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IS kiwi good for guinea pig?

how many kiwi will i give inside a day As together with any berries kiwi is actually high throughout sugar so only feed for a treat just about every 3 days, however, it is even bigger in plaque created by sugar so in the event that fed every single day it can cause sores as part of your guinea pigs mouth.So a little 1/2 ” cut every 3 OR MORE days is definitely all that is definitely rally aware of feed your guinea pig, stick to kale, romaine lettuce, dandelion green vegitables, mustard green vegitables, parsley, swiss chard, purple and natural bell peppers, a combination of all these daily will give it many of the fresh Health food C it needs along by using many vitamins. A smaller slice at occassion is definitely fine as being a treat, but the truth is shouldn’t supply it regular.You don’t wish to give them a whole lot of sugar on the regular occassion.

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My guinea pig is not drinking very much water?

so I just adopted a girl guinea pig they said was about 12 months old.Since she’s been here (about A COUPLE OF weeks) she has not drank quite definitely.I have a very water container and run of normal water in your ex cage and no seem like she has drank greatly.I supply her about 3-5 carrots every day (bigger the baby carrots) and she constantly eats they all.I Aldo give her hay and regular guinea pig foodstuff.Just were going to know if it is normal or what I ought of do.Thanks! Some guinea pigs drink plenty of water, others only drink a little bit.I possess two which have been big drinkers andf the other that not touches the woman water.About to catch feeding your own guinea pig properly though, feasted her because follows Unlimited guinea pig pellets which have 18% protein and also a high degree of Vitamin C no nuts, vegetables, or various other colored things. Indefinite hay, timothy, orchard lawn or a bit of good grass hay you will discover at your own local supply and seedling store, and here , your local farmers buy and almost everything is quite fresh and is 1/10th the worth you would … Continue reading

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Help!!! My iguana has…..?

Consequently I took in this HALF A DOZEN year aged female iguana a few weeks ago.Your woman was kept in horrid Conditions and ended up fed pretty much nothing but lettuce and spinache..(not good) well when we finally got her she experienced rocks because the substrate around her 55gallon gas tank (way as well small POST know) anyhow we obtained her any much greater tank, your woman now has the killed black walnut bed (looks like sand) suitable lights and also feeding your girlfriend mustard vegetables, collars green veggies, turnip green veggies, endive, raddiccio, flatten ect. But now (which had been about A COUPLE OF weeks after we bought her) WE changed your girlfriend water tank cause she pooped inside and there were rocks throughout there Rocks like for example she ingested the boulders in the woman’s old tank and they also must include gotten stuck and finally came available! I are deprived of a vet that could see her any place in my area what should POST do Let’s say she offers more bolders stuck throughout there She has been excellent cranky lately and after this today she’s merely a lover…I’m sure it’s trigger the dirt were causing her … Continue reading

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Am i over feeding my 3 to 4 month old bearded dragon too much?

I feed your ex boyfriend or she about 12 small for you to medium crickets or 10 locust using three mini meal worms is always that to much young bearded dragons really should be fed two times daily right until 2 years of age i give food to once in the am once during the night time Juveniles ought to be offered several crickets as they quite simply can eat from a 5 min period with the extras becoming removed following its done 2 times a day we would avoid any kind of worms (aside from repti worms) since they’ve very higher fat lvls and may contribute to fatty liver disease vegetable plants should include things like dark leafy veggies i like kale, mustard, and collard greens mixed with either zucchini or squash expectation it helps That must be good ample unless they’ve roaming around were people usually nourish him or they’re biting the other legs involving bearded dragons should you have any in there that insects ought to be coated in a calcium powder every time you place them within there ( regular ) and also the diet must be around 80% insects and 20% vegetables (greens).

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What’s the best thing to feed my 10 inch bearded dragon?

Can i feed your ex large crickets feed compact to method crickets everyday together with greens (collard, turnip, curly mustard, and dandelion greens is also the best.endive, escarole, and kale too) Bearded dragons ought to only end up being fed pinhead or maybe medium size crickets once they are juveniles them selves or will be maturing into an adult.once they will reach the dimensions yours is which can be around mature hood they can be fed huge crickets.they should also become fed 80% insects and 20% facilities.they must also be fed 1-2 times each day depending on what amount he consumes.No outside vegetation or maybe insects really should be fed to the bearded dragon.The insects you will get from the animal store are ok.however outside bugs and plants may carry parasites and also diseases. watch how you can train the dragon.

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Bearded dragon veg staple?

