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I just got a new guinea pig and i dont know what to name it!?

this individual it light source brown which includes a patch of dark dark brown around her right vision.. i was taking a look at a bunch of names which is most i spotted… ONE.scruffy ONLY TWO.twix THREE.peanut SEVERAL.harley Make like your name harley but my spouse and i dont recognize if it can be right for any MALE guinea pig! please pick one particular and your suggestion should you have one (: spider pig my guinea pig ended up being called scuffy, and if u consider harley is girly then there were this dude inside my sisters school called harley Harley is actually perfect! my personal suggestion:GeoVanni(Geo) thats what i named my hamster:D Harley is perfect for males in order to!:) i believe harley is definitely cute:) piglet ftw.:).

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Names for my gerbils?? any suggestions?

We’ve one that appears like the grayscale gerbil on this page your decide one that appears the great gerbil underneath the non colored documents gerbil pic. http://www.twinsqueaks.com/meet.php what would you think is good titles for these folks Something exclusive….they will be both young women. Pumpkin along with Spice. Timon along with Pumba Oreo plus Pip. how related to barbie plus shakira.

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Names for gerbil in this pic?

MY PARTNER AND I cant learn what to help call our FEMALE gerbil.She looks kinda that adheres to that non colored documents gerbil around the page>>>>> http://www.twinsqueaks.com/meet.php How concerning Oreo or perhaps Boo Beau Petunia Dandy Twitch Mickey Tabby Dixie Spinky ( constructed word we thought had been cute.) Lola Abby Good luck!

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Names for a rodent website?

hi there I’m building a website to get rodent caution and basically about rodents.just one problem……..I cant think of a name! if you might help us out that may be fantastic! – Rodentia – Rodent globe / land – Lil’ fuzzies – Lil’ buddy Rodentopia Best of luck!

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Help with lighting- ceramic heat emitters- socket type? safe for a dual light?

We have a russian tortoise.We have been with the mercury lamps, but for whatever reason, they exclusively last a month at my own house- it’s an older house, so I am thinking to blame the currents. I just bought a CFL bulb (Exo Terra 12.0 CFL Wasteland Terrarium Light, 26-Watt ) and I got myself a ceramic high temperature emitter (60w Zoomed) Now I read the heat emitters can certainly only be included in porcelain sockets.POST thought ceramic has been porcelain, and don’t know why they’d be utilizing two names with the same idea, so thought I would check if they are diverse. Are ceramic and porcelain sockets a similar thing And second- will it be safe to use a heating emitter along with a CFL bulb simultaneously in ZooMed Mini combo serious dome lamp fixture These are connected, and I am not sure should the heat with the ceramic would likely bust that CFL. Any suggestions The terrarium is only about a new foot high having a large hole wire nylon uppers top, so WE don’t will need extremely extended range stuff because of the way Thanks earlier! ceramic light fixture is very good, not certain if it is … Continue reading

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Spotted Python Names?

Im obtaining a spotted python next week and I’d really like name ideas.I will take a look at his personality once i get him or her but I can still enjoy your Suggestions.Thanks! Hernandez Monty Tom Riddle Fluffy.Or cuddles its around you possibly not me.

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What are the ninga turtles names and colors?

i like the purple one michelangelo(orange) donatello(purple) leonardo(blue) rapheal(red) michealanjelo-yellow rapheal-red donnatello-purple leonardo-blue All called after famous dead Italians. Ninja Whats some sort of ninga Google them.

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Names for a bearded dragon?

I’m getting a bearded dragon next year and i need some name suggestions, i used to have a male named Ninja. Ziggy, Mo-mo, Pogo (cause their scientific name is poggona vittecepts) for boys sorry for bad spelling. And i don’t have any for girls :/ ‘Frilly’ we also thought ours was a male till she started to lay eggs. Diego, Barry, Nelson I named mine Norbert, but “he” turned out to be a she, oh well :O Spyro cahoots draggie

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I need to know a good reptile store slogan.?

I plan on making a reptile pet store and here are some names i might use.:

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What are the names of the birds used in angry birds?

There are certain different different types of birds used at the tables.In the first levels, the standard red parrot is the only one available.For the reason that player advances throughout the game, additional forms of birds develop into available; most of these birds tend to be effective versus particular supplies or they’ve got special abilities which can be activated by the player after the bird has been launched.For example, a azure bird might separate into three chickens, a green bird which often can speed up within the air, a dark bird explodes plus a white fowl can decline explosive ovum. Hi (: They’re just sort of ‘anonymous’.They just pass the artists: Reddish Bird Pink Bird Yellowish Bird Black Bird White wine Bird Environmentally friendly Bird Big brother Bird Monstrous Eagle Blu (Special Format Birds included) I am hoping this facilitates (:

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