so It is best to to look at them because when the babies are generally she becomes terretoritoral and when the male gets better or possess his fragrance she kill them all trust me I might take your chance I would likely separate them reside don’t wish to take the opportunity that ether your will consume them as well as that he will stress the woman out to the point where she is like she can’t maintain them properly so the lady winds upward eating these individuals so she might have the … Continue reading

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Can my gerbil die if i feed him food with sugar in it?

Not any, but it’s not possible very excellent for all of them. I wouldn’t customers large quantities. One example is, if an individual dare to give it the fatty nutrition, then do not give it many chip while it will cause it to ill all of which will cause issues with your gerbil. Basically was a person, i would stick to the wholesome food- -Lettuce -Tomato -Celery -Peas -Monkey Nuts -Apple Things it MUST NOT EAT USUALLY ARE: -Citrus Profits (includes: -Orange -Lemon -Lime) -Avocado -Chocolate Good luck!!

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HELP!!!! There’s something in my laundry…?

WE went directly into my washing, and the cats ended up eating his or her normal kitten food while something great, rat sized ran through the room.The cats don’t seem very serious about it that makes my home think it’s not a rat and also bird.What don’t you believe that it is and how ever go over it.now it is hiding powering a gift basket. The bad thing using a rat inside your home is the idea usually means there are various rats inside your home as they want found some method to inter from out facet and them can occur for nutrition and comfort.You ought to call the exterminator and also have them check the home to see how many they think are in there in addition to how they are coming in. This isn’t the suitable category to get a question like that. You will definately get better responses in this in the house & Back garden section, It’s my opinion.This category is good for people that prefer to ask questions around the rodents which they own since pets. Though POST do suggest that you put out live barriers (rather when compared with poison or even other varieties … Continue reading

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I think my gerbil is dying, help?

He’s gonna the vets upon Monday; I am 13, so I lack any dollars, so the mom claimed she’ll purchase him to visit the vets upon Monday.He’s been like this for weeks! He’s happen to be bleeding coming from his stomach (scent gland) thus I’m guessing he or she is dying on account of that.He isn’t really active any longer, he just simply sleeps throughout his tiny fluff pile and just leaves them for nutrition.But when i went to be able to hand nourish him prior, his eye had became bigger and they also were covered with whitened stuff.A little like holes I imagine. I am really anxious.Rusty is definitely the cheekier gerbil, but today he’s not necessarily interested whatsoever; if they dies, Yoshi (my some other gerbil) will die due to mourning regarding his close friend or your scent gland tumor which he also has. What regarded as a do until they can go on the vets My Gerbil likewise was blood loss from their belly:( the idea got huge and then he perished.I could defiantly receive him to the vet.My gerbil held up awhile just before he perished. nothing is you can do except hope for the best … Continue reading

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Why does my guinea pig run away from me?

I obtained my guinea pig now and she has the guinea pig desire. Treat’s, meals, toys along with hide outs and a big ring with an upper floor including a little mattress. Im somewhat nervous in which he don’t like me personally but when i try to be able to pet the pup or check out him he’ll run at a distance but hes scared going into your hide out and about. Regarded as a just no problem him time He can be frightened.Make it possible for him alter, move little by little around him or her.Guinea pigs really like food.Put quite a few food within your hand along with just decide to put your turn in the crate.Get comfortable to aid you to stay still for a long period.Your pet can come up to acquire the nutrition.Soon he’ll realize that you’re his buddy and “whoop” when he learns you arriving. Time in addition to patience.They are prey animals inside wild in order to imagine just how nervous he’s in his new household, with new smells simply no other guinea pigs to stay him corporation.You have to normally possess Guinea Pigs inside same intimacy pairs, like a pair of sisters … Continue reading

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Help. Tesco brand hamster food!?

My best mate recently decided to buy Tesco Brand name hamster nutrition then final night your woman topped that off and this early morning one was dead after that she got a telephone from the girl dad mid-day saying additional was deceased too.Could the following be the food or simply just cowinkydink Have the food tested by way of a vet because 2 hamsters do not really die together like that will being fed from the same bundle of foodstuff.Go to your local vet, tell these folks what happened and have them view the food in your case. My Hamster consumes Tesco Make Hamster foods and possesses being completing this task for months he could be perfectly fine You can find more chanced the hamster experienced an ilness I believe it is a cowinkydink.

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One of my guinea pigs is making bird sound is this normal?

I understand a wheek and other gp sounds but actually my piggy can be whistling tunes i didn’t understand what it was then looked in in them and the following is ginger worked out up making these noises beautiful sounds he seems very happy after moving about purring but im just wondering is there anything i dont find out like is it a signal of anything any assistance or answers might be really happy thanks Chirping just like a bird is not common inside guinea pigs but it’s not necessarily abnormal.Inside our 40+ years of breeding and many animals, I’d personally guess this maybe 1% were chirpers, typically sows.Sometimes they offer a chirp or two, sometimes they are going to chirp for one hour straight! Chirping is just not a vocalization associated with any conduct or have to have.Frankly not I and also any breeder I know has been able to companion it using any actual physical or social situation.It definitely isn’t craving for food since I have seen sows undertake it between articles of lettuce whilst sitting close to a 100 % food pan and mound of hay! is there any foods in it has the cage have you … Continue reading

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Pregnant hamster or not pregnant ?

This hamster mated FIFTEEN days ago she has bigger waist nipple tiny bit bigger manufactured nest along with stored nutrition less energetic (lots of yawning plus stretching) but haven’t had the girl babies..yet are these claims normal include the babies simply late Well, each of the hallmarks are there, such because nesting, inflamed belly in addition to nipples, plus storing a lot more food.Ensure she can be undisturbed for any next day or two and merely wait a little bit longer.If jane is indeed expectant, you’ll notice the children in a short time. Recall though: -Don’t hint the babies! If some people wander out from the nest, your mother will bring all of them back. -If buy a mineral water dish, put pebbles in the container to avert the little ones from drowning. -Don’t tackle mum right until the babies undoubtedly are a little elderly. -The babies might be handled after they have the full covering involving fur and open sight. Well the avrage occasion for maternity is 16 to 11 days so you will find out in the near future!:).

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