Should i feed curly kale like a staple pertaining to vegetables or could it be not excellent for these.Some say yes quite a few say not any.And in any other case what different can the dragon have Kale must not be the staple darkish leafy eco-friendly; it is usually moderately large in oxalates and goitrogens (chemicals that obstruct thyroid function and calcium absorption.) It becomes better used just as one occasional green.Better staple darker leafy green vegitables are collard greens, mustard green veggies, turnip green veggies, dandelion green veggies, endive, along with escarole.(It is a good idea to get a couple of staple green and mixture them with each other when feeds.) Different veggies need to be a secondary portion of the diet program and must be varied generally.Here’s a superb veggie checklist with nutritionary info: http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html you may feed kale every 2 or 3 days, possibly not alot though this web site should give you some help – http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.web coding bearded dragons have to be fed crickets along with greens each day (2 – Three times a day).

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So i just got a baby bearded dragon, advice?

all that the breeders laughed and said was to work with sand because substrate whenever he’s a couple weeks older adn that will feed your pet crickets as well as meal viruses.can any person link me into a really great care metal sheet Thanks!:) Wow, just what breeder bought you in which terrible guidance:( This is my personal care sheet Concerning made over the last 6 several years: Dwell Prey Silkworms (Best), Phoenix Worms, Crickets (Gut Load and Dust) as well as Roaches (Dubia or perhaps Lobster to name two).ABSOLUTELY NO mealworms.They usually are high with phosphorous which usually binds calcium and can result in MBD. Superworms in addition to Waxworms usually are both viewed as treats.They must not receive a lot more than Several a week when they are very addictive as well as very fatty.Without to any kind of dragon beneath 16 inches. Mice or everthing else alive, or maybe frozen, shouldn’t be fed to some dragon. Veggies – Best to help combine several to continue it variable. Alfalfa Facilities, Bok Choy, Cactus Pad/Leaf/Pear, Chicory, Collard Vegetables, Dandelion Vegetables, Endive, Escarole, Mustard Vegetables, Swiss Chard, Turnip Vegetables. Fruit – A few times a 1 week treat, ABSOLUTELY NO … Continue reading

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My bearded dragon hasent eating all day.?

This Bearded looks shedding but we have only got him with regard to 2 nights.the just signs connected with shedding your dog shows is actually rubbing his / her head versus his are a blast.my Heat for basking absolutely , is about 82 & humidity reaches 58-60% The first day Have him he ate SOME crickets & the next day ( today ) he only had one and he’s basking in his rock right through the day.i have help asap Your basking temperature is not high plenty of.They require high heat to improve their metabolism and also to help by using digestion of their meals.Here is actually my health care sheet that we have made during the last six many years with our Bearded Dragon. Stay Prey Silkworms (Best), Phoenix Earthworms, Crickets (Gut Place and Dust) as well as Roaches (Dubia or maybe Lobster to call two).VERY LITTLE mealworms.They usually are high with phosphorous which usually binds calcium and can lead to MBD. Superworms along with Waxworms tend to be both viewed as treats.They should not receive a lot more than A few a week when they are quite addictive plus very fatty.Without having to to almost any dragon beneath … Continue reading

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Why is my beardie not eating?

I my Beardie 2 days before – hes about 14-16 inches wide – My organization is a fresh beardie owner (traded my personal untame iguana) yet he hasn’t been eating and I will be worried.I bought him to be able to eat food worms, that may be all.I placed 4 crickets with there with him and perhaps they are still now there.I retain giving him or her fresh salad on a daily basis (mustard veggies, green leaf lettuce, collard greens, with grated carrot plus grated reddish cabbage, grated green squash, he / she isn’t feeding on.I actually tried in order to feed your pet some papaya nowadays – zero go.He is in your 160 gal tank which includes a heat rug, a uv light, a evening lamp – all is while it should be while using lights..HELP It seems you will have the correct set up, he might be just confused from getting moved to your new house like nearly all lizards after you drastically alter their environment.Id simply just give your pet time to conform to your habitat and he should start to eat once more! P.vertisements.you usually are doing great like a beginner! It’s because he is still … Continue reading

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What are the best foods for my beardies?

I want to to know are you ready for best foods for the beardies right this moment I’m allowing them crickets in addition to mealworms and I know meal viruses are bad for them hence I’m likely to stop but I got wondering precisely what else is good for them in addition to crickets make sure you list so as from the 1st to previous best for them Hi, I ‘m glad you do research at more food options for your beardies:-) Acceptable, for pesky insects, these will be the best: 1) Silkworms 2) Phoenix Worms 3) Dubia Roaches 4) Hornworms 5) Crickets With regard to vegetables, most are the greatest: 1) Most are all within the same (they all contain the best calcium for you to phosphorus ratio):Collard vegetables, turnip vegetables, dandelion greens 2) Mustard vegetables, endive, escarole, arugula (these needs to be mixed by using those from 1, over, as they don’t have the most beneficial calcium to phosphorus proportion but are greater than others) 3) Additional vegetables such as butternut lead capture pages. Here are some links to bearded dragon eating habits care bed sheets: http://reptile-parrots.com/forums/showthread.php193-Bearded-Dragon-Diet http://www.beautifuldragons.com/Nutrition.html Lucy Bracelets.

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