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Im going to order a guinea pig cage?

alright my mother said i could order your c&c cage online in amozon considering that its much cheaper presently there $31.00 yeah preety awesome and big for my guiena pig and as it pertains should when i start buyin items oh and easy methods to tell my personal mom i would like my parrot cage at my room your lady thinks it might stink but we’d clean it adequately so she hopes to put the item outside in addition to i dont desire that therefore plz helpp and where we leave its freezin generally snowing and raining guide stupid right u can’t make use of a c and also c parrot cage for outside narrow models look great they will be inside cages, and gp’s should be outside inside the snow C&C cages are not built to get outdoors, because if this can be a rainy in addition to windy day it is going to blow the cage about!!! and a person’s piggies will probably be gone:( So I’d REALLY try to convince your mom that you’ll clean it often & very well!! If you simply can’t convince your girlfriend, you must either get hold of hutch or perhaps don’t … Continue reading

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Can guinea pigs have a stroke?

previous night WE heard my guinea pig Chilli start off coughing unusual so I left for check with her.After i reached inside grab the woman’s she didn’t run all around like your lover normally did and were feeling a lil also cool and kinda cool.(it just isn’t cold regarding her in your house this is certainly our Minute guinea pig) properly I sat around the floor in addition to put her within the ground when she spasmed and her back feet didn’t move in any way only your girlfriend front models so sh simply fell proper over.I identified her way up and set her in my lap and began petting your ex to ease and comfort her given that none regarding my perents have been home WHEN I didn’t kknow what to do.I observed she don’t blink the woman eyes in any way and couldn’t move your ex mouth.The lady stayed still only jerking and POST tried feeds her a new orange ((vet informed us the item helps as soon as guinea pigs usually are sick)) the girl wouldn’t wide open her jaws…Well before long her teeth would open and closed open and shut in addition to soon your lover … Continue reading

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My hamsters drinking to much what should i do?

(harley) our own newly adopted hamster, was rescued from a old space mate who kept her using a freezer pertaining to 7 many months she wines a 4oz bottle of wine of mineral water in roughly a while.what should i do she’s roughly on the year old If his / her living problems weren’t wonderful then It’s safe to advise your check up at the vet to ensure he’s nutritious.A large amount of hamsters start showing symptoms across the 1.SOME year tag.There are a few conditions which produce the hamster excessively thirsty.if that diet was changed dramatically in a short period of time, the hamster may get an angry tummy.Their response is sometimes to drink numerous water to be able to flush out their models.You should get pyometra reigned over out.That may be an infection from the uterus throughout females that will be living threatening. Everyone to tiny Harley! This may sound extremely excessive, was this specific a one off or maybe you have monitored the woman over claim a TWENTY-FOUR hour time by paying attention to her drinking water bottle and seeing the amount she features drunk over on this occasion. I’m unfortunately that like humans which drink too … Continue reading

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Is it possible to keep 2 hamsters in the same cage?

If they’re Syrian hamsters (the huge ones using the cute expression), they’re going to fight to the death, it does not matter if they’re male or even female. Whenever they’re Campbell’s and also Winter Light Russian Dwarf Hamsters, you’ll be able to keep all of them in twos or categories safely, but if they’re male-female, you’ll end up receiving babies, who can mate together AND his or her parents.So don’t do it.Also, the female can get territorial should you introduce these people in the girl cage.Whatever method you employ, put the girl in the cage. Whenever they’re Chinese language Hamsters (AKA Chinese Dwarf Hamsters), they might fight. & Roborovski’s Dwarf Hamsters will certainly live extremely happily in same sexual intercourse groups:) HAVE TO ADD:even when brothers or sisters are most often living with each other without squabbling, they might start fighting.This might happen late during the night time, so you might want to check these people for reduces.If they’re just bleeding, by any means, you should separate these people, 2 distinct cages, immediately A males and female hamster could TOLERATE dwelling together, to get breeding.The moment the female is pregnant or provides her little ones, she will end up violent … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Hamster Is Large.?

post Dont Really want A Robo Hamster as well as Dwraf WHEN I Wannt YOUR Hamster That is the Size Of My Give ASAP You should:) Golden Hamsters tend to be large measured ones, same with the teddy carry hamsters.They still might not be a similar size seeing that your side, but they are close. Syrian hamsters are within the size of one’s fist We’ve had loads.The just problem is that regarding like currently being with different hamsters plus need an amazing big competition.The Syrian hamster is also known as the Gold hamster bet it isn’t allways glowing. Syrian hamster:N, http://www.facebook.com/watchv=Tze2Hmis4R0 Syrian, theodore bear, long haied, dark-colored bear, dalmation in addition to regular models.Go consider you local pet save, smart one particular.It’s better than requesting a questioon with here! a Syrian Hamster.Nevertheless , you cant fit them with any hamster, general health are partially aggressive but will fight.

