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Hamster vs Chinchilla. Cost wise?

I’m looking for a fresh pet (I’m 15), my mom is serious about a chinchilla and I will be interested within a hamster or perhaps two.My mom will not know the product range of prices for a chinchilla, although I realize that any hamster is cheaper.Could somebody please aid me away with choosing which could be best, fee wise, etc Thanks in advance! They are both fantastic pets and also very fulfilling but whenever cost is surely an issue then go for hamsters.Hamsters usually are cheap to purchase, cheap to supply for in addition to their cages are generally about 100 for the decent you.Chinchillas are one of the expensive rodents in order to own.It costs plenty to buy even an overview, the genuine chinchillas tend to be pretty beloved and should be kept within pairs consequently multiply primary cost times 2! Their cage need to be very massive (similar to your tall parrot cage) and this can be about 300+ excluding bedding, playthings, bowls and many others.You’ll should chinchilla-proof your location you’ll become keeping them which means fencing out of wires, stand legs, fireplaces or anything else.They can damage furniture through chewing.You should also spend time and effort with … Continue reading

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What type of powder is best for bathing mice ?

i have a YOU month older mice i need 2 bath tub him quite a few websites declare dat we ought to use rodent fine sand but i are in india where there is absolutely no facilities with regard to hamsters as well as mice so can one give him or her arrowroot powder snow or cornflower powder snow as maney internet sites say of which mice in addition to hamsters really like cornstarch bathtub but post cant get cornstarch allow me to only uncover cornflower or maybe arrowroot powder so do you find it safe fr mice or hamster bath or just what other powder regarded as a use fr mice bath….websites declare that rodents luv mud or cornstarch bath You can find on the web from websites like these.Copy and also paste them into your address standard. http://www.amazon.corp.uk/Superpet-Critter-Bath-Powder-413/dp/B0006L2VR8 or http://www.amazon.com/Pets-International-Critter-Bath-Powder/dp/B001D764UE/ref=sr_1_3ie=UTF8&qid=1317329065&sr=8-3 Enjoy!

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Milk snake, sand boa, or king snake?

I’m trying to find my 1st snake, dispite the belief that my father and mother are terrified ones.I appreciate them.These three snakes have caught my eye.I’d personally really as a Cali full or the all dark-colored king.Or a Kenyan mud boa, or some kind of milk snake.Please enlighten me on which I fact that this to happen. i might say any king yet do your own Research although great snakes also is extremely hard if get yourself a nasty one Good attention! These usually are all lovely snakes.I’d personally suggest the King to your first snake as my primary was some sort of Speckeled King that we caught next time i was 8 yoa.Even nevertheless my “wild” Full was the mature feminine, it was very docile not showed any sign connected with aggression except for the fast tail twitching next time i first captured her.But that is definitely common along with expected together with any Lampropeltis end up being they hatchlings or perhaps adults.Because already recognize, the Carolina King (Lampropeltis getula californiae) is available in different habits, some with written agreement stripes circling your body and others when using the stripes operating lengthwise.I employed to own the albino cali while … Continue reading

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What is my bearded dragon walking around eating sand?!?

We’ve the calcium crushed lime stone, and that scares us because post heard who’s causes death.What can i do to prevent him plz plz plz plz plz plz aid me Get rid of it. At this time. It is actually encouraging the actual beardie in order to eat it and since you can see he’ll continue to try and do so.It is far from digestible and it will build-up inside the pup, highly likely to cause impaction that is merely fatal. Calcium sand may be the worst sustrate probable….i dont learn why people pursue to market it. you must of performed research prior to deciding to got that beardie- you have to get it to some vet asap to try to get rid of the swallowed sand seeing that hes already been eating this before it kills your poor matter or helps make him seriously ill.make use of repti-carpet and also paper small towel.just get him journey sand now even though he implies he doesnt employ a substrate until eventually tomorrow Hey, maybe this will help.I’ve found a totally free bearded dragon guide.You may download the item from right here:http://beardeddragonbook.com/free-y-book It truly is free using over HUNDRED pages, and a … Continue reading

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What’s a good pet snake for a nine year old boy?? ?

We now have two puppies already so snake cannot be able to harm canines. boa constrictor I wouldn’t really recommend any reptiles to someone below 12, to be honest, unless you’re willing to take a lot of the responsibility… And any snake may harm your own dogs.A constrictor (which most usual pet snakes are) can strangle it really is neck or limbs.A poisonous snake can do the totally obvious…But I might definitely NOT recommend the venomous snake for a 9-year-old:P Along with all snakes hold the tendency to bite. But MY SPOUSE AND I guess any corn snake could be OK, whenever, like MY PARTNER AND I said, you’re prepared to help love it.I’ve noticed many cases where the relative (assuming you might be the mum or dad figure of this boy) in the end get the singular care-taker of a pet, and at times get angry and good it at a distance.I really hate witnessing this take place, so I really hope you decide accordingly:) But corn snakes are one of the nicest snakes to choose from, and I’ve had my own ring experience for you to vouch for that; ) *Just and that means you know, I’m definitely … Continue reading

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Is a tortoise a good choice as a first pet?

