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How do I make a ledge out of cardboard?

We’ve just became my hamster but the cage is actually bit way too small correctly.I has been just wondering how to do a ledge correctly to get more room on the bottom floor.The exclusively thing will be, I have only cardboard to generate it out of. It is better to make a bin parrot cage.Besides, the hamster can easily chew throughout the cardboard. When you’ve got something just like a crittertrail and also habitrail, there are connect the particular bin competition to the item.All you’ll need is a plastic backup bin and many basic gear.Cut a hole while in the lid of the bin in addition to cover the idea with several wire mesh.And that’s how to do a trash can cage! When the bin can be tall sufficient, and you don’t have any no cost roaming animals at home, you will also leave this lid off. http://images01.olx.com.sg/ui/3/62/51/48836151_4.jpg http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/86/dsc01092xdt6.jpg/ http://www.chinchillanation.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/dsc_0675.jpg http://hamsterhideout.com/forum/index.phpshowtopic=27040 There are plenty of content articles online, merely google these people. thats okay! I might put pockets all around one side and wrap that into the cage after which put some sort of hole through the other COUPLE OF corners plus tie them to the top on the cage … Continue reading

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Would rat harnesses fit on panda hamsters?

dont appraise just tell i skepticism it, but the truth is can invest in hamster harnesses — http://www.amazon.corp.uk/Ferplast-Hamster-Harness-Collar-Walking/dp/B001N03RBA/ref=sr_1_1ie=UTF8&qid=1317136755&sr=8-1 and i make use of a harness on my hammy and it also doesn’t harm him simply because i dont move on him, its just a method to have floor time together with him correctly:) you will see the above harness upon my hammy throughout my myspace vids (youtube.com/tashaturnbull) this picture upon amazon is just not very obvious. Take it easy:).

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I became on myspace and we heard any hurt sqeek and also i travelled over plus my gerbils history fell out of ( Not mine, my buddies gerbil)! You will see 1cm with the bone and i dont very little were some sort of vet can be.he’s currently from a diffrent crate lined along with toilet documents and he is licking his tail.all of us cleaned them as weel.whats about to happen and what should i do for the gerbil http://au.solutions.yahoo.com/question/indexqid=20080617090616AA8HQeP All that you can do is have him to some vet and also see what they’ll do oo i am sorry yea ough cant inquire yahoo answers this all u can do is look at the vet in the vet you may ask allthe requests youll will need or glue again the butt:) lol jkjkjk haha hes goin to help die after which ur friend is goin to hate u forever.

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Is my baby pearl cockatiel a male or a female?

I became told by just a breeder that it was a new female.I have posted a chek out a photograph of our bird.Please help im dying to be aware of she is similar to 4 and also a half many weeks old and i know you will need to wait to at least 6 several weeks but I want to know so we can call this guy and tell him he gave me the inappropriate bird because I already have a male and i need them to be able to mate.You need to help!!! http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=222206291174746&set=a.175437449184964.49652.100001561299462&type=1&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=222204894508219&set=a.175437449184964.49652.100001561299462&type=1&theater If anyone was told because of the breeder that it’s a female, they’re correct when he applied a pearl male into a normal female, the making love link issue works in this way. A mans is a new sex connected variety, the hen is just not. All the particular young hens could be the same colour since the father and all of the males is going to be normal separate for pearl.There will probably be other shapes and colours appear in the nest but each of the hens may carry the actual pearl markings. If it is a … Continue reading

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What breed is my pony and do you know her history have you seen this pony before ?

http://www.facebook or myspace.com/album.phpaid=9115&id=100002025619461 http://www.vimeo.com/watchv=2eBpT7YWpuk http://www.facebook or myspace.com/album.phpaid=17959&id=100002025619461 thanks so much anything is helpfull most people think jane is aussie horse not welsh while anything is actually appreciated give thanks to you I you should not really realize she could be anything truly but jane is very pretty and MY PARTNER AND I can’t trust your horse has a facebook page that is certainly so nice!!:D I agree w/Ron – seems like a smaller QH to my opinion.If she is not mix bred, then to consider what the girl breeding can be from once you purchased the girl.No offense, but I believe you’ve got a case involving wanting its own breed in addition to all you actually have is a grade moose.If I were a person, I’d be content to have a really nice horse that you just seem to get a very good bond with rather than worry concerning what breed nancy.Without papers, an astounding show document and great confirmation, you should not be proliferation her, just what exactly breed she is doesn’t really matter. Edit- remorseful to first set of your bubble although a QH can be a stocky reproduce. No way is the lady a TB and also … Continue reading

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Are my horses fat? please comment on both the chestnut and bay?

You need to rate equally.They are already sitting throughout pasture most of winter and haven’t been exercised for a while.I feel the bay really needs some conditioning.He’s a new mustang and the chestnut mare is definitely arab.They are both with pasture 24/7 and have a flake associated with hay in the am and evening.Thank anyone. http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145123449183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145123659183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145121329183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145121854183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145122614183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater http://www.facebook or myspace.com/#! /photo.phpfbid=10150145122934183&set=a.10150145120859183.301616.791829182&theater Well I do think the bay deer is way too fat, but the chestnut is actually OK.Neither advisors have just about any muscle, but what is it possible to expect every time they have not really been did wonders! Your mustang is adorable anyway.You can not really shrink their nourish since that they get so little undoubtedly, but with spring grass coming up I’m anxious both will certainly really blimp out.With your weather acquiring nicer, you could can get started riding these people more.If your bay nonetheless gains bodyweight, you likely have to retain him over grass for section of the time, either from a stall or smaller pasture together with less grass.If all else enough, you could try some of … Continue reading

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Is it normal for my dog to shake in her sleep?

Okay Im laying during sex with this yellow science lab sandy in addition to she keeps on trembling like she is chasing something but nancy asleep and also I would like to know if it’s normal and that which is she doing My most dogs twitch their particular feet, whine, growl as well as bark for their sleep.We continually just say there’re chasing squirrels for their dreams.Concerning seen quite a few dogs do exactly the same thing of their sleep, I utilized to work within a kennel, and I believe it is completely normal. My doggies let that happen when they are dreaming.We’ve even noticed them bring up a shell out and riff their lips.its lovable.I believe there exists a popular video on myspace about some sort of dog that was literally chasing something and also dreaming along with he reach a wall structure (poor thing).Their quite frequent.Now if she is shaking and yes it doesn’t seems to be a thinking like movement you might like to take her towards the vet, because dogs may have seizures and epilepsy.If you need to be safe, call your vet and determine if he thinks you must bring the woman in influenced by … Continue reading

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Why can’t my dog look at my computer screen?

instant messaging doing web cam with my personal family along with my puppy is with them.they placed my dog while you’re watching computer display so i’ll see the pup, but he or she refuses trend towards the laptop.your dog looks just about everywhere besides the laptop monitor, ive by no means seen any dog become so unwilling.just wanting to know if them hurts a dogs eyes trend into something similar to a pc screen can your dog see everyone if he is able to see anyone i hardly understand why he may not look along at the screen…the dog watches my pc if the girl sees the woman own photograph or felines on myspace or one thing… http://i390.photobucket.com/albums/oo349/hoolagal/caseylookingatherselfonthecomputer2.jpg It is sometimes accepted of which dogs do not own a concept of do it yourself like human beings do every time they see themselves inside the mirror and also reflected from the water.Also the tv monitor flickers and also the refresh rate that pets might need to visit things clearly will probably be different in order to ours. What We’ve noticed is the fact they’ll observe movement involving small wooly animals for the screen, and become really keen in case you … Continue reading

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