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Can you put an old guinea pig in with three younger ones without them fighting?

I’d be mindful, because that older Guinea pig might get territorial in addition to kill ones younger models.Good beginners luck! it relies upon what sex guinea pigs.males no they’re going to argue, girls should perform, girls dont argue as often.

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Why can’t Syrian (teddy bear) hamsters live together?

I recognize they could fight nevertheless why accomplish they fight They fight all around health are very territorial.While in the wild, animals have various resources make must remain competitive for such as food, water, shelter as well as bedding resources.Some dogs for numerous reasons get group located more beneficial, but others ought to be on it’s own.Successfully maintaining its own territory with out sharing a resources allows a one animal a larger chance with survival.While you may gives a domestic furry friend with in addition to his primary needs, he/she could still include their basic instincts.Narrow models look great if anyone put two naturally one animals such as Syrians together they may fight, normally towards the death.It is dangerous for those animals concerned.We most have not one but two basic responses when we are faced which includes a problem, trip or battle.An pet will just ever location to fighting once they don’t have the option to run away, which once they are in a cage along is not possible.In your wild they might use perfume marking for you to regulate their particular territories and also avoid alternative members with the same types, except intended for brief mating engagements. Many people … Continue reading

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My hmaster doesnt chew on her chew sticks?

So i bought my hamster five the various models of chewsticks as well as a mineral block.I get her chewing the mineral block although only sniffs that chewsticks.The chewstick i bought were apple company company tree divisions, wood together with bark, and also wood bandaged in pieces of paper.I furthermore took this liberty for you to snap a branch off with the local apple mackintosh orchard pertaining to her!!!! Just about any help tips I realize, my hamster would not chew at wood sometimes.So WHEN I give her carrots they’re good for her in addition to her your teeth stay simple.FYI:The particular carrots are usually raw.Have got a good daytime. ive tried using everything for getting my hammy in order to chew with something some other then her cage however he simply wont! but they will often meet your needs exactly…i applied his fire wood with the apple company and placed small costs of simple peanut butter to generate it stench yummy, i wedged them with the cage cafes that he liked to chew with (this worked but not for long) when i tried other chewable games like bathroom paper tubes.Now we find the great thing to do is usually … Continue reading

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Is the exo terra solar glow good?

It isn’t bad, even though not wonderful, but the particular Megaray MVB is absolutely the best for me.There was also a survey around this occassion last yr by many experienced bearded dragon proprietors, however showing the fact that “newer” machines made photovoltaic glo’s were being having some issues with the bulb, and as a lot of people put that “you were being basically investing in an too expensive basking light”: http://www.beardeddragon.org/bjive/viewtopic.phpf=34&t=127476 We have no experience with the NEW sunlight glos, but when i did employ them because the old models I identified them being average…since switching to megaray this skinks and also bearded dragon were very healthy:).

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When can I start to feed my leopard gecko large crickets?

I acquired him in June 35, he appeared to be quite very small..His attractions were come together and the stripes soft.And since then he at this point only includes spots and his stripes have passed away.He’s in addition gotten pretty big and Personally i think like the small crickets tend to be too minor fit him.Is them okay to be able to feed him or her large versions A good regulation is of which no food should possibly be wider versus the space somewhere between your leo’s little brown eyes.So examine the next size upward in crickets, and check if they could be seen as they’re smaller as opposed to space somewhere between his face, you’re good.Though try him with one primary, make sure the guy can manage for you to eat the item, before you buy a bunch… Can you get medium crickets In the event you aren’t sure about the ability within your gecko in order to eat much larger crickets look at feeding it one large cricket, if them eats it well you have your answer.If your gecko won’t eat the particular cricket, clear away it.If it might eat the large crickets generally there isn’t actually any … Continue reading

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