My personal house offers no area for tanks and also cages for every other form of pets, and I recently thought about finding a tortoise.I could keep it outside as there exists plenty connected with space, and inside the winter it can be brought inside house.I appeared to be wondering if it was before a great choice as any pet or even not Tortoises grow pretty huge, so you may choose a smaller sized breed with Tortoise should you choose get one particular.I get two turtles (land turtles) and in addition they just are now living in a put in writing out inside backyard.There may be already the tree within there, they have a very little dugout residence, some factories, leaves, mud, etc., and they can find all the slugs they want to gain in now there. Some turtles/tortoises can maneuver around without any cage and also pen, and I’m thinking that might be what you want.That way there is not any building involved, because my pops had to make a pen for your turtles. I adore my turtles, they are a very quick pet to look after. ALSO! One more thing.If a person’s tortoise roams around outside every day, … Continue reading

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Questions about snakes/ other reptiles?

So so Love it if more want to get a snake or other sorts of reptile nevertheless preferably your snake.Are usually best form of reptile for any first timer (be specific) along with what can i need to handle it what is a best novice snake, just about the most common question talking about snakes.A lot of people commonly say projectiles, corns and also other ratsnakes, kingsnakes, use snakes.dont have me wrong they’re all wonderful beginner snakes but i would like to address two that overcome looked that will make great beginners Kenyan Mud Boa- one of my private favorites, pretty docile, males stay beneath 2 ft females stay under 5 feet, normally good eaters, some tend to be difficult to get off dwell meals but get rid of so and then ball pythons.they’re a incredibly interesting kinds with nominal maintenance, probably smallest maintains snake in existence.(live delivery! ) Childrens python along with Spotted python- same species thus i set them together, again a simple to love docile snake, that they stay modest, eat good so are very active every day for your python, like to climb although they are not and arboreal kinds. for husbandry of whatever snake you … Continue reading

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How do i unimpact my bearded dragon?

my bearded dragon is about 2 years of age.i supply her around 7-10 superworms (calcium in addition to multivitamin dusted), and a few peas every day.i believe she is usually impacted because she were pooping considerably lately.my buddy said this individual had exactly the same problem along with he feasted his lizard mashed prunes regarding babies also it worked.is that true is it safe in case it doesnt function then what exactly are some things we can try i used to be planning in breeding her within the next thirty days or hence but we dont know merely should a result of impaction.i was also advised that superworms cause impaction, so post switched to crickets some time back nonetheless had simply no luck.i was then told by way of a local pet shop that they feed each one of their grownup dragons superworms also it shouldn’t be a problem.so i really dont know what to believe…i totally desire to fix this in time to canine my dragon! make sure you comment. Aditional advice: basking location is 95-100 degrees F chilly spot is actually anywhere from 78-85 levels F 18” uvb light for just a 3′ long tank … i dont … Continue reading

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How do i keep my bearded dragon warm?!?!?

his or her heat area rug broke about on a daily basis ago along with he feels pretty cold and hes burying him or her self in her sand.How to keep your ex boyfriend warm first of most, dont make use of sand, it may cause impaction, find reptile carpet you will definitely get a fresh heat lamp until then, i would obtain lamp as well as desk light source and fit it suitable over her tank You want to get a brand new lamp as soon as possible! Also there is a huge discussion on the application of sand.I feel given that its not just a baby so you give suitable supplements it will likely be fine on sand.We’ve never had an issue with my very own on mud.I ‘m not declaring sand impaction will not happen since it does yet all lizard habitats needs to be as nearly their organic habitat as you possibly can. You are able to use a frequent desk lamp for now.In addition, if you had an power blanket, that is going to work at the same time.You will likely need to purchase your heat lamp in the end though.I have a very ceramic … Continue reading

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Rosy boa, rainbow boa, king snake?

I’m trying to find a INITIAL snake.I have done position of homework on how to care with regard to them and also what there requirements tend to be.I simply just want a opinion by someone exactly who owns these individuals.I need a casual snake which will be quick to handil without being nippy.I likewise want the snake that is definitely not a new picky eater.I would prefer to keep under 150$.I are in Colorado whenever that things for humidity or everything. well just about any snake is usually a bit nippy any time young, I have owned queen snakes, a columbian rainbow boa and also several crushed lime stone boas (similar with a rosy boa) I might personally suggest the mud boa, they don’t require a lot humidity, they need special scares of which retain seepage.rainbow are generally pretty but need more space and also humidity.kingsnakes usually are neat ( my spouse and i prefer speckled kingsnakes) but if you house in addition to handling multiple snakes in like i repeat this can set-off a give response while their primary food source inside wild will be other snakes.let alone they have more space again in that case the stone dust … Continue reading

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